Germany – Norway Live in the Ticker: Handball World Cup 2023 Main Round with the German National Team

Five games, five wins – the German national team is riding the wave of success at the 2023 Handball World Cup in Poland and Sweden. On Saturday, the DHB team confidently secured their entry into the quarter-finals against the Netherlands (33:26).

“We have played a great World Cup so far, with sovereign performances,” said DHB sporting director Axel Kromer at a Sunday press conference in Katowice, but at the same time slowed down. “But we have to recognize that reaching the quarter-finals will not go down in the history books.”

In order not to lose the tension, the sportingly insignificant main round match against Norway would have to be filled again. After all, France, Olympic champions, are waiting for the quarter-finals.


Flying chicks: Knorr and Köster make a splash


Kick-off is Monday at 8:30 p.m. in Katowice. accompanies the game between Germany and Norway here live in the ticker.

Handball World Cup 2023: Germany – Norway live in the ticker


45 minutes – Germany – Norway 20:22

Bergerud defends everything, Norway still two goals. Then Johannessen with a too hard action against Kohlbacher. This gives two minutes which the German team must use now.

43 minutes – Germany – Norway 20:20

The goalkeepers take over – and Germany equalize thanks to Witzke. Dahmke then gave Bergerud the chance to take first place. How good is the Norwegian goalkeeper really?

41st minute – Germany – Norway 7:20 p.m.

Germany is completely at eye level. Wolff is now in top form, which drives the Norwegians to despair. But the Germans also missed two good chances against a very strong Bergerud on the other side.

38 minutes – Germany – Norway 19:20

Wolff remains a factor in round two, showing his second save. And up front, Knorr remains precise, scoring for the eighth time. What a brutal performance from the rising star.

36 minutes – Germany – Norway 6:20 p.m.

Overby purposely puts his foot in and fends off a pass in the German circle – it gives two minutes. Kohlbacher uses the extra space and cuts to 6:20 p.m.

34 minutes – Germany – Norway 17:19

In Norway, Bergerud begins the second round between the posts, Germany now switches attack-defense between Köster and Häfner. The Scandinavians arrive better and move away by three goals. 8:17 p.m.

31st minute – Germany – Norway 16:18

Keep on going. Germany have the ball early in the second half.

30 minutes – Germany – Norway 16:18

Strongly fought back by the German team, which is now at 4:16 p.m. Especially thanks to Wolff, who fishes one after another from the back. It’s always hard work up front, but playmaker Knorr always finds the right men – whether on the circle or outside. Shortly before the end, however, Knorr hit the post with a low shot from inside left and Norway were two goals ahead with the siren. Half time.

27 minutes – Germany – Norway 15:16

Germany remain in the 3-2-1 formation and are slowly warming up. After recovering the ball, Dahmke kicks the Norwegians’ empty goal from his own half. Wolff saves his second seven meters a little later.

24 minutes – Germany – Norway 12:15

Germany lacks successful moves in defence, Norway remain ruthless – especially from the backcourt. Nine different players have already scored for the Wille selection.

21st minute – Germany – Norway 12:13

Knorr is simply amazing. The slap toss comes from the back room in the right corner without a hitch. A little later, the 22-year-old completes the counter-attack after a storm foul. Seven pitches, seven hits. Wow!

16 minutes – Germany – Norway 9h11

The German cover doesn’t really get there, Norway are getting away with it too easily and have so far remained icy in front of the German goal. On the other hand, it is much more difficult for the DHB team – and goalkeeper Säveras is also in a very good mood.

12 minutes – Germany – Norway 7:8

Outstanding Knorr so far. Four pitches, four hits for the youngster. On the other side, Johannessen is the most accurate player with two goals so far.

10 minutes – Germany – Norway 5:7

Säveras came on very well for the Norwegians and has already made four solid saves. Germany reacted early in the goalkeeper position and brought in Wolff for Birlehm. Wolff fits perfectly in a parade.

6th minute – Germany – Norway 3:4

Knorr already with two goals for the DHB. Also, Sagosen must be on the bench for the first time with two minutes left as he hit Köster in the head with his elbow. The referees even watch the scene on the monitor, but finally decide not to give the red card and “only” for two minutes.

4 minutes – Germany – Norway 1:3

The Norwegians rely on a 6-0 defense. So it will be physical at the circle. The Scandinavians got off to a better start, leading 3-1 after two saves.

1st minute: Let’s go

Norway has a slight acoustic advantage when it comes to throwing and in the grandstand lobby. Germany defended a bit more offensively, putting pressure on Norway’s strong backcourt.

8:29 p.m. – Arbitration team

By the way, today’s referee team is from Croatia. Matija Gubica and Boris Milosevic are on record for the fifth time at the World Cup.

8:26 p.m. – Germany without Drux

The DHB team has to do without Paul Drux in the short term. The backcourt player of Bundesliga leaders Füchse Berlin is out with a cold. Here is all the information.

8:23 p.m. – INFO

It will start in a few moments. The German team is already in the quarter-finals without a hitch and will face a real heavyweight in Norway. Both teams will find out who will face France today in Katowice and who will face Spain at the start of the knockout stage in Gdansk on Wednesday.

NEWS – Welcome

Hello and welcome to the conclusion of the main round of the 2023 Handball World Championship in Poland and Sweden. The German national team meets Norway ahead of the prestigious quarter-finals against Olympic champions France or Spain. Kick-off is at 8:30 p.m. at the Spodek stadium in Katowice. accompanies the game for you live in the ticker – have fun!

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