Bundesliga: Wolfsburg celebrates 6-0 win over Freiburg

Status: 01/21/2023 7:39 p.m.

SC Freiburg have received a blow from VfL Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga. Especially Patrick Wimmer and Jonas Wind upset the SC defense.

Niko Kovac: ‘It was a tailor-made start’

21/01/2023 22:00

On Saturday (01/21/2023), Wolfsburg won against weak Freiburg 6-0 (3-0). Wolfsburg’s Wimmer distinguished himself with a goal (2nd), an assist for Jonas Wind (28th) and numerous offensive actions. The wind picked up again later (37th). Yannick Gerhardt (56th), Ridle Baku (80th) and Luca Waldschmidt (90th + 4/FE) also encouraged VfL.

“Wolves” furious against Freiburg: the audio highlights

21/01/2023 22:00

The victory means Wolfsburg (26 points) are four points behind SC Freiburg (30), who moved from second to fourth place. Freiburg coach Christian Streich later spoke on the sports show’s microphone of “catastrophic dueling behaviour” and that VfL were “superior in every way”.

Wolfsburg coach Niko Kovac praised: “The team has shown development in recent weeks and months. And that continues today.” The goal is international trade. Player Gerhardt gave a more specific insight: “I already had the honor of playing in the Champions League. Of course, it’s a dream.”

Freiburg lacks defensive stability against Forschen VfL

The game started quickly. Because VfL combined directly with the first upward counterattack. Gerhardt was quick-witted and pushed towards Wimmer, who sank the ball in the sprint with the pike.

Wolfsburg determined the initial phase and had more than 60% possession at the start. It took almost 20 minutes for Freiburg to catch up. Nicolas Höfler offered Freiburg’s first good chance, VfL goalkeeper Koen Casteels saved (17th).

Wimmer striking: Wolfsburg impressively efficient

VfL acted with two strings of four and midfield pressing, Wolfsburg were waiting for the next golden moment. And he came. SC first goalkeeper Mark Flekken made a mistake in the warm-up game, then Wimmer reacted quicker than Christian Günter after a Maximilian Arnold cross from midfield. Wimmer bounced off Wind – who was then more available than Höfler and defeated Flekken with his head.

But the first half was not over yet: defender Micky van de Ven bit Maximilian Eggestein while dribbling, his cross putting Wind’s knee in the goal. The “wolves” were extremely effective: they only needed six shots for three goals. Wimmer was involved in four of VfL’s six penalty shootouts either as a taker or a setter.

SC Friborg in the midfield without ideas

Even after the restart, Freiburg continued to have problems against VfL, who played their attacks with precision. Already in one half, assertiveness was lacking in the duels. Only Höfler and Michael Gregoritsch had a positive balance in these statistics.

Ginter frustrated – “Such a game is of course madness”

21/01/2023 22:00

And again, there were gaps in Freiburg’s forward movement. The next misunderstanding against the dominant “Wolves” in the midfield did not take long. Wimmer initiated the situation after SC lost the ball. The ball came to Gerhardt through the wind and Felix Nmecha, who broke VfL’s first shot on goal in the second half through Flekken’s legs to make it 4-0.

Wimmer knocked out by Svanberg

After that, the match seemed decided. The busy Wimmer was accidentally knocked out by teammate Mattias Svanberg and had to be taken off the pitch in a daze. Waldschmidt replaces him (78th).

And then, after a cross from Kevin Paredes, who was also a substitute, Baku made it 5-0 in the penalty area without any pressure from the opposition, before Waldschmidt put the finishing touch with a converted penalty. Yannik Keitel brought down van den Ven.

Freiburg coach Christian Streich at the press conference

21/01/2023 22:00

Wolfsburg must go to the capital

During the 17th day of the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg are invited to Hertha BSC (Tuesday, 8:30 p.m.). Meanwhile, Freiburg receives the winner of the Europa League from Frankfurt (Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.).

Source: sportschau.de

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