Ski jumping now in the live ticker: Wicked wind lottery – DSV-Adler threatens next bankruptcy

Ski jumping: DSV-Adler Karl Geiger must fight form fluctuations

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The 2022/23 Ski Jumping World Cup will continue on Saturday. The next individual competition is on the program in Sapporo, in which the DSV eagles want to perform even better. is now part of the ski jumping live ticker.

Sapporo – The second ski jumping competition is scheduled for Saturday in Sapporo. After the first round, Stefan Kraft is in the lead, the German jumpers have no chance of getting on the podium. The final rises at 9:12 a.m.. is today in the live ticker for ski jumping with you.

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Ski jumping today in the live ticker: The intermediate result in the 2nd round

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi
2. Daniel Tschofenig – 18.2
3. Manuel Fettner – 20.9
4. Andreas Wellinger (Germany) – 24.9

Final: Six jumpers are yet to come. Kobayashi continues to lead comfortably. And if the wind stays like that here, it can even win.

Final: Kobayashi continues to climb the podium, getting closer and closer. The tide is turning again, Kamil Stoch has no chance.

Final: Stephan Leyhe opens the top ten. 117.5 meters push him back far. That makes Wellinger the best German, that’s for sure.

Final: What does yesterday’s winner show us? Ryoyu Kobayashi has bad wind, but shoots an incredible amount of it. 137.5 meters, you can even stand on the podium. He leads by 20 points!!!!

Final: There is still a tailwind in the facility, which does not make it easy for the athletes. With Stephan Leyhe we see the last German.

Final: Wellinger is the penultimate German we see. 130 meters is good, so he can at least reach the top 15.

Final: Now the German double pack. Raimund has very good conditions. He does not use it and finds himself at 115 meters. Since then the boom in touring has completely disappeared.

Final: Piotr Zyla from Poland takes the lead, but is quickly replaced by Manuel Fettner. It’s going pretty well now, but that can change quickly.

Final: 10 of the 30 athletes are below, we will soon see Raimund and Wellinger.

Final: Now that the tide is turning again, it remains a tough business here in Sapporo.

Final: Johann Andre Forfang from Norway clearly takes the lead. Under the right conditions, it can go far. Slovenian Zak Mogel also took advantage and overtook Forfang.

Final: Constantin Schmid does it better. It is two meters more and it is completely correct. Schmid therefore initially takes the lead.

Final: Geiger must now improve significantly. The conditions are still difficult. Geiger passes 121.5 meters, which is again disappointing.

Final: We will soon see Karl Geiger and Constantin Schmid in a double pack.

Final: Robert Johansson from Norway opened. It’s 124.5 meters at starting gate 8. Earlier we jumped from 7. That won’t make Johansson famous today.

Final: The start is a little delayed, the wind is still changing.

Before the final: At 9:12 am we continue with the 2nd final round.

Ski jumping today in the live ticker: The intermediate result in the 1st round

1. Stefan Kraft (Austria)
2. Halvor Egner Granerud (Norway) – 10.3
3. Aleksander Zniszczol (Poland) – 11.5
3. Peter Prevc (Poland) attached
10. Stephan Leyhe (Germany) – 17.4
16. Andreas Wellinger (Germany) – 24.5
17. Philipp Raimund (Germany) – 25.3
24. Constantine Schmid (Germany) – 29.5
25. Karl Geiger (Germany) – 29.9
31. Markus Eisenbichler (Germany) – 37.7

Conclusion: In a very volatile competition, Stefan Kraft is clearly ahead of Halvor Egner Granerud. The German Eagles again had problems. Stephan Leyhe is the best German in tenth place. We will not see Markus Eisenbichler again in the final.

1st pass: Dawid Kubacki concludes this first round. He too must wait. The conditions are better for the Pole. But he also has problems and only goes 131.5 meters. He is fifth.

1st pass: Halvor Egner Granerud has to wait a long time, it’s a tough event here. The wind is not good, Granerud lands at 129.5 meters. He is therefore second.

1st pass: And at Anze Lanisek, the wind is getting worse again. The Slovenian, who is so strong, completely collapses and flies out of here. It’s anything but right here.

1st pass: Stefan Kraft has already won here, today he shows us a very strong jump from 139 meters and is clearly in the lead.

1st pass: The best jumpers of the current season continue to struggle. The competition is tough.

1st pass: The wind becomes more and more unstable, it goes very slowly here. Jan Hörl and Michael Hayböck have little luck here. Kamil Stoch, on the other hand, has better conditions and is fourth.

1st pass: Leyhe is DSV’s fifth best jumper. Geiger is penultimate, Eisenbichler will even be eliminated.

