Buta and Borré win at Eintracht Frankfurt

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From: Thomas Kilchenstein and Ingo Durstewitz


Bank clerks Aurelio Buta and Rafael Borré ruled the game and exemplify Eintracht Frankfurt’s team spirit.

Frankfurt – That rather dismal Bundesliga game in the Waldstadion freezer threw up some bright spots for Eintracht Frankfurt, who are still in hibernation. There is, firstly, the no frills 3-0 win over Schalke 04 as such, which nets three important points which the Hessians, secondly, propelled to second place in the table. Thirdly, there is the clean sheet of the very ambitious goalkeeper Kevin Trapp, who, fourthly, has shown that despite some troubles he can also be expected in the new year. “Excellent goalkeeper,” said SO4 coach Thomas Reis. Such wizards between the bars are needed if you want to huddle on top or even stick to Bayern’s heels.

And the hard-earned success, fifth, was achieved by second-tier bank employees. Rafael Borré and Aurelio Buta, scorers to make it 2-0 and 3-0. Lid on. End of story, nothing to add. “I’m particularly happy with it,” coach Oliver Glasner said. “That team spirit was definitely the most positive thing this afternoon.”

First appearance, first goal: Aurelio Buta’s debut for Eintracht was like a fairy tale. © IMAGO/Kessler sports photography

Eintracht Frankfurt: Glasner praises Borré

It was logical for the football coach to discuss exactly this topic at the team meeting before the first game of the new year, because he felt there was a need, maybe even something was bubbling and was bubbling. “One or the other was already with their heads down because they weren’t playing but training very well,” the coach pointed out. Above all, Glasner thought of striker Rafael Borré, who had really prepared excellently, was enthusiastic and extremely committed. But there is currently no way around high-flyer Randal Kolo Muani.

“Rafa was incredibly agile from day one and trained very, very well,” the Austrian said. “He deserved to play.” But the Colombian did not give up and confirmed his good form on the pitch after being substituted. Result: a clever strike to bring the score to 2-0, impeccable preliminary work to bring the score to 3-0. “It’s a reaction that the team benefits from,” said the coach, then in general he said: “We will need every player, only if we all approach it together will we will have a successful spring.”

No replacement for Ebimbe at Eintracht Frankfurt

Since Saturday, this has also been increasingly true for Aurelio Buta, the 25-year-old right-back. Because Eric Dina Ebimbe, who plays in his position, was injured more seriously against Schalke, suffered a syndesmosis ligament injury and will be operated on Monday. The Frenchman will certainly be out for two to three months. The sports management does not envisage a replacement. “At the moment we don’t see the need to redo anything on the position,” said sporting director Markus Krösche.

All the more important as Aurelio Buta got back into shape in time. He made his debut against the Royal Blues with the eagle on his chest, played very well and scored the final score with a powerful shot into the corner of the goal in injury time. The Portuguese, who came on a free transfer from Royal Antwerp earlier this season, didn’t know what to do with his emotions. He clenched his fists, grabbed his head and raised his index fingers to the sky. Thank God.

Dream debut for Eintracht Frankfurt newcomer Buta

There was no one in the Eintracht cosmos who wouldn’t blame the likeable Iberian with Angolan roots. “Amazing,” laughed Christopher Lenz. “Everyone is happy for the boy, especially after what he’s been through. He should take that feeling of happiness with him.” The jubilation on the pitch even went so far that potential coach Martin Daxl jumped off the bench as if bitten by a tarantula and sprinted onto the pitch at full speed to celebrate Buta. Apparently, the player’s remarkable comeback played a big role. The task of the renowned thought coach: to optimize the performance potential and strengthen the personality. His motto: Pleasure is the fuel of success. Negative thoughts are interference fields. Must have helped with Buta.

Because the defender had a hell of a difficult year. In Belgium, he first tore a muscle, then the knee operation did not go as it should have. The joint reacted, germs formed, Buta could not stand up. Football was out of the question. “He also faced the backhand, which shows his mental strength,” Krösche pointed out.

But a new option for the second half of Eintracht Frankfurt

Buta himself thanked his family, “who helped me through this period”. And emphasized his attitude. “I worked hard,” he said, sending his regards, if you will, to mental guru Martin Daxl. “I always stayed positive.” His wish for the new year? “Just stay healthy.” It seems logical.

Sometimes the spade is enough for a goal in the Bundesliga: Rafael Borré scores his second goal of the season against Schalke.
Sometimes the spade is enough for a goal in the Bundesliga: Rafael Borré scores his second goal of the season against Schalke. © IMAGO/Jan Huebner

Nearly an hour after the final whistle, the joy of living had not evaporated, the adrenaline circulating in his body. “It’s an overwhelming feeling,” he said. “I can’t imagine anything better.” Of course, you shouldn’t expect miracles from him, but a start has been made – and what a start. (Ingo Durstewitz, Thomas Kilchenstein)

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