What can Werner do now? Werder Bremen talks about Ducksch, Groß and Bittencourt

Bremen – Ole Werner has already shown the first signs – even in his SV Werder Bremen’s 7-1 debacle at 1. FC Köln: Christian Groß and Marvin Ducksch were substituted at the break. This has never happened to them so early in the Werner era. It’s quite possible that the six and the striker won’t even be in the starting XI in the home game against Union Berlin on Wednesday evening (8:30 p.m., in the DeichStube live ticker). Either way, it would be surprising if Werner didn’t make any changes after the disaster when the Bundesliga restarts. But what can he actually do? Analysis:

The staff: Ole Werner likes continuity, the coach relies above all on a proven staff. Not quite voluntarily. Because his choice is limited. The coach has repeatedly stressed that the team is very tight and there are no real alternatives. His bosses Frank Baumann and Clemens Fritz agree with him, but for economic reasons they cannot take any players. SV Werder Bremen let in. It’s honest, but also dangerous. Because it reveals Werder’s weaknesses and doesn’t exactly increase the self-confidence of the reservists. However, they must also offer themselves – with outstanding performances in training and after substitutions. Real competition for the starting XI is currently rather rare in the Werder squad. In defense, Niklas Stark and Amos Pieper are fighting for a place in right central defense. Pieper is expected to be preferred over Stark on Wednesday. Milos Veljkovic and especially also Marco Friedl played badly in Cologne, but who should do it better than them? It might also be too clear a sign if the coach eliminates the experienced World Cup participant or even the captain.

Werder Bremen and the eternal theme of six: is Ilia Gruev tough enough for Union Berlin? Niklas Stark as an alternative?

Also rail players Michael Weiser and Anthony Young are untouchable despite very poor performances in Cologne. It was more of a mistake for Weiser, he’s actually one of the best at Werder Bremen. And young? He usually delivers solidly – and Lee Buchanan would be too inexperienced against these massive Berliners.

In midfield there are already more change options Werder Bremen. The six remains a hot topic – as it has been for years. Christian Gross was there the last time he installed it Ole Werner released early in Cologne and Ilya Gruev ordered from eight to six. But would the young Bulgarians be the right choice against iron with their robustness? Why doesn’t Werner try it there Nicolas Starck the end? The central defender has often assumed this position during his time at Hertha or Nuremberg.

Leonardo Bittencourt set to stay fixed despite criticism of predictability at Werder Bremen

is on the eight Leonard Bittencourt together – in fact. Because the 29-year-old has embellished his poor performance in Cologne with indirect criticism of the coach. The opponent would have everything Werder Bremen knew. “We were caught in no time,” said Bittencourt, who visibly missed his own coach’s solutions. It didn’t go well internally. But Bittencourt need not fear any consequences, Werner will certainly not start an open conflict with the vice-captain at this stage. Hardly anyone pushes. Romano Schmid is injured, Jens Stage is still counted out after the coach publicly called out his still-existing tactical deficits in training camp.

Has better maps Nicholas Schmidt, who was allowed to play at half-time in Cologne, but was also unconvincing in midfield. Perhaps the 24-year-old would be better placed in a higher position – replacing Marvin Ducksch, which seems completely off the mark this year. The striker has already acted in the endurance test at Schalke Werder Bremen unlucky, in Cologne, he was then completely beside himself after his missed free-kick trick, which led to 0:1. A change of this position would have been discussed internally in the run-up to this game. After all Ole Werner held in Ducksch. Probably in the hope that at some point he gets along so well again Niclas refill carafe will harmonize as before. But apart from a Ducksch corner from Füllkrug’s goal, there was no sign of good teamwork.

Should Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner use more defensive tactics?

The attack is currently Werder Bremen actually only outside Niclas refill carafe. Eren Dinkci was allowed to prove himself for Ducksch after the break. But despite all his will, the 21-year-old once again lacked conviction in his own strength to assert himself. He obviously has in the attacking rankings Olivier Burque obsolete. The Scot didn’t have a chance in Cologne. What is not surprising: Ole Werner had recently complained that Burke was not always fully focused on training and that many processes had to be explained over and over again. Both sides are pretty dissatisfied right now.

The tactic: The 3-5-2 system has Ole Werner taken over by its predecessor Markus Beginning – and fundamentally no longer changed. This is where his team feels the most comfortable, underlines the coach. And a lot can be developed tactically from that. Werner relies on a man-oriented defense, which sometimes requires a lot of courage and has become problematic, especially in Cologne. Usually running Werder Bremen the opponent also very high, which can be risky – and it was in the clap against Bayern (1-6) and in Cologne. Werner could turn that screw and let his team act more defensively.

After Cologne debacle: Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner will demand reaction against Union Berlin

Changing the system to a chain of four, on the other hand, is practically impossible. The team does not give that, for example, the right defender is missing. Mitchell Weiser is a very good runner, but not a defender. Staff are also missing for a storm at three Werder Bremen. In Benjamin Goller, for example, the only real winger was sold to 1. FC Nürnberg.

The speech: Found in Cologne Ole Werner clear words after the debacle, but he didn’t angrily blast the team. Internally it gets very noisy at times. However, the 34-year-old is no friend to actionism. He repeatedly insists that a coach, in good times as well as bad, must have a reliable manner that relies primarily on an objective view of the situation. Werner will certainly demand a clear reaction for the Union game, but the players of Werder Bremen so don’t yell at them and don’t walk on hot coals. (knee)

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