What's New in iOS 16: Check Out 9 Best iPhone System Functions

What’s New in iOS 16: Check Out 9 Best iPhone System Functions

iOS 16 was officially announced by Apple in June, during WWDC 2022. The new operating system update will bring many new and interesting features and, among other things, will allow users to customize the cell phone lock screen and use the iPhone as a webcam on the computer. Although the update is not yet officially released, the beta version is now available for compatible smartphones. See below, nine functions that will be available with iOS 16 and how they will work. It is worth noting that to compose the menu, TechTudo considered innovation and utility criteria.

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iOS 16 brings many useful new features to your iPhone; Find out the best – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

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1. Edit or delete an iMessage

iOS 16 will introduce a feature long awaited by users in iMessage: the ability to delete or edit messages sent by the platform. To use this feature, simply tap and hold on the message for a few seconds to open the options menu. Then to change it, press “Edit” and retype the text. To delete it, just press “Cancel Send”.

It’s worth noting that these options will only be valid for recipients who are also using iOS 16. That way, if they used an earlier version of the operating system, the changes won’t be visible – so if you delete a message, it’s still visible to the intended recipient.

iOS 16 will introduce a new feature to delete or edit messages sent in iMessage – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

Live objects will work very similarly to Live Text, a feature that was introduced with the iOS 15 update. The difference is that the new functionality will allow the user to interact with objects in the image, rather than just text. With the tool, it will be possible to take pictures of objects or people and select them to remove the background of images, for example. Among other things, the feature can be useful in creating posters and editing backgrounds. Photos are automatically cropped by artificial intelligence.

3. New customization options

iOS 16 will allow more personalization on the iPhone, and users will be able to customize the phone in a variety of ways, such as changing colors or background images and adding widgets to the lock screen. To access the option, simply press an empty area of ​​the locked screen for a few seconds until the Custom button appears in the lower center. By clicking on it, it will be possible to access various types of backgrounds and “patterns”, which the platform itself proposes.

Using the function, it will also be possible to change the colors and fonts of the clock and to modify the widgets available on the lock screen. In addition, another novelty is the ability to save edited layouts, and it will be possible to select different categories in focus mode, which will allow you to create more than one lock screen.

iOS 16 will allow for different styles of customization – Photo: Cloning / Jack Roberts & Artie / Danilo Paolo de Oliveira

4. New information in the weather app

The Weather app is also getting interesting news with the iOS 16 update. The change may seem subtle, but it’s very useful: from now on, the app will display individual forecasts for each day. In addition, it will be possible to check detailed graphs showing the hourly temperature change, as well as check data such as the level of precipitation, for example.

5. The search bar on the home screen

Another novelty is the presence of a small search button at the bottom of the main screen. This way, you won’t have to scroll to the Apps Library or Tools folder to search for a specific app on your iPhone, for example.

6. New functions for watching videos from Safari

Watching videos through Safari will become much smoother with iOS 16, and it will be possible to watch clips in full screen through the browser itself. The new tool will also contain modifications that allow you to add subtitles to clips and speed up the playback of content directly through the browser.

It will also be possible to stream the video to the TV and check the volume by simply tapping on the screen. For example, two left clicks will restart for ten seconds; Already two clicks on the right side, speed up the video by ten seconds.

7. Use iPhone as a webcam

iOS 16 will also allow users to use the iPhone camera as a webcam on the computer. The feature will only work on MacBooks and iMacs that are updated to the latest version of macOS, in order to allow for better image quality during video calls.

It is noteworthy that it will also be possible to explore the features of the phone’s camera while it acts as a webcam – it will be possible to use the portrait mode of the iPhone, for example. In addition, the wide-angle lens of some models can be used to record whatever is on the table without having to change the position of the device.

Also, with the “Desk View” function, it will be possible to photograph objects placed in front of the keyboard, such as notebooks and papers with notes, for example.

The new iOS update will allow you to use your iPhone as a webcam on your iMac or MacBook – Photo: Playback / Apple

8. Save edits to apply to more photos

The Photos app will also receive improvements, such as a function that allows the user to copy edits added to an image and apply them to other images in the gallery. With this feature, it will be possible to create custom filters from changes in brightness, exposure, contrast, brightness and saturation – like presets. The option is useful for applying the same setting to multiple photos.

9. Find duplicate photos/videos to delete them

Another feature of the Photos app will allow you to delete duplicate photos from the gallery. To access the feature, simply access the Albums folder, in the app’s bottom menu, and swipe your finger to the bottom of the screen. There, you will be able to see a new option called Duplicates, which shows the repeated images.

The button on the side, called “Merge”, will allow you to keep the best saved photo in the gallery and delete other photos. It will also be possible to select all the duplicate photos and delete them at once.

How to download iOS 16 beta?

iOS 16 beta is now available for all models of iPhone 8 and later, including the second generation iPhone SE. To download the update, go to “beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/” (without quotes) from Safari on your iPhone and sign in with your Apple ID. Then register your cell phone and accept the terms and conditions for using the software.

To continue, swipe down the screen and click on the “Download Profile” button. In the pop-up that will appear on the screen, press “Allow” and then open the settings of the smartphone. There will be a new session called “Download Profile”, so tap on it. Complete the procedure by clicking “Install”, confirm your password and accept the terms again by pressing “Install” a second time.

Then, restart the iPhone and follow the usual step-by-step steps when installing other updates: go to Settings, tap General, then Software Update. The iOS 16 update will be available there, and to finish the procedure, go to “Download and Install”.

iOS 16 beta is now available for compatible phones – Photo: Playback / Apple

It is important to remember that since it is a trial version, the software may contain bugs and glitches. Therefore, it is recommended to make a security backup before downloading it. Also, downloading to mobile is not recommended for personal use.

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