DFB director Völler: The chosen one seeks closeness to people

Status: 01/21/2023 4:01 p.m.

Rudi Völler was chosen again. As director at the DFB, he wants to advance the national team by bringing it closer to the people.

DFB: Völler succeeds Bierhoff as national team manager

21/01/2023 16:18

At the very idea of ​​reprimanding a federal minister twelve days before the official start of work, someone from the German Football Federation (DFB) who, according to President Bernd Neuendorf, is very keen on maintaining political ties, must have the courage to do this.

A Rudi Völler, who we know only exists once, dares this. “Our Minister of the Interior should also have left one or the other behind him”, declared the future director of the DFB, which will be responsible for the senior national team and the men’s U21s.

Interior Minister Faeser would have “better arranged things differently”

He spoke to Nancy Faeser, who sat next to President Gianni Infantino at the World Cup in Qatar wearing the “One Love” armband, which the world association FIFA had banned because of the allegedly political message. .

“Bernd (Neuendorf) and the DFB” also knew that it should certainly have been better and differently regulated, said Völler, who was presented at the association’s headquarters on Friday January 20, 2023.

In principle, however, he wants to look to the future, because the 2024 European Championship in Germany is the main reason why he was persuaded again to take a job at the DFB.

According to Völler, the atmosphere around the national team needs to be significantly improved before the “home EM”. He then sketched out the plan: “The basis of everything is the national players, the national coach, that we sell well in the sport, but also that we get closer to people when approached.”

Völler – “A good solution until the European Championships at home”

21/01/2023 16:18

“We will see” what “proximity to the people” will look like. This will also apply to “certain things” that Völler thinks he can “pass on” to national coach Hansi Flick and national players.

The new director repeatedly stressed that it would be difficult to beat the drums, also because “until then we only have test games”. The first two are expected at the end of March.

All eyes on Völler

Rudi Voller is back. As a national team player he was world champion in 1990, as a team leader he finished second in the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea. He also got this job because “all of a sudden everyone was watching him”.

In the year 2000 it was necessary to find a successor to Erich Ribbeck after the catastrophic EM. Völler was part of the selection committee, which considered it a formality to hire Christoph Daum as the new national coach. But Bayer Leverkusen only released it from 2001, so a temporary solution had to be found. After much discussion, eyes turned to Völler, who hesitated, but then agreed and eventually stayed three years longer than planned as Daum left because of his cocaine affair.

Watzke: “Rudi is ideal”

In December 2022, after the preliminary round of the World Cup, a working group was formed which, among other things, had the task of finding a successor to retired CEO Oliver Bierhoff at the DFB. Once again member Rudi Völler became the chosen one.

“Rudi is ideal for this position”

21/01/2023 16:18

According to Hans-Joachim Watzke, he had this in mind very early on. “Rudi, that would actually be something for you,” he thought, said the multi-functionary (Head of the German Football League Supervisory Board, so 1st DFB Vice President, Borussia General Manager Dortmund), who became the most powerful man in German football. Over the next few days, he “could have guessed that Bernd (Neuendorf) also found it pretty good”.

Watzke dismissed criticism that Völler, at 62, like the other members of the task force, was too old for a new mood in and around the national team. “There is no young or old. There is only good or bad. Rudi is ideal.”

ARD Schweinsteiger expert: “Excellent choice”

ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger sees it this way: “Rudi Völler is an excellent choice, very experienced and confident in all areas of professional football. And he will hit the right note, even towards national players, if he doesn’t like something, and then it can become clear with him. That’s why Rudi Völler is the right person, also when it comes to EM 2024 in Germany.”

The working group continues to meet

The working group, which in addition to Neuendorf, Watzke and Völler also includes Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (former CEO of FC Bayern Munich), Oliver Kahn (current CEO of FC Bayern Munich), Matthias Sammer (external adviser to Borussia Dortmund and confidant de Watzke) and Oliver Mintzlaff (Red Bull, formerly RB Leipzig) will continue their work even after the most urgent task has been completed.

With “one or the other idea” the DFB committees would be “stressed out” in the coming months.

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