The pugnacious gift from Bayern bosses

Season 2015/16: Pep Guardiola’s great era at Bayern Munich comes to an end with the renewed championship – but the farewell gift from Bayern bosses causes astonishment. And in Wolfsburg, besides the poker player Max Kruse, a “career clown” is also causing a stir!

With his third successive Bundesliga title, successful Munich manager Pep Guardiola has bid farewell to the Bavarian capital and joined Manchester City in England. However, before his last match at the arena, the Catalan had to endure a very peculiar situation. Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge gave Guardiola a special gift: a Brazilian artist had made an acrylic figurine of Bayern mascot Berni for 3,000 euros.

When former national player Rummenigge Guardiola proudly handed over the bear, which took some getting used to (it’s well known, we can argue about taste), he said the outgoing coach was a “great ambassador not only for our club, but for the whole Bundesliga” had been. Unfortunately, it is not known if the fragile sculpture was given pride of place on the island in remembrance of its years in Munich or if it was damaged during transport to Manchester. But one thing is certain: FC Bayern needed more time to win the league in the 2015/16 season than they have had in several seasons. The record-breaking champions had to wait until Matchday 33 before they were finally crowned German champions in that round as well, even though they ultimately had a ten-point lead over Borussia Dortmund.

As always, Wolfsburg offers the best entertainment

A gloriously silly fan banner has caused not only excitement but also hilarity this season. Because VfL Wolfsburg had overtaken neighbors Braunschweig in the all-time Bundesliga rankings, VfL fans wrote a greeting to their rivals during the home game against Gladbach: “The blue and yellow pigs see it, we will be behind us forever”. It just failed! Of course, the Eintracht fans were quick to demand an answer and in the following game against MSV Duisburg they hung a banner with the following words: “Club for dyslexics! You will stay behind forever! !!” On the other hand, the Darmstadt supporters’ banner in Schalke’s Veltins Arena was extremely successful: “We would also be happy with a defeat of Knappen today!”

In Wolfsburg, after winning the Supercup against FC Bayern, they dreamed of a good season. But Coach Hecking (“We have tasted blood”) and his team have had a turbulent season. And this was mainly due to the scandals surrounding its players. While Max Kruse became known to the general public because he forgot 75,000 euros in a taxi after a night of poker, the events surrounding the enfant terrible Nicklas Bendtner seemed much worse.

When he was released in April, Wolfsburg sporting director Klaus Allofs chose drastic words: “Specific things happened at Nicklas. We saw him as a threat to our community. We had to react.” And a Danish newspaper also delivered a devastating judgment these days: “Bendtner probably holds the Danish record for wasted talent. He’s a career clown!” Of course, all this fuss has left its mark on the team. Sky commentator Marc Hindelang summed it up in a nutshell during the away game in Ingolstadt: “At VfL there was so much sand in the gearbox that you could play beach volleyball. “

All Cologne against Augsburg goalkeeper Hitz

In the end, Eintracht Frankfurt had to be relegated. But the first game against 1. FC Nürnberg faded into the background when it was learned that defender Marco Russ was suffering from testicular cancer. The tumor had just been discovered by chance. Because an extremely high level of the growth hormone HCG was reported during a doping control, doctors ordered the Eintracht defender to be examined immediately. Despite his illness, Russ even finished the first leg. He then experienced the Eintracht rescue in Nuremberg in hospital. Marco Russ had a successful operation on the morning of match day.

A curious action stirred up tempers in Cologne: When Augsburg goalkeeper Marwin Hitz intentionally abused the RheinEnergieSTADION penalty spot with his cleats in December, excitement among FC fans and officials was high. Mainly because Anthony Modeste slipped on the beaten piece and couldn’t put the penalty in the box. Disappointment at the 1-0 loss mixed with anger at the Augsburg keeper’s outrage. But one person reacted calmly, deliberately and with a typical Cologne pinch of humor: Hans Rütten, Cologne sports facility manager, immediately sent a bill for 122.92 euros to Marwin Hitz. The sum was intended to compensate the damage suffered by the city of Cologne during the replacement of the lawn. Rütten explained with a smile: “It’s not about the money for me. But a little punishment doesn’t hurt.” Incidentally, Hitz paid the bill immediately – as a donation to the children’s clinic on Amsterdamer Strasse.

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