Foto do humorista Jô Soares no programa Conversa com Bial

Globo rises with the death of Jô Soares and beats audience records

Press coverage of Joe Soares’ death (1938-2022) and the tributes given to the comedian most Friday (5) significantly boosted Globo’s audience ratings. Since the early hours of the morning, the station has seen a significant growth in its scores with audiences interested in the final farewell to the comedian, who worked for the channel until the cancellation of Programa do Jô, in December 2016 – and even programs that had nothing to do with the death coverage were able to benefit. .

According to the consolidated public data of the metropolis of São Paulo, which was obtained by a report pop tv With market sources, the sequence of atypical numbers for Globo began during Bom dia São Paulo. The Rodrigo Bocardi-led news program was the first on the network to be broadcast in full after the presenter’s death was confirmed (announced at 1 a.m. the previous morning) and devoted a portion of its duration to coverage, averaging 9.2 points, an increase. 24% compared to four previous Fridays.

Late at night, Conversa com Biel turned out to be a huge tribute to the comedian: The Pedro Biel talk show chose not to air unpublished interviews and only broadcast excerpts from the two interviews Joe Soares gave to the show, along with testimonials. From the presenter talks about the importance of his predecessor. The attraction scored an average of 8.0 points and grew 38% over the previous four Fridays, benefiting even from the re-release of telenovela Cara e Coragem, which broke the record by 6.4 points – the record until then was 5.9. The morning of the first of August.

Check out the rates earned by major TV stations Friday (5):

Average day (07:00/00:00) 14.8
Good morning SP 9.2
Good morning Brazil 9.1
An interview with the poet Patricia 8.0
More than you 7.3
SP1 10.3
Globe Sports 9.8
today’s newspaper 11.4
Carnations and roses 15.2
Afternoon session: A wrinkle in time 12.7
Worth watching again: Favorites 15.3
behind the illusion 20.3
SP2 20.8
face and courage 20.3
National Magazine 24.6
wet land 31.2
Globo Reporter 19.9
Special – long live the fat 14.6
Globo newspaper 10.0
Private – Conversation with Bial 8.0
Face and Courage (Re) 6.4
Comedy at Dawn: Faye Cola 5.9
owl 4.5
Average day (07:00/00:00) 4.8
general balance sheet 1.8
24 hour newspaper record 2.2
Balance Sheet Manhã SP 2.7
speak brazil 2.9
Nowadays 2.9
Balance Sheet SP 5.8
fire of life 3.8
24 hour newspaper record 4.1
City alert 6.7
24 hour newspaper record 5.2
City Alert SP 7.8
journal record 7.7
Kings (re) 4.8
Unequal love 3.5
log island 2 3.9
Ultra screen: vertical border 2.9
24 hour newspaper record 2.4
Speak, I hear you 0.9
universal church 0.4
Average day (07:00/00:00) 4.4
first effect 3.0
First Effect Second Edition 3.3
circular 3.7
emerald 4.3
family issues 3.6
chat 3.8
Beware of the angel 5.5
soulless 5.3
SBT Brazil 6.4
Polyana Mocha 7.3
accomplices in the rescue operation 5.6
the angel’s face 5.8
mouse software 4.9
Achievements Screen: Criminal Masterminds 4.6
Special – The Noite Honors Jô Soares 3.7
mosque operation 2.3
Special – Joe Soares eleven and a half 2.0
Average day (07:00/00:00) 2.1
Show faith 0.2
Local Bora Brazil 0.5
Let’s go to Brazil 0.4
Chef with Edu Guedes 0.5
open game 2.2
ball holders 2.4
Good evening Sao Paulo 1.3
The best of the era 1.2
brazil urgent 4.0
Brazil urgent ls 3.7
Band Magazine 3.8
Faustau in the band 3.0
1001 questions 1.5
night news 1.1
What ending did it take? 1.0
Total Sports 0.9
private – face to face 0.7
More geek 0.3
Journal Da Band (replay) 0.4
Cinema Station: Thirteenth District 0.4
+ info 0.3

Each point represents 74,666 families and 205,755 individuals in Greater São Paulo.
Data provided by broadcasters

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