Paula Tomaz and her husband had a legal battle with Gloria Perez

Paula Tomaz and her husband had a legal battle with Gloria Perez

The series Brutal Covenant: The Assassination of Daniela Perez brought back the crime news that shocked the country in the 1990s. Among the many clarifications and clarifications, one was that Paula Tomaz, who at the time was married to Guilherme de Padua and with whom he had a child, had a legal battle with Glória Perez. Information from Gabriel Vacquer, from the TV news portal, from Uol.

Paola’s husband, lawyer Sergio Rodriguez Peixoto, with whom she has been married since 2001, went to court. The defender tries to block apartment Where they live, in Rio de Janeiro, they pledge to pay a debt of 250 minimum wage, about 300,000 Brazilian reais, between his wife and the author of the series. He also claims that Paula has already paid for the crime, by serving one-sixth of the sentence, previously set at 18 years, for good behaviour.

The judge considered that the property in which Paola and Peixoto lived would be sufficient to pay off the debt. The amount refers to the conviction of Paula Tomaz in the lawsuit brought by Gloria Perez in 2005, but it was decided only in 2017. Daniela’s mother demanded compensation for moral damages, as well as compensation for the burial and burial of the young actress.

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According to the case file, which was accessed by Notícias da TV before it became a legal secret, Peixoto claims that the apartment is the only asset the couple currently owns, and if it is mortgaged, they will have nowhere else to live. Since Paula and the lawyer have been married for more than 10 years, the woman is entitled to 50% of her husband’s assets, including property.

The latest movement of the case, which is taking place at the First Commercial Court of the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice (TJRJ), was last week, when Afonso Henrique Ferreira was appointed as the case rapporteur. has time undefined To analyze the process, in the meantime, the apartment can not be put up for sale.

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