Uli Hoeneß in the “double passage”: When it comes to novelties, it cracks

Uli Hoeneß is a guest on the anniversary edition of the Sport1 Bundesliga talk show “Stahlwerk Doppelpass” and distributes a lot. He sees no competition for FC Bayern Munich in the fight for the title, he takes it out on a journalist for reporting on injured Manuel Neuer. And the Minister of the Interior is not doing well with him because of his participation in the World Cup in Qatar.

This review represents the point of view of Christian Stüwe. Find out how our editors deal with opinions in texts.

Uli Hoeneß and the Sport1 talk show “Doppelpass” have a kind of love-hate relationship. As early as 1996, the then coach of FC Bayern Munich called the live broadcast to give his opinion to presenter Rudi Brückner. FC Bayern’s honorary chairman has picked up the phone several times over the past decades to participate in table discussions with Bundesliga regulars.

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During his many visits to the “Double Pass” at the “Hilton Munich Airport” hotel, the honorary president of FC Bayern also gave a lot in person and spoke legendary words. That’s why Hoeneß couldn’t miss the special three-hour edition of the “Stahlwerk Doppelpass” on Sunday to mark the 30th anniversary of DSF/Sport1. And this time it got funny.

Host Florian König discussed the anniversary “double pass” with the following guests:

Uli Hoeneß: As a player, coach and president, the 71-year-old has become an FC Bayern legend and one of the most influential and controversial figures in German football. Hoeneß also spoke bluntly on Sunday, for example on the rumors about Tottenham striker Harry Kane and FC Bayern. “He’s a great player, but it’s on a scale that I can’t imagine FC Bayern would want and be able to afford,” said the 1974 world champion.

Stephane Effenberg: The former FC Bayern midfield boss believes Yann Sommer can be number one in goal for FC Bayern for longer and Manuel Neuer will face competition after breaking his leg.

Mario Baler: The former midfielder played in the Bundesliga for 1. FC Kaiserslautern, Werder Bremen, FC Bayern and Hertha BSC. Only good players like him had in their contract that they weren’t allowed to ski, Basler explained with a wink. “You even said that you have to ski without poles,” replied Hoeneß.

Christian Falk: The football boss of ‘Bild’ and ‘Sportbild’ has been attacked by Hoeneß for reporting on Manuel Neuer’s injury.

Michael Broker: The editor of “Media Pioneer” is a fan of 1. FC Köln. He had his big moment when he clearly contradicted Hoeneß over the human rights talks at the World Cup in Qatar.

Olaf Schroeder: The CEO of Sport1 Medien AG reported on the early days of the sports broadcaster and told a bizarre anecdote about Barbara Schöneberger.

This was the saying of the day in the “Stahlwerk Doppelpass”:

First of all, Hoeneß praised the pursuer from Eintracht Frankfurt for the good work of the past few years. The honorary president of Bavaria sees no real competitor in the Bundesliga. “It is 100% certain that Bayern will become German champions. I don’t care what comes after that,” he said. Here it is again, the famous “Attack Department”.

This was the duel word of the day in the “double pass”:

The ‘Bild’ newspaper had speculated that Manuel Neuer would have to pay a fine for his skiing accident and thus possibly contribute to the eight million euro costs of new Bayern goalkeeper Yann Sommer. This really annoyed Hoeneß.

“He knows Manuel made a mistake. We mustn’t forget what he did for FC Bayern,” Hoeneß said before directly attacking “Bild” and journalist Falk. “With this sheet, people have their butts crawled for as long as they need. And when they’re on the floor, they step on it,” Hoeneß said angrily.

Falk defended the report and followed through. Neuer’s injury was an open fracture of the tibia and fibula, which FC Bayern did not communicate. Hoeneß then referred to medical secrecy, which also applies to footballers. The full accident report does not have to be in the newspaper the next day.

Then Hoeneß went for the general rebuke from the media. “I find it impossible to broach such a subject three days after Yann Sommer’s engagement. As soon as a problem is solved at Bayern, they try to find another one”, he is indignant.

The most controversial discussion in the “double pass”:

Michael Bröcker had largely held back on football matters. The political journalist’s hour came when Hoeneß criticized the coverage of the World Cup in Qatar. Hoeneß’s thesis was that there had been so much talk about human rights in Qatar in Germany that no World Cup mood could arise. In this context, he called ARD expert Thomas Hitzlsperger “Grumpy”.

He would have liked that Hoeneß, at the head of FC Bayern, and the other big European clubs had done everything in advance to prevent the World Cup in Qatar, said Bröcker. “No World Cup takes place without three or four European nations. We had incredible threat potential, which we didn’t use in the years 2010 to 2013,” explained Bröcker, who also addressed the episode. the return of Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. from Qatar in 2013 with two Rolex watches that had been donated but not taxed.

“I am far from saying that human rights should not be enforced. But we Germans believe that we can change the world on our own. That is not possible,” defended Hoeneß before get angry at the talks about the One. Love armband.

Hoeneß found it silly that Interior Minister Nancy Faeser showed up in the stadium with the bandage on her arm during the DFB-Elf match: “She just made herself look ridiculous.”

It was the most surprising confession of the “double passage”

Presenter Barbara Schöneberger started her television career on the DSF show “Tie Break”. In a video message, she congratulated the sportscaster on her 30th birthday and revealed she had no idea about tennis.

“I didn’t know how upside and back worked in tennis and counting,” she said. Sport1 boss Olaf Schröder had an anecdote ready. When Schöneberger was supposed to announce the intermediate result of a tennis match, she reported “64:32” instead of “6:4, 3:2”. With hindsight, it is a bit surprising that she was entrusted with the moderation of a tennis magazine in view of this lack of knowledge.

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Uli Hoeneß also participated in the anniversary edition of “Stahlwerk Doppelpass” and ensured that the show did not become boring despite the three hours of broadcasting. Even in retirement, Hoeneß remains one of the most opinionated personalities in German football.

The fact that journalists Christian Falk about Neuer and especially Michael Bröcker about questionable statements from Qatar did not cuddle in front of the former Bayern boss did the football regulars good.

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser with the “One Love” captain’s armband at the 2022 World Cup: this photo still speaks two months later. Now the new national team manager Rudi Völler is complaining. © ProSiebenSat.1

teaser image: © photo alliance / Jens Niering/Jens Niering

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