Nordic Combined: Two wins in four hours for Lamparter at Klingenthal

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Within hours, Johannes Lamparter also won the second round of the Nordic Combined World Cup in Klingenthal. German athletes miss the podium.

With Vinzenz Geiger, Julian Schmid, Manuel Faisst and Johannes Rydzek, four DSV athletes made it to the top ten.

“Perfect weekend” for Lamparter

The victory went to Johannes Lamparter. The Austrian won in 27:54.9 minutes ahead of World Cup leader Jarl Magnus Riiber of Norway (+7 seconds), who was unlucky falling just before the finish. Third was Lamparter’s compatriot Franz-Josef Rehrl (+22.9). Lamparter had already won the rest of Saturday morning’s competition.

The 21-year-old already celebrated a double victory in the Vogtland Arena last winter and now he has repeated that feat. “He feels good. It was a perfect weekend for me“, Lamparter then rejoices: “I showed good jumps on the hill and again today I had a good feeling on the track. Sure, I got a little lucky in the end, but that’s life.

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Geiger best German in fourth place

Four Germans crossed the finish line behind Lamparter. Geiger led the quartet in fourth (+37.7). Schmid (+38), Faisst (+38.5) and Rydzek (+1:06.5 minutes) finished fifth through seventh. With Jakob Lange (16th) and Fabian Rießle (20th), two other DSV combined athletes entered the top 20. Three-time Olympic champion Eric Frenzel did not compete in cross-country skiing after a 37th place in show jumping and more than 3:30 minutes late.

In the end, the gap was just too big. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied, I was in bed with the flu for a week“, Geiger said afterwards on ZDF. National coach Hermann Weinbuch was also pleased with the good result of the team: “Of course, we always aim to get on the podium. But four in the top eight is very strong“.

The DSV trio set off in pursuit

After the morning jump, a DSV trio chased down Austrian leader Rehrl, who had previously jumped 143.5 meters. Schmid, Faißt and Geiger started the 10 kilometer course in fourth, fifth and seventh place, but had to catch up for over a minute. It was a good 35 seconds behind Riiber and Lamparter in second and third place.

After the first two kilometers, Schmid had already gained ten seconds. Geiger and Faißt were also able to make up time, while Lamparter managed to put pressure on the leading duo up front. Rehrl tries his luck in flight, but fails to create a crucial gap. The trio entered the third round almost simultaneously. Behind them, a German trio had formed, which, led by Geiger, continued to eat up time.

Riiber waterfall just before the finish

After six kilometers, however, the gap had increased further to over 50 seconds. Up front, Lamparter did the job and picked up the pace. Rehrl struggled to keep up. But the hunting group is also moving up a gear. With a delay of 40 seconds, Schmid, Geiger and Faisss were barely within reach of the podium.

On the last lap, Rehrl finally had to let Lamparter and Riiber go. Before entering the stadium, Lamparter picked up the pace again. Riiber kept contact, but lost his footing on the final corner and crashed. Lamparter’s victory was no longer in jeopardy.

Strange competition program in Klingenthal

It wasn’t until the morning that the combined athletes were scheduled to compete in the first of two daily competitions. The previous day’s competition having been split in two due to unfavorable weather conditions, the athletes first made a mass start before leaving the track on Sunday morning. There, Geiger and Frenzel could not emphasize their good cross-country positions and fell back significantly.

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