Barcelona 1992: The title holders remember the harassment and the post-gold lights

Barcelona 1992: The title holders remember the harassment and the post-gold lights

Thirty years later, Brazil’s gold medal weight at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona remains undisputed – the first time the country has climbed to the top of the podium in team sports. In addition to dealing with feelings of victory, the bearers of this conquest: Marcello Negrao, Mauricio, Paulau, Carlao, Giovanni and Tandy also dealt with the complete change that occurred in their lives after the conquest.

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They had to live with moments of fame, like stamping their faces on poster albums, in commercials and even soap operas, to unusual situations like closing an airport and impersonating other characters to escape the crowd. In the happy reunion, the Hexagons as well as coach Jose Roberto Guimarães recall great moments three decades later.

1992 Olympic Champions: Giovanni, Carlao, Marcelo Negrao, Ze Roberto, Paulau, Mauricio Lima and Tandy (from left to right) – Photo: Vinicius Rodeo

Athletes lived a kind of petelman with unprecedented fame. Until then, they were known only by volleyball fans and now they are an identified celebrity in any corner of the country.

Carlao and Tandy and I scheduled a beach volleyball match. I’ve never seen Copacabana so full in my life. We had to leave for the water. People are swimming, people are following them, waiting for us to leave. Madness, madness – recalls Tandy.

– I was even handsome – Marcelo Negrao, who was the youngest on this team at 19 years old, joked

Newsroom remembers Brazil’s first Olympic volleyball gold

The achievement was also commended. In one of them, she produced an unusual story, in which designer Mauricio participated.

– I went to the town hall because they praised me there. It was crowded, a sea of ​​people outside and there was no way out. They put me in a street sweeper uniform, and I had to sneak out. What happened to us will not happen again. Mauricio said he could win ten more Olympics.

The volleyball team meets again thirty years after the first Brazilian gold in team sports at the Olympics – Photo: Vinicius Rodeo

The entire career also changed. The exercises that were quieter began to attract attention. After Barcelona 1992, in a training match in Vitoria, five thousand more people came to accompany the idols who became an inspiration and reference.

It was a great deal. For training, I remember there was a time when four, five thousand people were full. There were times when I wasn’t really able to train because they couldn’t stop screaming throughout the game, and the whole training session – Carlao said.

– I think we found many Alexander (Tandy’s name) in the street there, Mauricius, Paulus, Marcellus, Carles, Giovannis there, depending on what we built – said Giovanni, and Tandy supplemented with the good quality of the group’s humor:

– Dogs are also full of puppies with our names. I heard several times: “Look, it’s Tandy because of you,” – said the passing pointer, after his comrades laughed a little.

At the reunion, laughter and hugs were present from start to finish. When asked what was left of the group, there was no shortage of words like pride and affection.

– I miss them. Zé often took a vacation, and we didn’t want a vacation, I wanted to be together. When I meet them, I want to take pictures, I want to know about their lives, because they changed my life.. I am a huge fan of these guys, said Mauricio, they are my role models.

– I doubt speaking because I am fond of them. These are the guys I will forever be grateful for. Every time I meet, it’s such a great feeling to be together, to hug, the passion they have for each other, the way they treat each other, we are truly a family. Everywhere I go, people say, “Wow, people from 92.” Ninety percent of the people I spoke to have painted the lives of Brazilian people in sports – said Ze Roberto, who added:

1992 Olympic team meet again after 30 years of unprecedented gold – Photo: Vinícius Rodeo

I am proud that they gave me the opportunity, welcomed me, hugged me, helped me. They were everything a young coach like me could dream of in life. To have players and people like that who dedicate themselves and commit and run and wear their jerseys with love and train. They got angry when I took time off because they wanted to be together, and they wanted to live together.

– These guys here come from the heart. This is the environment that we have – Paulau concluded.

As usual, they ended up singing like they always did after the victories, a modified version of Samba da Musidad also from 1992:

A dream costs nothing. If my dream was so real, I immersed myself in this magic, it was all I wanted for this carnival. Let your mind wander. It costs nothing to dream, to travel in the arms of infinity, where everything is more beautiful in this world of illusion. Turning my dream into reality and dreaming of youth is a dream of choice. star. A star of light that leads me, a star that makes me dream.

* Trainee under the supervision of Joao Gabriel Rodriguez

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