Werder Bremen in notes after embarrassment against Cologne: Friedl, Jung & Co. completely out of the picture

1:7! SV Werder Bremen suffered an absolute debacle against 1. FC Köln in the Bundesliga opener of 2023 and deservedly lost at altitude as well. Individual review players – with notes.

Jiri Pavlenka: The keeper was not to be envied, because his sleepy leaders completely let him down. And his daring save attempt almost on the halfway line landed on Cologne Tigges, who scored 3-0 from 46.7 yards out. In fact, impossible to defuse a single shot. level 4

Niklas Stark (up to 59th place): Got the preference over Amos Pieper and lacked the necessary aggressiveness in decisive moments – like before the 0:2 and 0:4 when he didn’t prevent crosses from Kainz and Maina. level 5

Milos Veljkovic: Far too far from the opponent, it almost felt like escort protection, not just 0:5. Unfortunately, he deflected the shot at 0:2. level 5

‘We were overjoyed’ – The voices on Werder Bremen’s embarrassment against 1. FC Köln!

Werder Bremen scores against 1. FC Köln: Marco Friedl with own goal and bad mistakes

Marco Friedl: A very bad evening for the captain! After a decent start, he let himself be contaminated by the drowsiness of his colleagues and then fell short at 0:5. Just like the 1:6 when Maina danced it. To top it off, he also scored an own goal to make it 1:7. 6th year

Mitchell Weiser: Indeed very active on the right side, but far too imperfect – like before the 0-3, which he started by losing the ball. Also guilty at 0:4 because he only attacked Maina reluctantly, as so often on the defensive. His incredible spectator role in the 1:6 matched that. 6th year

Christian Gross (up to 46th place): As a six he wanted to clean up in front of the defence, but his robust duels are always risky play. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not. This does not exactly provide stability in the center. At least not with the really big errors. Level 4.5

Werder Bremen in the scores against 1. FC Köln: Anthony Jung completely lost

Anthony Young (up to 86th): A bad restart in the Bundesliga! Heavily involved on the first two goals conceded as a weak passing position with loss of possession. After that, he looked roughed up on the left side. 6th year

Leonardo Bittencourt (until the 64th): It looked like he really wanted to show off his ex-club. With that, he ran into the open knife. Because he got bogged down in his advances and thus launched dangerous counter-attacks. level 5

Ilya Gruev: The game went completely on the eighth of the first half, he found no access at all. It didn’t really improve after the break as a six. Class 5.5

Marvin Ducksch (up to 46th place): What an unfortunate performance! His badly executed free-kick trick started the 0:1, his bad pass to Kainz 0:2. In addition, almost ineffective up front because he couldn’t assert himself at all. After all, his corner led to 1:5. Class 5.5

Werder Bremen in the ranks after the debacle against 1. FC Köln: Niclas Füllkrug scores, but plays bad luck

Niclas jug: His eleventh goal of the season will console him little. He was obviously keen on structure and the danger of scoring, but things didn’t exactly go well for him either. level 4

Niklas Schmidt (from 46th place): The people of Cologne greet him with a hard tackle, after which he is barely seen. level 5

Eren Dinkci (from 46th): Adapted to the low level of his colleagues and failed to assert himself in attack. level 5

Amos Pieper (from 59th): Was allowed to collect match workouts which is not entirely unimportant for Wednesday’s next task. level 4

Jens Stadium (from 64th): The Dane also had to play amid the disaster. Class –

Lee Buchanan (from 86th): A use for statistics. Class –

Continuation of the previous message:

The formation against 1. FC Köln: this is what the starting line-up of SV Werder Bremen could look like!

Update (January 21, 5:30 p.m.): It is now the line up of SV Werder Bremen the! Coach Ole Werner does not leave Amos Pieper in the starting lineup begin. The very first eleven against the 1. FC Köln you can find in live ticker!

Bremen – Steffen Baumgart just did it and created his 1. FC Köln for Saturday’s home game against SV Werder Bremen reveal in advance. Not only his colleague from Bremen, Ole Werner, was surprised by this. He wouldn’t do such a thing, he let it be known. There is in the starting lineup from SV Werder when the Bundesliga restarted was no surprise either.

In the door of SV Werder Bremen stands of course Jiri Pavlenka, who was already in great form in the 1-0 endurance test win at Schalke a week ago. Milos Veljkovic (centre) and Marco Friedl (left) are in the bottom three. The Amos Pieper after his ankle problems were completely normal in final training, he should be in the Bremer Starting XI as right central defender in preference to Niklas Stark. Pieper just seems a bit more poisonous and resolute than the ex-Berliner.

Werder Bremen exhibition against 1. FC Köln: Ilia Gruev should replace Romano Schmid in the starting lineup

Mitchell Weiser (right) and Anthony Jung (left) are on the flanks Werder Bremen still incomparable. It’s more exciting in midfield – but only a little. After the loss of Romano Schmid (knee injury in training camp) confidence Ole Werner a week ago at Schalke in his line up the double G Christian Groß and Ilia Gruev as well as Leonardo Bittencourt. Overall they did a good job together. For Jens Stage and Niklas Schmidt, there is currently only the role of joker.

And in front starting lineup? There are only two answers: Niclas refill carafe and Marvin Ducksch. You should Werder Bremen for the first victory 1. FC Köln shoot after more than 17 years. At the time, the Greens-Whites won 4-1. A certain Miroslav Klose scored twice, Johan Micoud and Naldo also scored. (knee)

This is SV Werder Bremen’s possible starting XI against 1. FC Köln.

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