Enhanced safety: Understand what made Carlinhos return to the apartment

Enhanced safety: Understand what made Carlinhos return to the apartment

Carlinhos Maya and Lucas Guimarães returned to the apartment that had been invaded by bandits in early June. Carlinhos confirmed the information in a conversation with the column on Wednesday (10/8) and provided details about enhancing security in the building.

New security measures

According to the influencer, the building adopted armed security, something that had not existed before. In addition, Lucas and Carlinhos applied protection to the doors of the property and enhanced personal security.

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“Feeling crazy”

Carlinhos confirmed his followers’ return to the apartment last Saturday (7/8) and told a little bit about what it feels like to go back to the old house: “Feeling crazy. It seems like nothing happened. Everything is as it is left. I mean, not everything. But strangely, I don’t feel No negative energy. On the contrary, I feel lucky, as I have always been.”

“They are trying to steal our dreams, which we struggled to achieve, they came and took them,” he then asked, in a joking tone, should they not steal property anymore. Please don’t steal from me anymore.”

Investigation process

Two months after the invasion, despite the arrest of suspects in the theft, the Alagoas police had not completed the investigation. In an interview with g1 portal, one of the delegates investigating the case reported that new people would be called to testify.

“Investigations do not only depend on the police, there is a whole part of the physical analysis, the demands of the operations that still need to be completed so that we can move forward. We will even be able to hear new people in the investigation, but this and any other details,” said delegate Lucimério Campos. We will not inform about the case until the end of the investigations.”

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