We categorize all movies and TV adaptations of Neil Gaiman's work |  Cinepop Cinema

We categorize all movies and TV adaptations of Neil Gaiman’s work | Cinepop Cinema

what or what Neil Gaiman He is one of the best authors not only of his generation, but in the history of entertainment, he is not news to anyone. All in all, a good part of his beautiful writing has acquired a competent adaptation to the big screen or small screens – like the beloved fantastic adventure. Stardust – a star puzzle Or scary animation in . format stop motion Coraline and the Secret World.

Now, with the arrival of “Sandman” to catalog NetflixNow’s the time to take a look at Gaiman’s incredible career and subsequent reinterpretations of his film and TV projects – and we ensure the series in question has won our hearts by capturing the essence of the original comics.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to rank all of the novelist and comedian’s productions that have won an audiovisual adaptation.

Look at our list below and tell us what your favorite nickname is:

Based on the short story named Gaiman, the movie How do you talk to girls at parties?2017, did not do justice to the novelist’s story. With a mixed reception from experts, the plot follows three friends who have dedicated their lives to punk, whether they embody the movement’s ideals or simply go to concerts by rookie bands. When you leave one of these presentations, (Alex Sharp), JonesyEddie Joe Robinson) and john (Ethan Lawrence) Find a strange mansion with colorful lights illuminating the windows. Thinking it was another party organized by Boadicea (Nicole Kidman), they enter the place and there they find a very strange group of people, divided into predetermined colonies and situations. Among them is Zan (Elle Fanning), who feels trapped in the status quo and sees Ein as a chance to finally change her destiny.

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romance “American Gods” It is one of Gaiman’s most powerful books ever and feeds on adult fantasy to discuss the struggle between the old and new gods for the supremacy of the world and mankind. Adapted to the small screen 2017 under the name “American Gods”The business had a pretty strong start, but dropped off dramatically with the departure of so many cast members and the racism scandals – which is why the third and final season seems to have lost all will to exist.

5. Lucifer (2016 – 2021)

‘The devil’ It rose to the level of one of the most successful series in Netflix (formerly Fox) and to this day, continues to gain fans all over the world. Divided into six seasons, the production is based on characters created by Gaiman, Sam Keith And the Mike Dringenberg – Taken from the comics ‘sandman’ It is taken to seal vertigoGive DC Comics. Adaptation, starring Tom Ellis, revolves around Lucifer Morningstar, who leaves Hell and moves to Los Angeles, where he takes care of a nightclub called Lux ​​and becomes a consultant to the local police department. In addition to Ellis, the cast also includes Lauren GermanAnd the Kevin AlejandroAnd the DB WoodseyAnd the Leslie Ann Brandt and others.

4. Hassan Tali’ (2019 – present)

In 1990, Gaiman ventured into great comedy again with beautiful cursesBy signing the famous novel along with Pratchett. After nearly thirty years, Amazon Studios and the BBC Studios She acquired the intellectual rights to the work and gave life to famous series beautiful curses. starred Michael Shin And the David TennantThe production incorporates many themes and characters from Christian mythology and focuses in its main narrative on the amazing and hilarious adventures of the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley – who transcend their relationships when the apocalypse is declared. This was the success that Amazon announced, almost two years later, for the second season of the show.

3. Sandman (2022 – present)

After all this long wait, “Sandman” It emerged from creative oblivion and gained more than a charming adaptation. The theme of the new Netflix series (one of the best titles of the year, without a doubt) is straightforward and follows a straight path, with plenty of breathtaking potential and providing a gem of contemporary audiovisual media driven by the conflict between indulgence and the unknown. Here, the actors’ shows that include Tom SturridgeAnd the Gwendolyn ChristieAnd the Jenna ColemanAnd the David Thewlis And many other things are our focus, besides the script, the artistic and artistic developments have been chosen with surprising care.


Stardust – a star puzzle It is and always will be one of the best mods for the amazing and quirky legends you have created Neil Gaiman. What would become another failure of the broad branch of fantasy fiction and its adaptations of cinema has already given us a spark of hope that things can really work, preserving the work’s original content and creating an entirely unique and exciting audiovisual world. It is not surprising that, despite the special effects that were not developed at the time, the narrative set in Stronghold is unforgettable and delights people of all ages.

Coraline and the Secret World It charmed audiences when it was shown in theaters in 2009 – and it remains the best adaptation of Gaiman’s writing. Here, the author’s creative genius is associated with stunning cinematography Henry Selickthe director who has already lent his skills to the amazing animation stop motion Jack’s strange world. Of course, Gaiman did not write the novel with the intent of transmitting it to the audio-visual media, which makes the nature of the film and its complex object all the more surprising. There is a remarkable respect from the director to the novelist and an exchange of thought that seeps through the fine lines of the production.

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