Nutritionist recommends 7 habits to reduce belly fat

Nutritionist recommends 7 habits to reduce belly fat

Reducing the amount of belly fat is one of the main aesthetic goals of people who resort to physical exercise. However, in addition to the mirror image, the accumulation of fatty tissue in this area is also linked to health, and can increase the risk of problems such as stroke, diabetes, and liver complications.

Nutritionist Bruno Roa explains that two types of abdominal fat can be accumulated. One is subcutaneous, located under the skin. The other, called visceral fat, surrounds the organs and can cause serious problems for the patient.

“Inadequate food, with an exaggerated amount of fats and carbohydrates, lack of regular physical activity, high levels of stress, disorganized sleep, and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages are some of the elements that together can cause visceral fat,” he says. Nutrition expert.

Also, according to the specialist, the accumulation of this specific type of fat can be very harmful to health and cause many diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, intestinal problems, and fatty liver. , and liver failure.

However, it is possible to reverse the situation and eliminate a portion of this dangerous fat with some specific changes to the routine. Roa has listed seven tips to reduce abdominal circumference and, at the same time, be healthier.

Here are seven tips to reduce belly fat:

1 – Calorie Restriction Diet

“It is very important for a person to have a restrictive regime appropriate to their reality. We cannot pass on the athlete’s diet to an individual who has common habits. It is necessary that the diet be compatible so that a person can maintain it without giving up and get the desired results”, explains Rua.

2- Consumption of fiber and protein

“Making this calculation is very important, because the result of the calculation directly affects the patient’s feeling of satiety. Not feeling hungry is necessary for an individual to reduce consumption of fast food and stay on diet. In addition, fiber is necessary to help the proper functioning of the intestine, reduce swelling at the site ” Says the nutrition expert.

3- Reduce your alcohol consumption

“Controlled alcohol consumption is indicated, as excessive consumption is one of the factors that cause the accumulation of visceral fat. During the epidemic, I have noticed that consumption has increased significantly among patients, and that excessive drinking makes an individual unbalanced in other elements,” Rua highlights the light.

4- Stress management

“Controlling stress is another very important point in this process. The stressed individual ends up eating more, not following the diet and may also have difficulty sleeping. Here, it is up to each person to discover what makes them relax. All activities that help the patient In maintaining stress control, such as walking, meditation, sports activities or reading, are valid,” the nutritionist comments.

5- Sleep quality

Good sleep works similarly to stress. It shows that a more tired and stressed person tends to eat unhealthy foods, which stimulates the cascade of actions that increase visceral fat.”

6 – physical activity

“Striving for the minimum set by the World Health Organization, which is 150 minutes of physical activity per week, is ideal so that the individual is not considered sedentary. It is important to remember that the benefits of physical activity are reflected in the other elements we mentioned, such as sleep quality and control over Stress, in addition to being an effective way to reduce visceral fat,” the dietitian points out.

7- Adequate hydration

“Conserving water is another very important point in this process. To find out the minimum amount that a person needs to drink water per day, the patient must multiply the weight by 35: the result will be the amount in milliliters that he must consume per day.”

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