Werder note against Union Berlin: what’s going on with Pavlenka?

SV Werder Bremen lost the Bundesliga match against Union Berlin on Wednesday night 1-2 (1-1). Individual review players – with notes.

Jiri Pavlenka: Standing completely out of it. Wanted to deceive Behrens in his own space of five meters, which almost went wrong (5th). Tried unsuccessfully to save before the 1:1, but didn’t stay in the penalty area optimally with Pieper’s back pass, which was a little too weak. Then had quite a bit of dizziness that his uncontrolled release due to a handball from Behrens did not lead to a deficit before the break. Didn’t exude security even with high balls. level 5

Mitchell Weiser: Looking for creative accents, as usual, he looked for the way forward on his right side. This occupied the Union back line, but also rushed in when necessary. Footnote 3

Amos Pieper (until 77th): Back in the starting XI as World Cup participant Veljkovic had to go to the bench. And the acceptance paid off first since the defender directly scored the advantage of a header (13th). Only four minutes later, however, his poor return to Pavlenka initiated the equaliser. I had issues with the fast Sheraldo Becker after that. Footnote 3

Nicholas Stark: Started extremely focused and won almost every tackle he had to fight in the first half. This sovereignty and this calm have done Bremen good. Clearly the best man of the last three. Level 2.5

Marco Friedl: A few inaccuracies crept into his play, but it was obvious the captain wanted to lead the way aggressively and verbally. So he drove diligently, always fighting for order. Footnote 3

Werder Bremen note against Union Berlin: Anthony Jung with far too many bad passes

Anthony Young (until the 71st): His actions completely lacked the necessary security. Incorrect ball guesses alternated with quick ball losses. After 45 minutes, he had only brought 42% of his passes to the next man. Defensively solid, but overall not enough. His replacement was no surprise. Level 4.5

Ilya Gruev (until the 87th): This time again in six. A task he accomplished with enthusiasm as usual. The precision of the passes was also there, before the change of sides each of his passes landed on his teammate. After the restart, however, it was he who let Behrens run ahead of the fast 1:2 opponent. level 4

Nicholas Schmidt (until 77th): Because Gruev played in front of the defense instead of Groß, Schmidt got the eighth position. Backed off a bit too often at first but then found his rhythm and had some good moments – his shot deflected just wide of the goal just before the half-time whistle. Level 3.5

Leonard Bittencourt: Forgot to make it 2-1 when he hit the post at close range under pressure (22′). I went to work vigorously and tried a lot. The yield was overall manageable. If it got tricky defensively, he only knew how to help himself a few times with a foul. Level 3.5

Marvin Ducksch (until the 77th): Used the first standard straight away and served the ball with pinpoint accuracy for Pieper’s 1-0. After that there was a lot of movement, but another flash of inspiration was a long time coming. plunged. level 4

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Werder Bremen in notes against Union Berlin: Niclas Füllkrug on trial – discreet replacement

Niclas jug: Struggled and pushed through Bittencourt’s best chance. After a rough encounter with the lawn at the start of the game, he too seemed a little disconcerted. Had a great chance with a header to bring the score to 2-2 (53rd). Level 3.5

Lee Buchanan (from 71.): Didn’t really stand out. Class –

Milos Veljkovic (from 77th): Was allowed to play in the final phase. Class –

Olivier Burque (from 77.): Hard to see. Class –

JensStage (from 77th): Showed little effect. Class –

Eren Dinkci (87th): Had no real action. Class –

The text of the program:

Composition of Werder Bremen against Union Berlin: several changes in the starting lineup

SV Werder Bremen play on the 17th matchday of the Bundesliga against 1. FC Union Berlin. Here’s what Werder coach Ole Werner’s starting XI looks like.

Update (January 25, 7:30 p.m.): It is now the line up there – Niklas Stark and Niklas Schmidt start, Milos Veljkovic and Christian Groß have to go on the bench! The totality starting lineup and you can read everything else in the game’s live ticker SV Werder Bremen against Union Berlin!

Bremen – At least a few smiling mouths could be seen. Defender Niklas Stark walked the last few yards to the training ground as happily as his coach Ole Werner. Otherwise, the faces of the professionals of the SV Werder Bremen but above all one thing: absolute concentration. The players appeared in public for almost half an hour on Tuesday morning, did some warm-up exercises and the obligatory five-a-side match as well as a playful interlude on the small pitch. Werner then ordered his team to return to the Weser Stadium, where preparations for the first-round final against Union Berlin (Wednesday, 8:30 p.m., DeichStube live ticker) was discussed. But which one Starting XI will the coach trust?

Alignment of Werder Bremen against Union Berlin: does the Jens Stage have a new chance as a starter?

In terms of staff, Werder Bremen Nothing changed from last weekend. Romano Schmid is still missing with a knee ligament injury, Felix Agu is out with a patellar tendon problem. Otherwise, the entire Bremen team was on the pitch on Tuesday, which, at least in theory, gives the coaching staff a chance against Union Berlin some changes in the starting lineup make. However, the alternatives have not yet been put forward. But there is. Midfielder JensStage for example, went to work fairly quickly with the final unit, thus doing a bit of self-promotion. Did this help? In principle, his physical style of play could be useful against the Berliners, but he has rarely called on this quality so far. If the Dane still gets the contract for the eight in the line up, this should trigger a small domino effect. The powerful Ilia Gruev could return to sixth place, while Christian Groß would be on the bench.

Werder Bremen starting XI against Union Berlin: does Ole Werner change the offensive?

There is also an exchange possibility in the defensive chain. More recently, Niklas Stark started alongside Milos Veljkovic and captain Marco Friedl. with Amos Pieper However, one player hopes to return to the bottom tier, having already shown many good games there this season. It is therefore quite possible that Stark will have to give in again. And otherwise ? Something else going on in attack? Niclas Füllkrug is ahead, but Marvin Ducksch is far from untouchable. With Oliver Burke, Eren Dinkci and perhaps even Niklas Schmidt, these are three new forces which Ole Werner could bring to this position. But the coach SV Werder Bremen already announced that he only wants to act if it expressly makes sense.

“It’s not about putting up signs now. It would be actionism that we don’t like and that doesn’t get us anywhere,” he said. “For us, it’s all about putting the best possible team on the pitch.” line up it will be at Werder Bremen against Union Berlin probably give anyway, it made Werner look somewhat shaky – because he defended possible changes in advance. “If either player from the last game is not in the starting lineup that doesn’t mean it’s his fault that we lost 7-1 in Cologne. (mbü) Have you read it? This is how fans can watch the Bundesliga game Werder Bremen vs Union Berlin live on TV and live!

Here’s what Werder Bremen’s starting XI could look like against Union Berlin.

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