Australian Open live in the ticker: Djokovic vs de Minaur, Rublev beats Rune

Novak Djokovic has big plans in Melbourne.

Expelled from the country shortly before the start of the tournament last year because he had not received a corona virus vaccine, the 35-year-old is aiming for his tenth title in Melbourne this season.

With Alex de Minaur, however, the Serb faces an opponent who is not only extremely fast, but will also have the Australian fans behind him to a large extent.

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‘Really grueling’: Djokovic weighs in on night battle debate


Andrey Rublev defeated Holger Rune in five sets. The decision was not made until the tie-break of the match.

The round of 16 between Djokovic and de Minaur in the live ticker:

All matches of the day at a glance:

  • Aryna Sabalenka [5] – Belinda Bencic (SUI) [12] 7:5, 6:2
  • Magda Linette (POL) – Caroline Garcia (FRA) [4] 7:6 (7:4), 6:4
  • Donna Vekic (CRO) – Linda Fruhvirtova (CZE) 6:2, 1:6, 6:3
  • Karolina Pliskova (CZE) [30] – Shuai Zhang (CHN) [23] 6-0, 6-4
  • Andrei Rublev [5] -Holger Rune (DEN) [9] 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6, 7:6 (11:9)
  • NOW: Ben Shelton (USA) – Jeffrey John Wolf (USA) 6-7 (5-7), 6-2, 6-7 (4-7)
  • NOW: Roberto Bautista-Agut (ESP) [24] – Tommy Paul (USA) 2-6
  • From 9 a.m.: Alex de Minaur (AUS) [22] -Novak Djokovic (SRB) [4]
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Australian Open 2023: All Matches in Live Ticker and Live Scores


Andrei Rublev – Holger Rune


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8:47 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6, 7:6

Third match point for Rublev. And then the Russian’s return trickles from the edge of the net into Rune’s pitch. Is it bitter for Rune! He no longer had a chance of reaching the ball. 11:9 in the decisive game for Rublev.

Round of 16: Mies/Peers dominate Bolt/Saville – highlights

8:42 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6, 6:6

Rune’s forehand lands in the net. Two match points for Rublev. Rune fends off the first with a solid serve. But now Rublev served. But the Russian is not consistent enough at the net on volleys. Runic counters with the passing shot at 9:9.

8:42 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6, 6:6

Rublev recovered a mini break. 7:5 still for Rune. And then Rublev’s cross forehand lands right on the line. 7:6 and everything is open again in the decisive match.

8:33 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6, 6:6

Rune’s dream begins in the tie break match. The Dane takes Rublev’s two serves and leads 3-0.

8:30 am – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6, 6:6

Very strong by Rublev. With two aces, the Russian scores for the tie-break of the match.

Back to the wall: Rublev comes back strong in the fifth set

8:29 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6, 5:6

A very fast service game ensued on both sides. 6:5 for runes. Rublev serves against losing the match. And after a small error from the Russian, it is 0:30. And at 3:30, Rublev hits the center of the backhand. Two match points for Rune! The first time the Dane makes a mistake on the return. In the second Rublev unpacks a superb forehand and equalizes at 40:40.

8:21 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6, 4:5

Rune serves to win the match. But now the forehand is shaking. After a serious error, the Dane has three breakballs against him. And then he slips again and Rublev comes in at 4:5. Everything opens again.

8:15 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6, 2:5

It looks very good for Rune now. The Dane no longer struggles with his service games and didn’t give up a point in the last. Number nine on the seed list can now rely mainly on his forehand. 5:2

8:09 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6, 1:3

And there it happened. Rune takes Rublev’s service. It was in the air. 3:1 for the Dane, who now “only” has to serve his own matches to reach the quarter-finals.

Rune fights his way into the fifth set

8:02 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6, 1:1

Rune is the most offensive player in the fifth set. The Dane risks more. This is also due to the general playstyle of both players, but Rublev is currently too passive for his standards.

7:51 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:6

Rune did it anyway. The Dane takes Rublev’s service and wins the fourth round 6:4. He enters the decision maker!

7:42 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 4:5

The Rublevs return on a rather cautious second serve from Rune flies away. Place the ball for the Dane, but the Russian pushes it away with a powerful cross from the backhand. And then Rune is unlucky with the edge of the net in a volley that wasn’t hit well either. Breakball Rublev. The double fault ensues to make it 4:5.

7:30 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 2:4

Rune continued the match and at the moment it also doesn’t seem limited. On the contrary! After a blunder by Rublev, his opponent has the breakball. And then Rune unpacks a great comeback and brings the game to 4:2.

7:20 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 1:2

Rune needs to take a break from his treatment. The Dane’s pulse is measured. What exactly is going on there, one can only speculate. Let’s hope the Dane is fit enough to continue the game.

“Completely atypical!” Rune not quite with itself

7:13 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3, 0:1

There was a short break after the third set. The match is operational again, Rune leads 1-0 in the fourth set.

6:57 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 6:3

Rublev serves to win the set. Rune now acts a little rushed, making a few mistakes with the forehand. With a half-court winner, Rublev secures three set points. The Russian uses the first at 6:3.

6:51 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 4:2

Three break chances for Rublev. And then the Russian unleashes a powerful comeback, forcing Rune to make a backhand mistake. 4:2 for Rublev in the third set.

6:44 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6, 2:2

Rune parries a break chance from Rublev with a powerful serve. In this somewhat critical situation, it remains cool, at least on the outside, and convinces with clever corner play. Rublev makes the mistake and it’s 2-2 in the third set.

Sinner and Co. shine on the net – Sunday’s top 5 spots

6:37 Shelton-Wolf 6-7, 6-2

In the US-US Round of 16 it’s also 1:1 after the sets. After Jeffrey Wolf won the first round, the second went to Ben Shelton.

6:25 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 3:6

Rublev still wins his match at 3:5. But now Rune serves to win the set. The Dane wins three set points with his backhand and equalizes with an ace and the 6:3 to make it 1:1 after the sets.

6:22 – Rublev – Rune 6:3, 2:5

Andrey Rublev and Holger Rune are currently determining the next quarter-finalist. Rublev won the first set, but is now back to the wall in the second round. With a comeback, Rune puts the pressure on and wins two set points. Rublev fends off the first with an ace. And then the next service cracker follows.

INFO – The women’s quarter-finals are fixed

The women’s knockout stages are over. And he grabbed the next player in the at least extended circle of favorites. Frenchwoman Carolin Garcia, winner of the WTA Toiur final, surprisingly lost to Magda Linette from Poland. Karolina Pliskova, Aryna Sabalenka and Donna Vekic are also in the quarter-finals.

INFO – World class in pain! How does Djokovic do this?

Novak Djokovic challenged his left thigh pain and issues several times at the 2023 Australian Open and reached the round of 16. A great success, on the one hand. On the other hand, behavior raises questions. How can Djokovic play like this given his serious limitations? Ex-coach Boris Becker clarifies Eurosport.

INFO – Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to day eight of the Australian Open in Melbourne. Sebastian Würz accompanies the “Happy Slam” matches from 6:00 a.m. Have fun!

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