'Caixaça Econômica': a beverage distributor with an unusual name that is successful on social networks;  The bank complains and asks for a change

‘Caixaça Econômica’: a beverage distributor with an unusual name that is successful on social networks; The bank complains and asks for a change

Hard to find anything in common between the bank and the pub. But the owner of the beverage dispenser decided to make this unusual mixture: he transformed “Economic Fund”referring to the drink considered a national heritage – liquor – and the Federal Savings BankBrazilian public financial institution.

The facade of the beverage distributor with the strange name has been spreading on social media in recent days. Two days after it was posted on social networks, one of the videos appeared in which an Internet user shows the registration of the store added to more than 2.5 million views.

Because it went viral, the story caught the attention of Caixa, which according to the distributor’s owner, The owners of the facility have been informed They are asked to remove references to the institution from the board.

“Caixa visited us and asked us to unlink the ‘X’ with it, to remove the idea of ​​the Caixa Econômica. We changed the logo and replaced the letter ‘X’ with ‘CH.’ It would still be called the Cachaça Econômica, but nothing reminiscent of the Caixa Econômica Federal,” explained Adilson.

a g 1 I contacted Caixa Econômica Federal to find out the institution’s position on the case. The Bank confirmed that it has sent a notice to remove the marks from any advertisement, promotional action, interface or visual reference on the Internet.

Caixa also said that it is the exclusive owner of the rights to use the corporate trademarks and that misuse constitutes a crime against intellectual property.

Adilson Ramos in front of the beverage dispenser with the sign “Come to Caixaça, you too” – Photo: Fernando Madeira / Rede Gazeta

The beverage distributor is located in Cariacica, in the Vitoria metropolitan area. The idea for the name came from businessman Adelson Ramos and his wife, Franchini Moreira, both of whom are 28 years old. He says the name was chosen with intent.echo locally”But she did not expect the percentage generated by the Internet.

“I had the idea for ‘Caixa’, tied it to the Caixa logo, and my wife killed the puzzle by saying ‘Economy! When she said I thought: Checkmate, we didn’t think about the world. Businessman Adelson Ramos said:

The couple has been in the beverage retail business for six years, but they had Home Appliances Store At the place where the distributor opened. Since the utility shop business was not good, they decided to open new distributor.

With the name chosen, the couple ordered the tag from the institution. In the g1, Adilson admitted, at first, The idea was not very well receivedbut soon after, Fall into the taste.

“We saw a boy making art, he didn’t like it very much, but then he called me and said it was cool. We printed it and pasted it. On the third day, a boy goes by and records a video and posts it on social media, and it has repercussions,” Adelson said.

Entrepreneurs made a change to the brand and Replace the letter “X” in the white and orange characteristic of the bank with the letters “CH”. The dark blue color and the same typography as used by the establishment have been kept.

Sentence “Come to Caixa and you too”a reference to “Vem pra Caixa, you too”, used by the bank, has been removed from the tag.

Dealer brand new board must be installed on Wednesday (10). In addition to the front, the logo also began to be printed on some of the drinks sold in the store.

What did Caixa Ecomica Federal say?

Read the full note sent by Caixa Econômica Federal to g 1.

CAIXA reports that it has already sent a notice of immediate withdrawal of Bank Brands from any advertisement, promotional action, interface or online visual reference.

CAIXA is the exclusive owner of the rights to use the trademarks, corporate products and services, under the protection of Law No. 9279/96, Section 129 and Section 130.

The Bank clarifies that the misuse of trademarks constitutes a crime against intellectual property, which is exemplified in the aforementioned law by art.

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