8 original apps you have on your phone but you don't know what they are for

8 original apps you have on your phone but you don’t know what they are for

Many native applications are available on Android phones and iPhone (iOS), and although some of them have useful and interesting functions, not all users know about them. Through them, it is possible to perform many important actions – as in the case of Apple’s Wallet application, which allows to configure payment methods on the smartphone itself. In this sense, to take advantage of the apps already installed on your phone and avoid downloading similar apps that can pose risks, check out eight options below to use them daily.

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Check out 8 Android and iPhone (iOS) Apps That You Have and Might Not Know Their Purpose – Photo: Caio Bersot/TechTudo

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Google One is for managing cloud storage, and it allows you to save files from Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Therefore, the solution can be for those who have already used the 15 GB available in Google services and need more space. The app also lets you configure automatic backups and offers support via chat and email.

To use it, sign in with the Google account you want to save the information to, then go to the Storage tab. There, check how much each service uses the 15 GB available. Next, see which apps and files you want to delete to free up more space. But if you still need more gigs, click “Upgrade” and choose a subscription package. Service plans start at 100 GB, for $2 per month (10.40 BRL, at the current rate).

Important screens in Google One – Photo: Júlio César Gonsalves / TechTudo

To find specific apps, Finder can be very useful. The service offers a search bar that allows you to quickly find any program or file, and for this you only need a keyword.

To use it, tap on it and look in the bar that will appear. If you can’t find it, go to your phone’s settings, tap on apps and use the magnifying glass to search for “Finder”. So set it as one of the home screen app. Thus, when necessary, the user can resort to it.

Researcher – Photo: Júlio César Gonsalves da Rocha / TechTudo

3. Mobile carrier services (Android)

Maintenance service from Google, Carrier Services app connects with the latest telecom services from mobile network operators. In this way, it allows users to use the GSMA network to send messages, emojis, audios, and images via RCS – that is, SMS.

It works in the background, so you don’t need to open it. But once you activate a service on your cell phone, you have to keep it installed. So, if you notice that the app is not downloaded on your Android device, download it from the Google Play Store.

Android Carrier Services app – Photo: Júlio César Gonsalves da Rocha / TechTudo

ConfigAPK is responsible for installing and uninstalling apps from outside the Google Play Store, i.e. the so-called APKs, or “third party apps”. It is not available on the home screen or in the menu, but if you want to know more about it, go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “ConfigAPK”. There, you can view service details like notifications, permissions, data usage, and battery.

ConfigAPK – Photo: Júlio César Gonsalves da Rocha / TechTudo

The Home app allows you to control various smart devices from your cell phone, such as speakers, cameras, doorbells, garage controls, locks, lighting, windows, TVs, sockets, and more. This way, all you have to do is pair the electronic devices and organize them by room in the app.

So when you want to use it, just run voice commands through Siri, like turning on the lights or adjusting the air temperature. If you want to carry out more specific commands, just use the icons provided in the application.

Casa IOS app – Photo: Disclosure

To monitor healthy habits, such as exercise duration, calories burned, hours of sleep, and heart rate, this could be the ideal app. For this purpose, it collects data provided by iPhone, Apple Watch and even compatible third-party apps.

To use it, open the app, go to the Summary tab and tap on your profile picture. Then select Health Details and go to Edit. On the next page, enter information such as weight, height and age. Finally, just press OK. If you wish, you can also add medical history details and choose which categories to track, such as standing hours and minutes of exercise.

Health application pages – photo: Disclosure

Tips app allows the user to learn more about other Apple apps and products, as well as see all the brand news and tricks. On the home screen, some of the options there are: Welcome to iPhone, Essentials, and Welcome to Apple Watch. It is an interesting application for those who have never used iOS and would like to get acquainted with the system, or for those who want to know all the features available on their iPhone.

Application tips – photo: advertising

The Wallet app is a great option for managing payment methods and storing documents on your iPhone. That’s because the platform allows you to add credit and debit cards, tickets, vaccine card, student card, and even boarding passes. Thus, the user eliminates the need to carry physical copies and can make payments or ensure access more quickly.

To use it, open the app and tap + to add a credit, debit, food, transit, or other card to Apple Pay. So, when you want to make a purchase, for example, just bring your cell phone near a payment device, such as a card machine or reader, and wait for validation.

Wallet Application (Wallet) – Photo: Disclosure

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