Carol Danvers: The Story of Origin, Character, Powers and Everything About Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers: The Story of Origin, Character, Powers and Everything About Captain Marvel

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Among the many cultural superheroes popThere is probably no one with as many dramas and shocks as Carol Danvers. The Captain Marvel From Marvel Cinematic Universe It shows strength, power and confidence, but the truth is that Carol went through winding paths to get to where she is.

from one sexual heroine to me Survivor of an abusive relationshipCaptain Marvel has a lot more to tell than her time with cray. To stay up to date with all the details about the character, we have compiled everything you need to know about the heroine. Check out the list below!

First Appearance

Created by Roy Thomas And the Jane KulanAnd the Carol Susan Jane Danvers First appeared in Marvel Superheroes #13 (The story is published in Brazil in the language TV Heroes #3), in December 1967. As a supporting character, the character has gone through the lives of many heroes before becoming a heroine.

was only in Ms. Marvel #1 (1977), in the title story warrior puzzle (This woman, this warrior! in the original), and that we know the character as a curious heroine dressed as Captain MarvelRacing super hero crayAnd the Mar Ville.

Carol, who has amnesia, puts her past together, and discovers that she once worked alongside Mar-Vel. The goalkeeper puts her skills to the test when she needs protection Jonah Jameson of the haters Scorpiowho blames the editor daily trumpet to distort it.


The origin of Carol Danvers is not much different from the one presented in the MCU. What is different between both versions is “middle of the road”between being part of United States Air Force And work under the name Captain Marvel.

In the comics, she is the daughter of an army captain. crayAnd the Mary L (disguised as Mary Danvers) and an American soldier and contractor, Joe Danvers. The name “Carol” is a quote from “Car-Ell”this means “a hero” in cray. The girl grew up with two brothers from her father’s previous marriage. And even without knowing her hybrid pedigree, she always dreamed of becoming an astronaut.

However, his father did not believe in his potential. Joe, as Carol’s childhood passed, showed himself to be a bitter man, who could not stand his wife’s sweat and drank to forget his sorrows. When she turned 18, Carol joined the US Air Force.

During his military career, he met LoganAnd the Benjamin GrimmAnd the Victor Creed even Black Widow. Finally, join the NASA He continued to work with Mar-Vell, at that time under the guise of Dr. Walter Lawson. Your relationship with the hero cray They put her in danger, causing Yoon Rouge to kidnap her. The character found herself battered and exposed to a machine that would later give her access to Kree abilities that would make her Ms. marvel A native.

Miss Marvel

People cray Born to fight. The stress caused by Yon-Rogg awakens Carol’s abilities, to become the heroine of Miss Marvel. However, the events surrounding Mar-Vel, Lawson, and Yoon Rouge ruined his career at NASA. After she was laid off from her position, Carol wrote a book exposing the company that has become Best seller And built a career in a magazine.

Later, you will find the same character switching between the identity of Carol Danvers and Mrs. marvel. For a while, Carol had no idea she was the heroine. On the contrary, she suffered from a persistent condition “Blackouts”, such as Moon Knight’s dissociative identity disorder. In the end, on an adventure with HecateCarol manages to reconcile their personalities.

Marcos Emortos and his abusive relationship

but you have “Blackouts” It wouldn’t be the first time the heroine found herself in the midst of an identity crisis. Over the years, the heroine has come to work alongside Spider Man and two Avengers and even replace scarlet witch On the team for a while.

Among the villains and heroic clashes, the traitorous man was one of the things that stood out in his life: Marcos Imortos. His story begins with the villain Avengers #197 (Published in Brazil in TV Heroes #99), when Carol finds herself pregnant for no apparent reason. Pregnancy is complete in a few days, making it only last a few adjustments. The Avengers are delighted with the news, unlike Carol, who had to deal with the physical and psychological abuse of the situation.

It doesn’t take long for a baby to become an adult named Marcus. Then it is revealed that Marcus is the son of eternity and that Carol used her as a guinea pig, by Marcus himself, to bring himself back to life. Confused, right? Things went wrong when the villain took control of Carol and took her to Limboa place outside of temporal time and run by Emorts.

Captain Marvel vs. Rogue

Carol manages to go back to her original time after learning to use and trick Marcus’ machine. The heroine is still devastated by what happened, and decides not to return to the Avengers. Working alone, she loses all her strength and memories in a meeting with Vampire.

The heroine goes on a journey to find herself again, with a new identity. Meanwhile, Rogue tries to come to terms with the trauma she has undergone after absorbing her new abilities. For a time, Rogue’s body has been sharing two personalities at once: that of a mutant And the Carol Danvers.

