NFL – Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott is not a franchise quarterback

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“It’s shit right now,” Dak Prescott said after the game.

You can understand his frustration, after all, the quarterback was knocked out of the playoffs with the Dallas Cowboys just minutes earlier. “America’s Team” had the great opportunity to play a championship game for the first time in 27 years.

“It all sucks,” Prescott repeated. Perhaps Prescott was served this way because he realized then the fact that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has always denied in the past, but many fans have known it for a long time: Dak Prescott is not a franchise quarterback. At least not by Dallas’ high standards.

Prescott: Six games with at least two picks

The San Francisco 49ers were beatable against Dallas. Beatable as hardly before this season. Still, Prescott couldn’t score more than 12 points on offense.

Instead, the point guard accomplished the feat he pulled off for the sixth time this season: Prescott threw two interceptions. Two hair-raising too, which he assumes himself.

Prescott threw the first pick in the first quarter when he clearly overpowered his receiver Michael Gallup in the 3rd and 9th. He threw the second interception trying to reach CeeDee Lamb, who was in double coverage. The 49ers converted both picks to one field goal apiece.

Prescott: ‘There’s no excuse for that’

“Those are two passes you can’t throw. Not in the playoffs,” Prescott said. “There’s no excuse for this, it’s 100% on me.”

Ultimately, there are two game-changing errors. Mistakes you could forgive a rookie quarterback — but not an experienced point guard like Prescott, who sits on one of the thickest contracts in the NFL.

As a reminder, the 29-year-old signed a four-year, $160 million deal in March 2021, of which around $125 million is guaranteed.

Prescott and the Heavy Treaty Backpack

Prescott is therefore equipped with a monster contract that an absolute quarterback can do justice to – but not Prescott.

He’s already proven he’s not worth it with his 15 interceptions in the regular season. 15 interceptions despite missing five games through injury. He shares the inglorious first place in the category with Davis Mills of the Houston Texans.

Doubly bitter for the starting quarterback: in the five games that Prescott was absent, the Cowboys won four. Substitute Cooper Rush suffered only a narrow loss against the top team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Thus, Prescott’s record as a starter in 2022 is just 8-4.

Strong criticism of Prescott

The pick misery continued against the 49ers, and the quarterback was already throwing four and five interceptions in his sixth playoff game.

Numbers that drive all Cowboys fans crazy, as journalist Mac Engel of the “Fort Worth Star-Telegram” in Dallas: “Dak was beaten by Brock Purdy. The Cowboys gave up because their experienced and overpaid quarterback made mistakes that the 49ers the seventh-round rookie pick didn’t.”

But the 49ers were so beatable that night that the Cowboys still had a long chance to win even after Prescott’s two interceptions. The hopes of all Cowboys fans were kept alive until the last drive. Even until the last play, which ended tragically like the year before.

Cowboys: a tragedy like last year

At the time, the Cowboys had nine seconds against the 49ers to hit the ball after Prescott slipped, stopping the clock and being able to call one last play.

But that didn’t happen because the referee pressured Prescott and he didn’t place the ball in time for the Cowboys to break. In addition to the referee, Prescott was also heavily criticized at the time. After all, the playmaker could have thrown a pass to a teammate who goes into touch and thus stops the clock.

Instead, Prescott ran himself and time was running out for the Cowboys. Last weekend, Prescott couldn’t do much for the game’s bizarre final play, in which running back Ezekiel Elliott appeared as a center and Prescott’s pass failed to provide a win. decisive space.

Prescott a franchise quarterback?

But all things considered, Prescott’s performance ultimately fell short. 23 of 37 inbound passes for 206 yards and a touchdown are fine — two interceptions in a playoff game where every shot counts aren’t.

Dak Prescott may be paid like a franchise quarterback, but he’s not. After all these years of support, Jerry Jones should have realized this.

But he can’t change anything – because Prescott signed the contract about two years ago.

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