Hulk critica o sistema defensivo do Atlético. Deixa o clima tenso na véspera da decisão contra o Palmeiras

Hulk’s criticism of defenders worries Atletico. On the eve of the “Life or Death” match against Palmeiras

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hulk crossed the point.

His emotions against the team discourage his teammates. exactly the contrary. The tension increased because of the precise moment it was passing by Atletico Mineiro Live.

With the exclusion in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey against flamingo.

And the Brazilian club declined and occupied only seventh place.

And now, with the team underperforming, they will play the most important game of 2022, this Wednesday, at Allianz Parque, against Palm trees. In the first match, in Belo Horizonte, Atlético won 2-0, and dominated the match, but won 2 to 2.

“If I was stronger at scoring goals, fighting up front, and fighting, I would do it. I wouldn’t go back there to get the ball, or else I would complicate my team. To do it. In other words, to do the simple thing. Beans and rice, at times, are much more important than Made it all the time.”

“It’s time to be ashamed of yourself.”

“Getting more maturity and more experience.”

“Otherwise we will regret it all the time.”

Hulk’s words, after yesterday’s defeat, in the heart of Mineirao, against Atletico Paranines, had a lot of repercussions in the Belo Horizonte press. They reached out to their teammates. Mainly the defenders who have failed constantly since the death of the dismissed coach, Turku Mehmet.

The Minas Gerais critic highlights that the billionaire sponsors, who are responsible for the signing of Atlético players, have been their main focus from the middle to the front. They did not invest much in defenders and defensive midfielders.

The statistic shows that Atlético Mineiro in 2022 is very unbalanced. For the 10th time, he appeared on the scoreboard yesterday and ended up failing to stay ahead at the end of the match.

There is a clear flaw in the quality of the midfield team in terms of defence.

The team often exposes itself to counterattacks, and even wins.

Kuka already understood this dynamic, but his time in action is too short to reverse this trend. Of course, he will do everything so that Atlético Mineiro can beat Palmeiras and also take personal revenge, because it was Abel Ferreira’s team that knocked the team out of the Libertadores final in 2021.

The coach will change the sports marking system.

But first, he’ll have to manage the annoyance caused by the Hulk’s public complaints.

Cuca already had problems with the media striker in 2021. They had to talk seriously, on their own, to get it right. At the time, Hulk didn’t like how he was chosen to stand out for Diego Costa.

The coach does not accept public criticism of team segments. Not for such an important player who exposed his teammates. And brought the heavy atmosphere on the eve of the decision against favorite candidate Palmeiras.

He avoided attacking his defensive system which had collapsed yesterday. And he has been failing constantly since taking over from Turku Muhammed.

“No one feels bad in the player’s head and is happy with the results of the players. If they come here (in the press) and expose it, it will not help anyone. They are the ones who can give the answer in the upcoming games. We suffered defeat. I would never come here to criticize them publicly. But Internally, I will demand yes, on what they can and should improve,” said Cuca, giving Hulk a reason, but an indirect submission. Charges cannot be specific to microphones.

Smart, as someone who knows how to manipulate the media, Coca tried to “give the headlines” to reporters, when talking about Palmeiras’ favoritism, in the match the day after tomorrow.

“It is the best team in the Libertadores, which has scored the most points. It is having a magical and fantastic moment. It is good with the fans and the press. They came here and were lucky to score two goals in that painful equaliser. Their favorite at home.”

“No doubt you’re giving Palmeiras a favour. Let them piss me off, our fans. Palmeiras is a Wednesday favourite. He has the knife and cheese in his hand to cut on Wednesday.”

After disguising, and taking the focus off Hulk’s complaints, the coach will be meeting with all of the athletes later today. To try to end this tense atmosphere that the main player in the team creates. Defeat worsens. Increased internal pressure to face Palmeiras.

Kuka knows his team has the potential to make history on Wednesday.

But as long as it solves the chronic imbalance in the defense sector.

The structure may control itself.

Don’t openly criticize the Atletico defenders.

Because everyone knows that criticism is theirs.

Mining breakup would be another weapon…

For the cruel Palmeiras for Apple Ferrera..

Now in Barcelona, ​​Lewandowski will have to change the 646 hp Audi engine for a 1.4 liter car

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