NFL – NFL 2023 in Germany: two games corrected – tickets, venue and other news

Munich – After a week in the NFL’s state of emergency, the football community is slowly getting back to normal. take a deep breath And look forward to the next time. Because in Germany, in Munich, fans of the leather flying egg tasted blood. It’s already clear that the NFL will return – in the coming season.

The Munich game, which the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Seattle Seahawks 21-16, was just the beginning. According to the agreement reached, the NFL will be invited to Germany for one regular season game each year until 2025 inclusive.

ran looking forward to how things will continue between the NFL and Germany.

How many NFL games will be played in Germany in 2023?

Two regular season games will be played in Germany in 2023. The New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs each play one of their home games in Germany. Frankfurt and Munich are possible locations. Opponents and stadiums will be announced later.

Which NFL teams will come to Germany in 2023?

The New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs are coming to Germany in 2023. The opponents are not yet known.

NFL in Germany 2023: How to buy tickets?

How the NFL will regulate ticket sales in 2023 has yet to be announced. At the Munich Game 2023, fans could request up to six tickets per buyer, but had to hope for luck with the waiting list. This system has received a lot of criticism from fans. It remains unclear if the NFL will change the system. According to league information, there have been around three million ticket requests for Munich 2022.

NFL matches in Germany: how much will tickets cost in 2023?

Nothing concrete is known about this either. Admission prices to the Allianz Arena for regular tickets for the 2022 NFL game ranged from 60 euros to 155 euros. Reduced tickets for children, for example, were available from around 40 euros.

When will we know which NFL teams will play in Germany in 2023?

Most likely May 2023 at the latest, as in recent years the full calendar has always been released in that month. Which fixtures there are in a regular season partly depends on the performances of the previous season and is therefore only clear at the start of the respective year.

Presumably the NFL will announce the pairing(s) for the Germany trip(s) a little earlier to create a special milestone. This year, the Bucs opponent was released a week before the rest of the schedule, after the hosts were already announced as German guests in February.

Could NFL games be played in other German cities in the near future?

It is rather not to be expected. While Dusseldorf has only just been named the German NFL capital, it could also be seen more as a consolation prize after the NRW capital lost to Munich and Frankfurt in its bid to host NFL matches.

NFL pundit King instead assumes the league will continue to grow. He writes: “The NFL will eventually play games outside of England and Germany. Miami could play a game in Spain or Brazil in the next three or four years. The Rams are optimistic about one day playing in Australia. But clearly the market with the best prospects is Europe.”

There’s already speculation about NFL matches at Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana Stadium, Barcelona’s Camp Nou, Real Madrid’s Estadio Santiago Bernabeu or city rivals Atletico’s Estadio Metropolitano.

Will there even be an NFL team from Germany soon?

Goodell ultimately nurtured those hopes. The NFL boss said on the sidelines of the second London Games: “We’re trying to figure out if you could find places that could house an NFL franchise because it’s much easier to do that as part of a a division.” This would avoid weekly trips across the Atlantic, as six games of the season – or around a third – would be played in Europe.

But that would require four franchises in Europe. Goodell sees potential for two of them in the English capital. The big boss went on to stress: “Yes, we want to expand in Europe, but there are still some details to be clarified – not just the obvious ones.”

NFL insider King is skeptical, at least in the short term. Because the league does not want to increase the number of 32 teams and he does not see any team which is about to want to leave the USA. It’s been said for years about the Jacksonville Jaguars, who visited London for the ninth time in October. However, the planned sale of Wembley Stadium to club owner Shahid Khan fell through in 2018.

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