Toni Kroos: “It will be over this summer” – a curious announcement sparks speculation

Toni Kroos has been playing at Real Madrid since the summer of 2014. Image: AP/Alvaro Barrientos

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Toni Kroos has repeatedly stressed that he definitely wants to end his career at Real Madrid. For example, in November before the Champions League game against Celtic Glasgow, the 33-year-old said: “I will always stay here, I will retire here. I don’t know when.”

That’s why there’s always speculation about when it will be. His contract runs until the end of the season. So far, it’s unclear if he will continue playing for Real Madrid or end his active football career.

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Carlo Ancelotti, his coach at Real Madrid, said in early January that he thought Kroos would know how things would go for him next month. “As a football fan, it’s impossible to think about Kroos retiring. He said he wanted to retire at Real Madrid and I hope he stays.”

Now an announcement by brother Felix Kroos in the joint podcast “Einfach mal Luppen” has caused confusion. At the end of the current episode, he announced that he would post a message “which we’ll just leave without comment”. These are the last words of the episode before the outro and fans are probably lost at first: “Kroos will finish this summer.”

So what’s behind it? Did brother Félix announce the end of Toni’s career? Probably not. Since the two brothers are known for one or the other joke, it is more likely that Felix picked up a different message. Father Roland Kroos is likely to end his coaching role at Greifswalder FC this summer.

“Kroos will be done this summer”

Felix Kroos’ announcement in the joint podcast with Toni.

About a week before the podcast episode was released, the NDR published a report with the same title: “Kroos is closing this summer”. We can therefore assume that the next episode of the coming week will be about the end of the father’s coaching activities.

Another topic covered in the current episode is the national team’s sporting crisis and the appointment of Rudi Völler as the DFB team’s sporting director. He must accompany the team on the way to the European Championship at home in 2024.

ARCHIVE - April 2, 2022, North Rhine-Westphalia, Leverkusen: Football: Bundesliga, Bayer Leverkusen - Hertha BSC, 28th matchday, BayArena.  Rudi Völler, Managing Director Sport at Bayer Leverkusen, gives...

Rudi Völler will be the national team’s sporting director from February.Picture: dpa / Marius Becker

After the announcement of Völler taking over the position, there were repeated discussions about whether Völler was the right person for a fresh start.

In the current episode of “Einfach mal Luppen”, the podcast of Toni Kroos and his brother Felix, the two talk about Völler’s appointment. Felix doesn’t want to engage in the final assessment as to whether the national team will succeed again with Völler as sporting director: “It can be both positive and negative.”

“If you receive such a request, you will definitely start thinking.”

Felix Kroos on Rudi Völler’s return to the world of football.

On the one hand, Völler is popular and has been doing a good job at Leverkusen for years. From 1996 to 2000 and from 2005 to 2018 he was sporting director at Bayer Leverkusen, even before being general director of sport from 2018 to 2022. At the same time, Felix points out that Völler left his position at Leverkusen because ‘he wants to focus more on things outside of football’.

He adds, “Of course, it’s hard to accept a job like that. But when you get a request like that, you definitely start thinking. It’s not every day for him to have a job like that. that.”

Toni Kroos, meanwhile, believes that Völler speaks the language of the supporters and therefore does not appear as distant with the supporters as was sometimes the case with Bierhoff. Kroos explains more precisely: “It’s a different language, maybe not as modern, but maybe a little more distant from the fan. He is technically good and has a very clear opinion and makes it clear and, if necessary, also emotionally, without wanting to attack anyone, but that is in the matter.”

Völler with a big advantage over Bierhoff

Völler’s big plus is that he doesn’t plan the things he wants to say: “But he says what he thinks and then it’s received like that. I think it’s a very good cast.”

However, Toni also noticed a big difference between Völler and Bierhoff in terms of area of ​​responsibility. While Bierhoff was also responsible for youth as director of national teams and the academy, Völler will only take care of the senior national team. Toni explains: “That’s also why he does it. He wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

Therefore, Völler will only be able to help to a limited extent when it comes to the future of German football. “The other is the long-term issues that exist, with some positions that haven’t been world-class for years. Rudi Völler won’t solve this problem, but that’s not his job either.”

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