Leandro Lu case: Witness says PM disturbed fighter before fight

Leandro Lu case: Witness says PM disturbed fighter before fight

World jiu-jitsu champion Leandro Lo, who was shot in the head last weekend, at a show in southern Sao Paulo, was provoked more than once by military police officer Henrique Ottavio Oliveira Veloso, say eyewitnesses heard by civilian police in the investigation investigating In the death of the athlete. Henrique Velozo is a lieutenant to the Prime Minister and the main suspect in the shooting of Leandro.

a UOL Esporte He obtained documents from the investigation of the 16th police station, in Villa Clementino. In the case file, a witness present at Clube Sírio at the time of the murder revealed that the policeman provoked Leandro Lo by taking a bottle of whiskey and immobilizing him by the world champion. Then the prime minister will come back and shoot.

According to the testimony of a friend of Leandro, whose name will be kept confidential in this article, Lieutenant Henrique Velozo approached Leandro and put empty cups in his hands. And this act, which was considered a provocation, upset the world champion, who informed his friend of his discomfort.

Immediately after this provocation, according to the witness, Henrique Velozo returned to Leandro Lo’s table, took a bottle of whiskey and raised it, in an “obvious provocation” of the fighter. According to witnesses, Leandro Lo beat the prime minister, who also trains jiu-jitsu (see below), and put himself on the policeman’s chest.

“Author [Henrique Velozo]After getting up, he walked a few meters in the opposite direction to Leandro, indicating that the quarrel had ceased and that he was leaving the place, however, in a sudden and unexpected way, he pulled out a firearm that he carried under his car. Describing the account of one of the witnesses, the police report said that clothes trapped in his pants belt turned towards the victim and shot him in the face and shot him in the forehead.

According to the Disarmament Act, police officers have the right to carry firearms even when off duty, which allowed six people to be armed during that show. This situation intimidated the security team of the event.

Another person present at the scene explained that the Prime Minister still kicked Leandro Lo twice in the head after the shooting. The police report stated that “the author, suddenly, pulled the pistol he was carrying around his waist and shot the victim in the forehead, until he lost consciousness, kicked two kicks from the executioner in the head, and fled towards the stage.”

Leandro Lo’s friends get to know PM

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Investigation records bring other details of the investigation, who is responsible for the delegate Jose Eduardo Jorge. Lieutenant Henrik Veloso was identified only by witnesses who accompanied Leandro Lo because his name and data were in the notebook that recorded the armed persons on display. This procedure is part of the protocol of the KGB Security company that oversaw the event.

According to the investigation, two friends of the world champion saw the photos of the prime minister and recognized him “in full” as the owner of the shooting. Two others said they had a “90% chance” that Henrique Velozo’s photos matched the criminal’s face. A friend of the fighter said that he could not identify the shooter.

The suspect also trained jiu-jitsu

The day after the crime, Leandro’s mother, Fatima Lu, suggested the possibility that the lieutenant had met her son before the show, as they both fought jiu-jitsu, but this possibility does not appear in the investigation records.

a UOL Esporte He discovered that Henrique Velozo really had a connection to martial arts and attended the mat at the Military Police Physical Education School, in the central region of São Paulo.

Last year, he took a photo on the carpet under a shield showing the Olympic rings and the name “Team Lotus”, the well-known Jiu-Jitsu team founded by Professor Moises Moradi. “We were all shocked by what happened,” said Murat, who has known Leandro Lo since he was a young athlete and considers himself a fan. The professor claims that he never met the prime minister’s lieutenant, but asserts that one of his former students tutored the policeman on the prime minister’s mat.

Although the team’s name is on the wall of the training venue, the athlete says that his team does not have a partnership with the company. “Many police officers go to the prime minister’s rug, but it’s more for self-defense, for street training. They look for jiu-jitsu because they know it’s the best fight to defend themselves on the street, and to imprison someone,” Moradi says.. “It is [Henrique] attended a little. There they also train good policemen and good people… but we never know who is training there.”

Before the crime, even with military training, the policeman was soon frozen by the world champion. According to Leandro’s friends, the fighter delivered a blow known as “Bayana”, which consisted in holding the opponent by the legs to hit him on the back on the ground. Then the black belt sat on the policeman’s chest, but his friends convinced him to release him. When Henrik moved away, according to witnesses, he turned around and shot the fighter in the head.

At the police station, upon his arrest on Sunday, the policeman preferred to remain silent. Three times yesterday, the report attempted to contact Henrique Veloso’s defense, via email, phone call and WhatsApp message, but the office of attorney Oliveira Campanini did not respond to requests for an interview.

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