Flamengo wins again, eliminates Corinthians and goes to the Libertadores half

Flamengo wins again, eliminates Corinthians and goes to the Libertadores half

Flamengo beat Corinthians again tonight (9), this time 1-0 in the Maracana, thus securing their classification to the semi-finals of the Libertadores. The match in the Maracana was more balanced than the first leg, but Robro Negro dominated it from Pedro’s net and advanced without too much fright.

Added to the first leg 2-0, the win ended the confrontation with a score of 3-0 on aggregate. Flamengo qualified still alive on three fronts and awaits the Argentine confrontation between Talleres and Velez Sarsfield tomorrow (10) to find out the next competitor in the Libertadores. On the other hand, Corinthians have to react quickly so that the elimination does not have an impact on Brazil and the Copa de Brazil.

The teams return to the field this weekend. On Saturday (13), Corinthians received Palmeiras in a duel for the leader and deputy leader of Brazil, and the next day, Flamengo play a direct match against Atlético, the first of two matches in a row.

Flamingo performance: mods work for control

Flamengo started the match scattered and left holes in the defensive system. The team took some time to read Willian, who roamed among the defensive midfielders and created chances. After suffering some horror, the reorganization allowed the match to be dominated, and he finished the first half better on the field, even without great chances.

In the final stage, Robro-Negro returned more closely, began to press and found the way to the goal with Maestro Arascaeta. Soon, Corinthians player Bruno Mendes was sent off and the rating was put in the pocket of Flamengo.

Corinthian performance: Balance until goal attainment

Vitor Pereira’s bet was on youth and strong censoring, with three midfielders. The team was able to exchange moments of close-kicks, in front of the area, with good group heights to choke out the Flamengo ball. killer. Under the pressure of the aggregate result, he had to launch the attack in the second half and Pedro netted a goal shortly after the end of the first half. After Bruno Mendes was fired, he waited for time to pass. Pay for the bad game in the first leg.

Live from the Flamengo match after the match

Corinthians live broadcast after the match

The Best of Flamingo: Arascaeta is the conductor of the orchestra

The number 14 showed once again why he was left with the Flamengo shirt. In Pedro’s goal, he knocked Wagner out of play and provided a three-fingered pass for the striker to reach with a wagon. Soon, he made another nice move and left Gabigol in front of goal, but the number 9 shirt was stopped by Cassio. Uruguay doesn’t seem to be making an effort to play beautiful ball. It was already like that in the first game, and that was again in the comeback.

Worst of Flamingo: Philippe Louis is reticent

The experienced left-back didn’t have a bad game, although he gave up spaces early in the game. But with a conservative performance, he differed little from his other colleagues.

The worst of Corinth: Yuri Alberto has not been found

Photo: Sergio Moraes/Reuters

The number 7 shirt has been signed as a hopeful of goals, and he is taking time to find his best at Corinthians. He has yet to score in the seven matches he’s already played, and he had a chance at the Maracana: in the first half, he even had a ball in a one-on-one encounter, but he fumbled with the ball and ended up disarming him. He was replaced by Róger Guedes in the final stage.

A frantic start has chances for both

Everton Ribeiro regrets a missed opportunity during the match Flamengo v Corinthians, Libertadores - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF
Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

Two minutes later, Pedro created the Flamengo’s first chance on a bike that passed near it. After the first press, Corinthians equalized the match when they advanced in their defense: first Edson stole a ball on the baseline and Santos demanded a superb defense; Then Fausto was free in the area, but he held it poorly at first. Fala responded with a dangerous header from Everton Ribeiro that came close to the bar. All this in just 16 minutes.

Fit strategies, grow flamingo

Rodini and de Queiroz battle for the ball in the Flamengo match against Corinthians and Libertadores held in the Maracana - Sergio Moraes / Reuters - Sergio Moraes / Reuters
Photo: Sergio Moraes/Reuters

Flamengo entered the field wanting to have possession of the ball and control the midfield; Corinth preferred to be combative in marking and quick after interventions. After the difficult start, both strategies became practical. Robro Negro almost got ahead after a table from Everton Ribeiro and Rodini, then again with a long shot from Gabigol that came close to the post. Alfingro held out and tried to use speed on both sides, but the first half ended without goals.

