After Angelina Kirsch’s mourning for Mieze with the HIV-positive cat: the new cat wobbles in the heart of the curvaceous model

At Miezen, the model has feelings of a mother…

Six months after the death of her cat Sammy (15), the heart of the curvaceous model Angelina Kirsch (34) is once again open to a furry nose.

14 years ago, she and her twin sister Madlin (34) rescued the HIV-infected cat from an animal shelter.

The last photo with his beloved Sammy († 15). The cat suffered from feline HIV and died suddenly six months ago

Photo: private

But then came Sammy’s death – all of a sudden. The model actually wanted to enjoy a beach vacation with the family in July.

Kirsch to BILD: “But somehow I had a bad feeling. Even though Sammy wasn’t bad. He had to fight the FIV virus all his life.” And further: ” To us humans, the virus is known as HIV. He was well controlled with medication. I really shouldn’t have worried about his health.”

But it turned out differently…

Kirsch: “A friend took care of him while we were on vacation. On my birthday my girlfriend suddenly called me and said, ‘Sammy can’t move his hind legs!’ I said, “Please take him to the animal hospital immediately!” Shortly after, the vet called me and told me that Sammy had a thrombosis – right at the where the hip arteries have separated in the legs.

Any help came too late – the moderator had to put his beloved cat to sleep.

Kirsch to BILD: “Unfortunately we had no more options. Of course I didn’t want him to suffer. It was an incredible stab in the heart! Not being there and then having to make that decision . And it was also my birthday…”

She still has a lump in her throat when she talks about it.

Kirsch: “The worst part is actually that I already had that feeling when I said goodbye to him. I knew subconsciously that I would never see him again. Luckily, he didn’t have to suffer that long,” says Kirsch.

Curvy Model Angelina Kirsch 1200 animals live in the Munich animal shelter, places are full.  Just in time for World Animal Day on October 4, a new campaign is beginning to draw attention to responsible animal adoption.  Also included: (33).

As a brand ambassador for ‘Purina’, the Sat.1 (‘The Taste’) presenter draws attention to responsible animal adoption and fights for dogs and cats to have dignified lives

Photo: Getty Images for PURINA Academy

was long Germany’s most famous curvaceous model (1.77 meters, dress size 42/44) “not open to a new animal”.

Until she visited the Munich animal shelter’s cat house in September. Kirsch: “When I was allowed to pet animals, I realized that my heart had slowly opened up again to a cat. It was clear to me: I still need a fur nose! Then I started looking…”

She found the little cat Balu (1) through an online animal agency and picked him up in North Rhine-Westphalia from a foster family in Schwerte.

Balu (1) is also “a very special cat” and has a health problem.

Kirsch: “In feline circles, they’re called ‘wobbly cats.’ Balu suffers from ataxia. It is a balance and coordination disorder. ataxia cats usually have no pain. With Balu, the cerebellum just didn’t develop properly.

New four-legged friend: Curvy model Angelina Kirsch is in love with her sweetie

New four-legged friend: curvy model Angelina Kirsch is in love with her sweet “shaking cat” Balu (1)

Photo: Private

Kirsch continues: “That’s why he walks a bit oddly, like a little toy soldier. This is very cute. He just jumps less, climbs all the more – and every now and then he loses his balance and falls while playing. But he’s a happy cat, he doesn’t understand that he’s different from the others. He’s really adorable.”

However, Balu is not allowed out. “He shouldn’t go into the unsecured passage if possible. He’s just not fast enough, he couldn’t defend himself properly in a fight.”

Balu is also a domestic cat.  Because he suffers from an imbalance, he is not allowed to go out

Balu is also a domestic cat. Because he suffers from an imbalance, he is not allowed to go out

Photo: Private

Moderator Angelina Kirsch is the quota woman on the Sat.1 cooking show

Presenter Angelina Kirsch is the quota woman in the Sat.1 cooking show “The Taste” alongside star chefs Alexander Kumptner, Alexander Herrmann, Tim Raue and Frank Rosin

Photo: SAT.1 / Benjamin Kis

Balu has been part of the family for three weeks now!

Kirsch: “He settled in quite well. We don’t know what he’s been through. He also has a shortened tail. I have no idea what happened to him there. He was a little cautious at first, but never hid. Balu grabbed us pretty quickly at home.

Does the model want to soon become a mother herself?

Angelina Kirsch to BILD: “I love children. But I’m not planning on kids right now, to be honest. I now have my tom Balu and also an Icelandic pony. And my work also fulfills me a lot. But becoming a mother is not out of the question for me. At some point we would also be able to accommodate a child in our apartment.”

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