Leonardo Bittencourt amplifies the shock of Werder in Cologne

Cologne/Bremen – The answer couldn’t have been shorter or more specific. “Nothing,” replied Clemens Fritz when asked what happened to SV Werder Bremen when the Bundesliga restarted. The promoted side had suffered a 7-1 disaster at 1. FC Köln. SV Werder were shocked, but at least didn’t freeze. Officials found fairly clear words, the players – except one – practiced a lot of self-criticism. However, they wanted nothing to do with relegation worries. What coach Ole Werner saw completely differently. Thus, on this historically bad evening in Cologne, the impression was created that the good community of Bremen still had some problems to solve quickly.

However, it will not be easy, because the next opponents of the SV Werder Bremen are called Union Berlin (Wednesday) and VfL Wolfsburg (Saturday). After all, the two teams, which started the new Bundesliga year with brilliant victories, will be welcomed at the Wohninvest Weserstadion.

“Performance and appearance were cheeky,” scolded Clemens Fritz. so fed up Werder Bremen Rarely featured head of professional football: “We were inferior in every way, really in every way. If you don’t look for contact in defense and you don’t really go there at all, how are you going to win duels?” Coach too Ole Werner found clear words: “Our performance today is hard to put into words. It was underground, disastrous, not suitable for the first division. In the end, we can only apologize. But how could this have happened? The preparations after the long winter break actually went well – with the 1-0 victory in the last endurance test against FC Schalke as a positive conclusion. But the players may have felt too safe because of it, although Fritz warned after the Schalke appearance that too many chances had been given. Nevertheless, Werder immediately took the risk in Cologne.

Werder Bremen practice harsh self-criticism after conceding burlesque goals against Cologne – except for Leo Bittencourt

After a few minutes, Marvin Ducksch attempted a free-kick trick that hadn’t been agreed. And mainly because of a botched execution, in which Anthony Jung also played his part, as the recipient of the pass, did not work out. Cologne fought back and took advantage of the fact that Werder missed several chances to ward off danger. That’s how Linton Maina managed to make it 1-0 for the start 1. FC Köln (9th). Steffen Tigges scored twice (15th / 21st). move to 3-0 quickly and effortlessly because Werder Bremen goofed off happily. These included a poor throw-in from Jung and a poor ball loss from Weiser, which goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka daringly defused with a stoppage far in front of the penalty area, but allowed Tigges to score a dream goal at 46.7 meters. “We scored the goals ourselves,” Fritz argued and looked stunned.

It was therefore surprising that Leonard Bittencourt, who notably stood out by losing the ball in promising attacks, saw the cause of the fiasco elsewhere: “They knew exactly what we were doing from A to Z. We were caught in some good German hops today . They passed us. This could already be understood as a criticism of the coach’s game plan, perhaps too easy to decipher. Already she was there again the discussion that Werder Bremen is too easy to calculate because the coach always uses the same 3-5-2 system. Asked about it, Werner could hardly believe Bittencourt’s words, but he vigorously retorted, “Just as we knew everything about Cologne, they also knew everything about us.” Then the question is who does it best. In response, he described in detail how the first three goals were conceded, none of which were caused by tactical reasons. Unlike Bittencourt, the other Werder pros also saw it that way and answered uncomfortable questions from the media after the game. “The way the goals come down is pure slapstick. We made way too many simple mistakes,” said Niklas Schmidt, for example.

Werder Bremen fiasco against 1. FC Köln: ‘You have a game like this once in your life’

And so taken Werder Bremen before the break, goals four and five were conceded by Ellyes Skhiri (30th) and Denis Huseinbasic (36th) – more than ever in Bremen’s Bundesliga history in the first half. Niclas Füllkrug (38th) managed to improve the result a little with his remarkable header, but nothing more. Because after the change the guests continued to act just as disastrously, they were welcome at the first Cologne carnival party. So Weiser just looked like Skhiri (54th) was worth seeing as he made it 6:1 completely undisputed. And Werder captain Marco Friedl even ensured that Cologne’s goal anthem “Denn Wenn and Trömmelche jeiht” was played for a seventh time in the RheinEnergie stadium, which sold out with 50,000 spectators – and is expected to do hurt the ears of all green-whites forever.

Meanwhile, the people of Cologne seemed almost overwhelmed by the highest Bundesliga– Winning for 40 years. Coach Steffen Baumgart was delighted with the important trio, who keep his team away from the relegation zone and bring them within one point of Werder (21 points), but he also underlined: “You have a game like the one This Once In Your Lifetime Almost everything was fine today, but we can realistically rank it.

Werder Bremen appalled after Cologne debacle: ‘We have to stick together like a family now’

Werder Bremen knows that, experienced a game like this in the 5-1 win over Borussia Mönchengladbach this season. The then completely inferior Rhinelanders scored a week later with a 5: 2 against the 1. FC Köln impressive back. The whole of the Green and White also hopes for such a return so that the shock does not turn into fear (of relegation). For this, however, all the senses must be heightened and the situation must be assessed realistically. And that’s where things got pretty interesting in the Cologne Arena catacombs. For example, when asked if Werder should be worried about Werder, Schmidt replied: “No, we have enough quality on the pitch. In terms of football, it was even okay sometimes.” And Weiser said commented: “I can promise that we will play better on Wednesday. We shouldn’t worry about more. At least the pros didn’t want to hear anything about the relegation battle. Werner, on the other hand, does: “We don’t we’re only playing for one goal this year and that means staying in the league. Nothing will change about this until the 34th day.

The coach now wants to vaccinate his players with this and much more. The 34-year-old started straight after one of his most bitter games as a coach (“Absolut”) and told the team in a circle on the pitch: “No one can shirk responsibility of this game. It is now a matter of working very clearly on all of this and addressing it. We have to show a reaction against Union. Schmidt described how it could work: “Now we have to come together as a family. Be there for each other. We weren’t that many on the pitch today. “There are crucial days ahead SV Werder Bremen. The promoted team must prove that it is still a real team in 2023 that gives 100% on the pitch. In Cologne it was “only eight or nine percent”, as Werner remarked almost smugly. The coach left the question whether he would react to this non-performance only with words or with deeds, that is, personnel changes. The answer to this will already be given on Wednesday during the line-up. (knee)

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