Pedro ends the hopes of Corinth

Pedro celebrates a goal scored by Flamengo in a duel against Corinthians, fit for a Libertadores quarter-final - Sergio Moraes / Reuters - Sergio Moraes / Reuters
Photo: Sergio Moraes/Reuters

Corinthians are back with one lower streak player and Renato Augusto on the field. The intention was to attack more, but there was no time. Seven minutes later, Flamengo opened the scoring with Pedro after escaping Arascaeta behind Wagner. Since then, the tie has been settled, and it is not without reason that the first shouts of “disqualification” begin to resound in the Maracana ten minutes after the goal.

Flamingo dominate and repeat the itinerary

Gabigol and Willian battle for the ball in the Flamengo match against Corinthians and Libertadores held in the Maracana - Sergio Moraes / Reuters - Sergio Moraes / Reuters
Photo: Sergio Moraes/Reuters

The broad advantage left Flamengo comfortable in the match, and Corinthians couldn’t find themselves anymore. Robro Negro was completely in control when Bruno Mendes was sent off for a handball foul as the last player, and has since put the opponent in the circle. The only reason he didn’t score more goals was because Gabigol was tired of losing goals: he stopped at Cassio twice, in the third he broke through after a brilliant move by Arascaeta and eventually sent it off.

Brazilian Eye Team

Matthews Bacchi and Kleber Xavier, Tite's technical assistants in the Brazilian team, went to the Maracana to watch Flamengo x Corinthians - Bruno Praz / UOL - Bruno Praz / Uol
Photo: Bruno Braz / UOL

The Brazilian team was present at the Maracana with Kleber Xavier, Tite’s assistant, and Matthews Bache, the coach’s son and committee member. They were in one of the boxes to follow the game and keep an eye on potential candidates for future calls. Both worked even with Titi in Corinth.

Florida fans provoke the journalist

Journalist Benjamin Buck, a Corinthians fan, did not escape the red and black provocation during the match. Located in the Maracanã press, he was recognized by Flamengo fans who were nearby, in Sector West, and had to hear shouts of: “Me, me, me, Benja se f?”.

Noise feud between crowd

Flamengo and Corinthians fans got into a duel in the Maracana stands before the ball was rolled. The trigger was when the teams took to the field, and the frenzy continued until kick-off. Then, with the rebranding, Flamengo fans celebrated and provoked them with shouts of “elimination”; Corinthians sang to the end even as the team dominated the field.

Casio has reached another milestone

Cassio plays during the Flamengo match against Corinthians in the Maracana, in the quarter-finals of the Libertadores - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF - Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF
Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

The number 12 shirt reached second place in the list of players who entered the field the most times for Corinthians, with 607 appearances. in accounts Timon calendarAlvenegro’s historical data service, Cassio is linked to Luisinho “Pequeno Poligar”, idol of the 1950s and 1960s.

data sheet

Flamingo 1 x 0 Corinthians

Competition: Copa Libertadores, second leg, quarter-finals
date and time: August 9, 2022 (Tuesday), 21:30 (Brasilia time)
place: Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro- RJ
Rule: Esteban Ostojich (URU)
Auxiliaries: Richard Trinidad (URU) and Carlos Barreiro (URU)
Video Assistant Referee: Lloydne Gonzalez (URU)
yellow cards: Leo Pereira (Flamingo); Raul Gustavo (Corinthians)
red card: Bruno Mendes (Corinthians)
general: 68418 gift (62.082 paid)
Enter: 5,387,254.50 Brazilian Real

Goal: Pedro, seven minutes into the second half

flamingo: Saints. Rodini (Mathusinho), David Luiz, Leo Pereira and Felipe Lewis; Joao Gomez (Diego), Thiago Maya (Vidal), Everton Ribeiro (Victor Hugo) and Arascaeta; Gabi and Pedro (Everton Cipollinha). Technical: Dorival Junior

Corinth: Cassius. Wagner, Bruno Mendes, Raul Gustavo, Fabio Santos; de Queiroz, Rooney (Giuliano) and Fausto Vera (Renato Augusto); Addison (Balbuena), Willian (Gustavo Mosquito) and Yuri Alberto (Roger Guedes). Technical: Victor Pereira.

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