1st pass: Karl Geiger is the last German at the top. Phew, it’s only 124 meters. A real bankruptcy threatens the German Springer here.

1st pass: Wellinger is the most consistent German so far in Japan. What is he showing us now? The wind is not good, we have to wait. Now that it’s loosened, the wind is better. But Wellinger can’t use that, it’s only 130 yards. That makes him eleventh.

1st pass: 15 jumpers are still to come, including Geiger and Wellinger. Yesterday’s winner Ryoyu Kobayashi jumps 129 meters. He won’t win with this, but he’ll get a decent result again.

1st pass: Peter Prevc from Slovenia takes second place. Unlike Eisenbichler, he had very good circumstances. Prevc’s compatriot Timi Zajc is third.

1st pass: Markus Eisenbichler opens the group of the last 20 jumpers. In qualifying, he had big problems. He must descend sideways, too much wind on the slope. That doesn’t make things any easier. After a short pause, he is released. He lands 123 meters and will probably even miss the final.

1st pass: And with Constantin Schmid comes the next DSV rider. The Oberaudorfer passes 125.5 meters. That’s enough for the final, but nothing more. The wind is anything but favorable right now.

1st pass: Stephan Leyhe does better, it’s 131 meters and initially third place.

1st pass: Raimund missed the final yesterday, today he is there. It’s 128 meters for the young German, he is sixth at the start.

1st pass: Zniszczol and Boyd-Clowes remain in front, Philipp Raimund is now preparing.

1st pass: The first athletes qualify for the top 30 final. And then the German jumpers also step in here.

1st pass: The dreaded wind lottery begins. If there is a strong headwind, you have to start from gate 7, otherwise it’s going too far. However, the wind turns and if there is a weak updraft, gate 7 is accelerated too little.

1st pass: Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes approaches the 140 meter mark, the jury reacts and shortens the inrun. Aleksander Zniszczol from Poland doesn’t care, he climbs to 141 meters. The following jumpers have no more updraft and therefore no chance.

1st pass: Ren Nikaido exceeds this jump by one meter, the Japanese is the new leader.

1st pass: There is a constant increase. Sometimes it’s stronger, sometimes it’s weaker. The jury has not yet intervened.

1st pass: The updraft increases, we now see greater distances. Zak Mogel from Slovenia takes advantage and jumps 133 meters.

1st pass: Taku Takeuchi will qualify with 118 meters. Otherwise, previous jumps are still very manageable.

1st pass: Four Japanese open this competition. The first German is Philipp Raimund at 28 years old. Then, from DSV’s point of view, it goes one after the other.

1st pass: It starts on time in the winter from Sapporo. There’s definitely more wind than yesterday, but let’s hope for fair competition.

Before jumping: Karl Geiger and Philipp Raimund showed themselves in much better form in eleventh and twelfth places. This gives hope for the competition, which starts at 8 am.

Before jumping: Qualification is complete. Dawid Kubacki won just ahead of Halvor Egner Granerud, Jan Hörl was third. Andreas Wellinger is DSV’s best jumper in sixth place. The six DSV eagles are in competition.

Before jumping: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for ski jumping today in Sapporo.

Ski jumping today in the live ticker: The preliminary jump report

The DSV-Adlers, who considered themselves in good shape after the weekend in Zakopane, had to a setback friday I accept. Only convinced at the first individual competition in Sapporo Andreas Wellinger in eighth place, the others even missed the top 20. On Saturday, the German jumpers want to forget the bad result and do even better.

Ski jumping today in the live ticker: Six DSV eagles at the start, has Kobayashi struck again?

Like Friday, the qualification will take place on Saturday first. At 6:30 a.m., Wellinger will also leave Karl Geiger, Markus Eisenbichler, Stephan Leyhe, Constantin Schmid and Philipp Raimund at first. The first 50 of the qualifiers enter the competition.

Friday’s surprise winner was the local hero Ryo-yu Kobayashihe is therefore also part of the extended group of favorites on Saturday.

Ski jumping in the live ticker: the summit duel continues

Dawid Kubacki, overall leader, and Halvor Egner Granerud but will also win the second individual competition of the weekend. Also the Slovenians Anze Lanisek should be on the list. Here is the starting list

That second of three individual competitions in Sapporo takes place on Saturday. The 1st round starts at 8:00 a.m. the final rises around 9:00 a.m.. will then be back in the live ticker.

The 2022/23 Ski Jumping World Cup runs from November to April. The men’s calendar includes 32 individual competitions. The results of the events are included in the general classification and the national classification. accompanies the ski jumping season in the live ticker.


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