Women’s biathlon relay even without Herrmann-Wick on the podium

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That’s also possible without top German biathlete Denise Herrmann-Wick: The German women’s relay finished third in an unusual formation during the World Cup dress rehearsal in Antholz on Sunday.

The German women’s biathlon relay has clearly backed its medal ambitions for the home world championships in Oberhof. In the dress rehearsal for the title fights on Sunday, January 22, 2023 in Antholz, the German quartet finished third, even without top athlete Denise Herrmann-Wick.

Vanessa Voigt, Sophia Schneider, Janina Hettich-Walz and Hanna Kebinger had only to admit defeat against the victorious French and Swedish women. France, using just two substitutes in eight stages, won in 1:07:21.3. Sweden, after a total of eight spares, were 45.2 seconds behind. The German quartet was 1:16.9 minutes behind the leaders.

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“I can’t imagine a nicer last day”

“We can’t imagine a nicer last day”said Felix Bitterling, sports director for biathlon at the German Ski Association after the race on ZDF. “We know we’re in a good mood in the relays. We were almost always there. It’s even better that it’s the young girls now. They’re really regaining their confidence.”

Schneider: “We don’t have to hide”

“We must and not hide”Schneider said confidently at the finish. “We showed that we can also get on the podium with four people. And since Hanna asserted herself at the end, no one has to hide. It makes us overjoyed.” Kebinger said of his first season: “I was a little flabbergasted at the start because I didn’t expect to run at the end. I was super happy to have been allowed to run the relay. And then I was fourth, it’s super cool .”said the Bavarian, who can now hope for a start in the World Cup.

Surprise: Kebinger instead of Herrmann-Wick

The German squadron surprised with an unusual formation. Denise Herrmann-Wick, who won the pursuit on Saturday, did not start. Instead, Hanna Kebinger joined the team and, in her seventh World Cup start, took the place of the last runner. A decision that was probably made for tactical reasons. In any case, Herrmann-Wick is not sick.

Voigt with the season premiere on one side

First runner Vanessa Voigt started the race in first place for the first time this season – and rode a solid race. After a clean first leg she finished second, two permanent substitutes brought her back to seventh place. By the time she made the first change, however, she was moving forward again and passed the baton to Sophia Schneider in fourth place, 15.9 seconds behind the leader. Voigt, 25, who is actually not one of the best runners in the World Cup, impressed with the second fastest time in her run.

“I’m super happy with my prone shot. I didn’t mind standing up. It was good.”, Voigt said after the race on ZDF. Regarding the season premiere at the starting position, she said: “It’s fun for me to change positions. I also feel very comfortable in this one.”

Schneider with the best execution time

Sophia Schneider had to reload twice at the shooting range. The 25-year-old fast runner also kept the German relay close to the podium thanks to her qualities on the cross-country track and the fastest time in her group. Passing to Janina Hettich-Walz, Schneider finished third, just 0.3 seconds behind Italian Dorothea Wierer and 31.6 seconds behind French lead Anaïs Chevalier-Bouchet.

Along with her performance, Schneider also submitted a bid for the World Championships starting in Oberhof in two weeks. But she hadn’t thought of that, she said after her run on ZDF: “I just wanted to do a good stint. I felt pretty good here on the track the last few days, I knew I could put pressure on my feet. In the standing position, maybe that was too much reserve. But I’ve got everything on the given track”according to Schneider.

Hettich-Walz keeps Staffel in third place

Even after the appearance of Janina Hettich-Walz, the German relay was in third place (+32.7 seconds). With one reserve each, Hettich-Walz had to pass Hanna Oeberg, who took the Swedish relay team from fifth to second (+12.7 seconds) with only one reserve. On the other hand, the Italian relay fell to sixth place (+ 1:39.0 minutes) due to a penalty loop for Hanna Auchentaller. France was still in the lead.

Hettich-Walz missed one shot each while prone and standing, but was able to get the spare rounds safely to the target.

Kebinger has strong nerves – Now the World Cup ticket is beckoning

Final skier Kebinger then secured the podium in what was only her seventh World Cup appearance at the range. Due to two spares in the prone position, the 25-year-old had to miss Norway’s Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold. In the final standing stage, however, Kebinger safely converted a reserve, while Tandrevold showed nerves and even picked up two penalties. With her good performance, Kebinger recommended herself for the World Cup.

We will be taking the Hanna with us for immediate preparation to compete for the World Championships. Then we see how the state of health is and then we see which six we take with us. Of course, she recommends it”Bitterling said. In pursuit of Antholz on Saturday, Kebinger finished tenth, half the standard for the world championship.

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At the Antholz World Cup there was no new winner for the fifth race in a row, Johannes Thingnes Bö was again unbeatable. Martin Ponsiluoma and Sturla Holm Laegreid complete the podium.

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