Dynamo ended the first half of the season with a win

Oldenburg. It was not a comfortable trip. Dynamo Dresden managed to end the seven-game winning streak in the last game of the first half of the season. Black and yellow win 3:1 against VfB Oldenburg.

The hosts took the lead from the start, ex-Dynamo Patrick Möschl got a free-kick for a swallow, which Christopher Buchtmann converted. After a playful and uncreative first half, Dresden’s approach changed in the second half. A brace from Ahmet Arslan and a goal from Dennis Borkowski secured victory.

“The first half was not good. We didn’t win any duels there,” Arslan analyzed after the game. “We showed the opposite in the second half and that’s why we won.”

Arslan and Borkowski score for Dynamo

final whistle: The match will be canceled shortly thereafter. With a convincing second half, the Dresdeners secured their first victory in seven games and climbed into the top half of the table. Dynamo scored three goals with few scoring chances, rewarded for an efficient second round.

90th + 2 minutes: Julius Kade also comes in for the final minutes of the match, with Michael Akoto leaving the pitch.

90 minutes: Jonas Oehmichen replaces Dennis Borkowski, the 18-year-old celebrates his competitive debut for Dynamo.

89 minutes: Michael Akoto also receives a yellow card for an avoidable tactical foul.

86 mins: Tim Knipping is injured after a sliding tackle and needs brief treatment.

84 minutes: Dennis Borkowski shoots the ball away from an Oldenburg player and is booked for it.

82 minutes: Ahmet Arslan makes it 3-1 for Dynamo and takes the preliminary decision. After a decapitated cross, the ball landed at the feet of Dresden’s top scorer, who took his chance and scored for the second time in the game.

78 minutes: Stefan Kutschke and Christopher Buchtmann argued after a foul by the Oldenburg player, for which both players received a yellow card.

74 mins: Shortly after, Lemmer was replaced. He comes onto the pitch for Jonathan Meier and celebrates his Dynamo debut.

73 mins: Jakob Lemmer was to play twice for Dynamo. Kickers winter newcomer Offenbach was ready on the sidelines, but the Dresdeners scored every time he was supposed to enter the pitch.

71 mins: Dennis Borkowski kicks off Dynamo. After a flawless counterattack, the RB Leipzig loanee can dribble undisturbed into the penalty area, his low shot from inside the left securing the 2-1 lead.

69 mins: Max Kulke receives a yellow card for a tactical foul on the left wing.

66 mins: After a free kick from Max Kulke, Jakob Lewald heads into the penalty area, but the ball flies over the goal. The Dresdeners now control the game.

64 mins: Unexpectedly, Ahmet Arslan equalized for Dynamo to make it 1-1. After a pass from Michael Akoto, Arslan is free in the Oldenburg penalty area and can push the ball into the goal against the direction of goalkeeper Mielitz. It was Dynamo’s first chance in the second half. Can Dresden change the game now?

62 mins: Due to numerous fouls and lost balls, both teams had no opportunity to score, Dynamo often put Oldenburg under pressure, but could not put emphasis in the hosts’ half.

47 mins: There was another change at Dynamo, but it wasn’t of a personal nature: Tim Knipping took over the captaincy from Paul Will.

Jonathan Meier should provide a goal threat via the left wing, the trained defender has rarely been able to excel.
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46 mins: Dynamo make two changes at half-time: Tim Knipping and Stefan Kutschke replace Claudio Kammerknecht and Akaki Gogia. Substitute Kutschke kicked off the second half.

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