Both “take turns” Rouge’s body has caused problems such as unusual changes in decor and conflict with his teammates. In one of the mutants’ adventures, Rogue is split into two bodies by destiny gateOne from Carol and one from you. Carol who grew out of the breakup decided to confront Rogue, but was killed in the process magnetic.


In another plot with the violation of her body, Carol resorts to Charles Xavier To restore your memories. after help The tenth professorCarol becomes a frequent ally of X-Men.

In one of the mutants’ space adventures, the team is kidnapped by cuddlingAlien sex. Carol was subjected to many trials by Litter because of her psychological resilience. In the process, new powers are granted to her and they are called Binary.

As a duo, she participated in Star Pirates (“Starjammers”, originally), led by a father Scott Summers and met with new mutants On some occasions.

new avenger

Together with the Sidereal Pirates, Binária came to confront the Empire motto before returning to Earth. After facing a existential voidAnd the alcoholismAnd the Limit your strength that it courtCarol has teamed up with the Avengers once again.

The heroine was gaining increasing fame. In addition to helping in the fight against Kangplayed an important role in secret invasion And allied with New Avengers. And at that time, she finally won the title of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel

There was a certain journey for Carol to accept the burden of being the new Captain Marvel. During the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, the heroine played an important role in preventing Phoenix Force He reached the ground. The character comes to confront the mutated Rogue, but finds herself side by side with a resurrected Mar-Vell, who is convinced that the Phoenix will bring salvation.

Mar-Vel realized that it wasn’t that simple and sacrificed himself to save the planet. Hellohome of Kree and country. The reunion made Carol realize how important Captain Marvel was to her. It was then that the heroine decided to honor him using the name “Captain Marvel”.

Second Civil War

Carol Danvers, now Captain Marvel, was an important part of the publisher’s following arcs. In addition to secret warsAnd the Second Civil War This is what emerged. In it, Carol has taken the other side of Iron ManHe created a system that predicted potential villains and arrested them before they committed a crime – similar to the movie Minority Reportwith Tom Cruise.

The heroine participated in secret empireAnd the empire And even went to the future where prayingSon Wizard And the Acquaintanceruled after the end of the world.

major brackets

Keeping up with Carol Danvers is not easy. Despite her solo comics, most of her life as a hero has been associated with very strong teams or intrigues that literally robbed her of her independence.

But some recent stories attempt to retell the character’s past and give Carol more depth. best example Captain Marvel’s life (Captain Marvel’s life), released by paniniwhere we discover the origin cray heroin;

Higher, farther, faster and morewho collects versions #1 The #6 in Captain Marvel in 2014, brings the diplomatic side of Carol. While we understand the transition between Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel, the character’s solo comic from 2012 It is necessary. Those who want more from the character’s past, Mighty Avengers: Ultron . Initiative and the Version 60 in Marvel’s greatest heroes Give Sulfate Publisher is the correct order.

Powers and Abilities

Among her many changes, experiences, and names, Carol Danvers has some constants in her powers. for you superpower, for example, is something that has, however, remained in a changing way over the years. Carol also has a capable body Withstand big impactsthat it graceful and owns escalating reactions. All these characteristics can be found in the character such as Binarybut also because of its origin cray.

She also has a profile healing factorAnd the He doesn’t age at the same rate as everyone else and he It is immune to some types of toxinsAnd the diseases And the toxins. The most common ability of a heroine is ability to flyeven in space, without the need for oxygen.

Like Captain Marvel, Carol is capable of it control, sucks And the Dealing with different types of energy. Already created energy barriers And the blades made of power. It has also proven that it is capable of Survive without having to eat and sleep or same.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Translated by Brie LarsonCaptain Marvel from Marvel Cinematic Universe He came with the promise of something new in the face of the end of the first generation of champions marvel. The movie Carol Danvers is not much different from the comic book character. Like her original version, Carroll found herself entering the US Air Force, finding herself in the middle of a struggle. cray And he woke up.

It is not known whether the character’s future in cinema will have greater connections with the original presented in the comic book Life of Captain Marvel. However, her return marvelsThe movie that will bring Monica Rambo And the Kamala Khan Together with the heroine, he promises to give more space for character development.

Other Adaptations

Carol has been adapted into some Marvel products, sometimes under the name Ms. Marvel and others like Captain Marvel. The first was in the classic animation of X-Menin 1992. was also in squad of heroes (2009), The Avengers: Earth’s Most Powerful Superhero (2012), Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and the Punisher (2014), United Avengers (2016) and the series of films and stories Marvel Risingwhich brought together many new Marvel heroes.

He was also in the animation for 2018 From Spider Man Nor Japanese comics Marvel’s future avengers. In the gaming world, the heroine was there Marvel vs Capcom InfiniteAnd the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 We will face in Midnight from Marvel.

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