Starting signal for Travemünde Week 2023

Lübeck: A new design, a big anniversary and a classy regatta programme: the 134th Travemünde Week (July 21-30) has a lot to say in 2023. After a two-year pandemic break, the starting signal for the regatta and festival event could finally be staged again for the Travemünde Week reception as part of the boot in Düsseldorf – the largest water sports exhibition in the world.

And the return of the start offered the opportunity to present the new face of sailing week to representatives from sport, politics and business at the traditional meeting on the first Sunday of the start, to explain the connection to Lübeck Travemünde Marketing GmbH (LTM) and also the main organiser, the Lübeck Yacht Club, in its 125th year of existence.

“Travemünde Week and the tourism development strategy of our seaside resort go together like the beach and the Baltic Sea. We emphasize this in a special way with the new appearance, ”Lübeck Mayor Jan Lindenau said of the new communication concept (we reported on Friday). He stressed that the strengthening and further development of the Travemünde week after the pandemic years with many restrictions is a key project for the city of Lübeck.

Closer coordination with LTM has already proven itself in intensive cooperation over the past few months, says Frank Schärffe, Managing Director of Travemünder Woche gGmbH: “We have developed a new visualization of the entire event, a new logo and a new website. This strengthens the presence of the Travemünde week in the city and further adapts the face of the festival to the tourist concept. The organization of the regattas will of course remain in the reliable hands of the trio of organizers from Lübeck Yacht Club, the North German Regatta Association and the Zurich Yacht Club.

The fact that the tailwind of Travemünde Week is getting stronger this year is a perfect moment for the main organizer of the Lübeck Yacht Club, as the club celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. “125 years ago, the Travemünde week regattas were the reason why Kaiser Wilhelm II initiated the founding of the yacht club. To this day, the organization of the Travemünde week is a statutory objective of the LYC and an element of identification for the members. The majority of the approximately 850 sailors in the club are linked to the TW – whether as organizers, assistants or participants,” reports Lutz Kleinfeldt, President of the Lübeck Yacht Club.

The start-up TW reception was therefore not only the start of the regatta week, but also of the LYC celebrations, which culminated in a reception on the day of the foundation on August 30 and a grand ball in November. . In the club’s anniversary year, the sailing ambassador, the club’s yacht “MEU”, will also make a long Atlantic voyage for the first time. In August, shortly after Travemünde Week, the yacht, under skipper Clara Weimer, leaves Lübeck and will sail to the Caribbean and back for a year and a half. The skipper reported on big upcoming projects as part of the TW startup appearance and was happy to have found a big advocate in startup manager Petros Michelidakis, who made the connection for additional project support offshore.

Big tasks also await the sports managers of the TW, sporting director Jens Kath and managing director of the race Andreas Denecke. “Of course we wanted to present an exciting program for the anniversary year. And our hopes of being able to host high-level events have been exceeded. As in 2019, we would like to have the sailors of the German International Championship (IDM) with us. In the fall, we then won not only the title fights with a full crew, but also the IDM for two-crew. With the kite and Olympic kite championships, we have other top events at national level”, says Jens Kath, who is particularly enthusiastic about the international championships: “The Sailing Champions League has another times won the given final. It was already a very exciting high level event last year. But there is more: the European Championship in O-dinghies and the World Championship in J/22. And with the 49er and 49erFX Junior World Championships and the Formula 18 World Championship, we have extremely fast classes at the start. The Formula 18 catamaran sailors will come from all over the world and with the two single scull classes there will be athletes who are already looking to the Olympics.

With the organization of these world championships, the week in Travemünde will also have to meet high demands in terms of infrastructure, as many large containers with the equipment of the boats of the international participants are expected. “The range of championships is enormous – from ocean-going yachts to very sensitive skiffs and catamarans to small kite foilers. The demands on the organization ashore and those responsible for the regatta are also very different. We manage this thanks to many years of experience and cooperation with individual class specialists and race committees from the Lübeck Yacht Club, the North German Regatta Association and the Zurich Yacht Club,” explained Denecke, who is both member of LYC and ZYC is.

At the end of the reception, the freshly printed poster of the regattas was given to the representatives of the show in the good tradition. Lübeck maritime artist Frauke Klatt has been designing the image for TW for over 25 years. And even with the redesign of the exterior presentation of the event as a whole, the painting by Frauke Klatt remains a central element of the regattas. The current poster, which shows sailors in skiffs celebrating victory, will find its place in the exhibition halls. Show general manager Wolfram N. Diener and boot manager Petros Michelidakis accepted the poster and underlined their connection to Travemünde week. “The work that the Lübeck Yacht Club is doing is great. The project with which the school ship sails around the Atlantic is also exemplary. We need many more such initiatives,” Michelidakis said and announced that he would again be represented at the Passat with a kick-off reception during Travemünde week.

The new poster was also presented at the reception at boot Düsseldorf. Photo:

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