STJD accepts Athletico's request and condemns Gabigol and Arrascaeta for violent behavior

STJD accepts Athletico’s request and condemns Gabigol and Arrascaeta for violent behavior

After rejecting Atletico’s first request, he Supreme Court of Sports Justice (STJD) He accepted Paraná’s wish and denounced Gabigol and Arascaeta. The pair will be judged (before the second leg of the Copa del Rey final) for their violent behaviour, and may not enter the stadium at the Arena da Baixada.

Gabigol is denounced in Article 254-A, which states: The practice of physical aggression during a match, competition, or equivalent. If convicted by the STJD plenary, the Flamengo striker from 4 to 12 matches could receive a suspension.

The Arrascaeta case is lighter in weight, although it can still pick up a great hook. Uruguay denounced Article 254 of its “acts of violence”. The penalty is a suspension of one to six matches if convicted.

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Remember bids

In the first half, Gabigol was surprised by the presence of Fernandinho in the middle of the field. While Flamengo counter-attacked, the 9 shirt was subjected to a “tactical” foul by the former Manchester City and responded with a kick. The athlete received a yellow card.

In the second half, towards the end of the match, Arrascaeta made a dangerous cart, from behind, on Erick. The entry left scars on the Atletico athlete’s leg. Like what happened with Gabigol, Uruguay received a yellow card.

+ The Brazilian Football Confederation decided to exclude the referees from the match between Flamengo and Atlético-PR in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey.

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“The Sports Prosecutor’s Office approved the request for reconsideration of Atletico/PR and denounced athletes Gabriel Barbosa and Arascaeta for offenses committed in the first match of the Copa del Rey quarter-final. Striker Gabriel Barbosa will respond to the aggression, while Arrascaeta is a violent play and the case will be adjudicated from Before the second disciplinary committee next Tuesday, August 16 at 10 am.

The process began after the Athletico/PR Violation Notice, which collected evidence of bidding videos involving Flamengo athletes, and links to press articles supporting the club’s appearances and justifying a complaint to Gabriel Barbosa and Arrascaeta based on Sections 254-A and 254 of the CBJD, Straight.

He was referred to the lawyer who was withdrawn for analysis, received and was treated regularly and ended through the filing, justifying the ban in Section 58-B of the CBJD, both bids were noticed and punished with a yellow card by the referee on the field.

Not agreeing with the decision, Athletico requested that the decision be reconsidered by the attorney general, Ronaldo Biacenti, as provided for in Article 74, second paragraph of the CBJD. In its request for reconsideration, the club from Parana highlighted two relevant facts that occurred after they submitted the infringement notice: the disqualification of field referees by the CBF arbitration panel and the issuance of audio from the VAR booth. Atletico then reiterated NI’s terms and requested a complaint against the Flamengo players.

In the analysis, PG Ronaldo Piacente stated that the fact that the match contained VAR technology, which caused the play to be analyzed also by the video referees, does not prevent the punishment of an athlete who commits a disciplinary offense. The Prosecutor also highlighted that there is a provision in Article 58-b single paragraph and precedent in STJD do Futebol that allows for a complaint based on video evidence and the consequent need for a merits analysis.

On the bidding, Piacenti said Gabriel Barbosa hits an opponent’s foot with a kick, unrelated to the match dispute. The prosecutor considers that it can be verified in the video that the athlete Gabriel intentionally kicked his opponent without any possibility of reaching the ball, which was far away and did not allow the opponent’s defense.

Gabriel Barbosa’s behavior is framed in Article 254-A of the CBJD:

art. 254-a – Physical assault during a match, competition, or equivalent
Punishment: Suspension from four to twelve matches.
§ 1 – The following are examples of the violation stipulated in this article without prejudice to others:
II- Carrying out kicks or kicks, unrelated to the game conflict, with force or with the risk of causing harm or injury to the injured person.

Analyzing the video clip showing the moment the athlete Arrascaeta hits his opponent, the prosecutor noted the seriousness of the behavior, as well as the offensive potential of the act. Ronaldo Piacenti added that the Flamengo player directly hit the opponent’s leg with his shoe cleats, as his leg was resting on the grass and almost suffered a serious injury.

The prosecutor’s office emphasized that Arascaeta’s behavior could not be considered normal, and denounced the midfielder for violent play, even without the intent of harming the opponent.

“Also, for the formation of the type of offense provided for in Article 254 of the Criminal Justice Code, it is not necessary for the injured athlete to be taken off a stretcher, treated by doctors, or unable to continue the match, only it is necessary that the action takes place using force inconsistent with the standard reasonably expected of the method involved or reckless or reckless action in a play dispute, even without intent to harm the adversary,” he explained.

art. 254. Playing Violent Manipulation
Penalty: Suspension from one to six matches.
§ 1 The following are examples of the violation provided for in this Article, without prejudice to others:
I – any action whose use of force is inconsistent with the reasonably expected standard of the method in question;
Second: Reckless or reckless action in a transfer dispute, even without the intention of causing harm to the opponent.

The process has been distributed and will be judged by the second STJD Disciplinary Committee with a live broadcast on the STJD do Futebol website.”

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