Check your horoscope for all the signs this Tuesday 09

Check your horoscope for all the signs this Tuesday 09

This Tuesday, the ninth, a dawn full of desire! The day dedicated to the god of war, Mars, since the ancient Chaldean magicians, comes more conquering than welcoming. shaped in the sign of Capricorn, the Crescent moon It sends a warning: Audacity is more audacity than imperfection. It evokes an attitude more than the approval of others.

However, it is worth remembering that with a lot of strength and independence, the chances of feeling very thirsty for the bowl also increase. And so beware! All this complexity in the sky is due to the extreme aspects it formed UranusAnd the Mars And the North Node. Now, add to all this incongruity between Venusthe ruling planet of gravity and relationships, and the deep Pluto, ruler of sexuality and the subconscious. In practice, this opposition can reveal potential conflicts between love and the desire to associate with sex and the desire for victory.

But it’s not all bad for relationships. In fact, quite the opposite. Bright Venus is currently in harmony with Mars and Neptuneevoke more sympathetic group relationships while also demanding innovation. So how can we understand what this opposition to Pluto adds to thinking about the art of association? Well, perhaps what it conveys most is a very Freudian message. Because it’s not always what we desire most is awareness. Our feelings often conflict with sexual issues.

For Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, the entire subconscious will be shaped by unresolved issues, as if we are constantly sweeping unfulfilled desires and painful issues under the rug. And this is where Pluto shows its power. Discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, the period that marked the beginning of what we call modern physics, this tiny planet has a lot of stories to tell.

This is a wonderful little Solar System – later scientifically demoted to a dwarf planet, due to its low mass, irregular orbit, and small dimensions – it had astronomical symbolism attributed to two fields of knowledge riddled with taboos and difficult to study: particle physics and humankind. Well, Pluto is not really for beginners. It requires much more than just amateurs.

So, this Tuesday, it’s good to know how to eat things. you wish? So, go ahead with grace. But you don’t want to deny what needs to be confronted head on. And most of all: remember that Capricorn, the crescent moon, is very responsible for his actions. Oh, and she has a date with Pluto the next day, Wednesday, the 10th… So, take care of what you love and consciously manifest your desires. Here’s the advice!

Watch: With just over 90% of the body illuminated, the crescent moon turns east after sunset. SunCenter Sagittarius. Moving west, the Queen of the Night will be visible until after 5 a.m. on Wednesday the 10th, when it is just below the horizon. During this period, our interstellar natural satellite will be on the back of the archer’s body, which is half man and half horse and also on the same meridian as Shlyakthe star beta Give lyra constellation.

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Aries: Know how to have a sense of priority and think long-term, Aries. The moment requires more planning and exercising your independence.

ox: Be flexible and open to change of opinion, Taurus. It is important to stay open to new insights.

twins: Share important issues with those close to you, Gemini. It’s time to understand between the lines and include others in your decisions.

cancer: Learn how to act in a partnership and avoid measuring forces with people, Cancer. The moment requires more balance.

Lion: Today promises to be busy, Leonine, but you still have to take care of your personal problems. Don’t leave your health aside.

Bakr: Be wise and at the same time open to your surroundings, Virgo. It is important to use creativity and exchange with people.

pound: Be closer and more flexible in dealing with family, Libra. The moment requires more attention and fewer demands on people.

Scorpio: Be flexible and don’t try to impose your opinions on others, Scorpio. This moment requires more dialogue and understanding.

Sagittarius: Invest your resources and organize your finances, Sagittarius. It is important not to get lost and focus on your projects.

Capricorn: Start new initiatives, but be more aware of the past, Capricorn. Embrace the new based on your experiences.

Fishbowl: Pay attention to your spirituality, Aquarius. Even if the day is very busy, take some time to meditate and review intimate matters.

fish: Be aware of what’s going on around you, Pisces. You should be open to a variety of people, but without exposing yourself too much.

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