Vanessa Huppenkothen: Schalke or Bayern? The moderator reveals his favorite team – and explains the online problems

Vanessa Huppenkothen was then a star – in Mexico, of course, but also in Germany! At least since the 2014 World Cup, the presenter is also known to a wider German audience.

The Mexico City-born daughter of former soccer player Dieter Huppenkothen (including MSV Duisburg and Schalke 04) works in Mexico as a sports journalist and recently reported on the 2022 World Cup from Qatar.

Nevertheless, there are also many German fans among his more than two million Instagram followers. The 38-year-old also regularly comments on football news on her social media. In December, her emotional posts about the end of the World Cup in Mexico and Germany went viral. (NEWS: All current information about the Bundesliga)

SPORT1 met Huppenkothen in Mexico City for an interview. She clarified her favorite team, gave German football hope and explained why there have been issues online about her recently.

Vanessa Huppenkothen: “Letters Home From My Dad”

SPORT1: Mrs. Huppenkothen, do you know how famous you are in Germany? That they have their own fan base in Germany?

Vanessa Huppenkothen: No, I didn’t know that. I get messages from fans on Instagram, Twitter. Sometimes you send me letters to my father’s house, he lives in Sigmaringen. It’s good that there are people everywhere who know my work, who know me, it makes me happy.

FC Bayern: Vanessa Huppenkothen criticizes the transfer of Lewandowski to FC Barcelona

SPORT1: Have you noticed some of your Instagram posts going viral and making the news?

Huppenkothen: I know they go viral when I talk about the Bundesliga or a German team or players. But that’s also part of my job.

SPORT1: Speaking of your work, of course you are famous in Mexico. More recently, you were even honored by the Senate. What was it?

Huppenkothen: I participated in a senatorial ceremony honoring several women in the field of sport for their careers. I’ve been on TV, sports TV for 16 years. It’s nice to have that kind of recognition.

SPORT1: There’s been quite a bit of buzz online about this thing. What was all that?

Huppenkothen: It was a bit controversial because politics are always controversial here. When you walk into the Senate, it’s like, ‘Are you going to be in government? How is it possible ? After so many years in the sport! What will you give to the state? It’s always controversial. But it was above all a great recognition.

“These are my two favorite teams in Germany”

SPORT1: Back to sport… What is your favorite team in Mexico? And which is it in Germany?

Huppenkothen: My favorite team in Mexico is Pachuca. My maternal grandparents came here after World War II. And in Germany it was actually Schalke, but with ups and downs… Well, my heart also belongs to Bayern Munich. Well, those are my two favorite teams in Germany. (DATA: Bundesliga schedule)

SPORT1: You reported on the FIFA World Cup for ESPN and you were in Qatar. What was your impression of the tournament, which we know has been the subject of much controversy?

Huppenkothen: It was my fourth World Cup and it was very different from all the others. At first, there was a lot of controversy about human rights and the role of women in the host country. But I had the impression that the tournament was going well, I enjoyed it a lot, the matches were great, the level of the players, the matches. I think it was a very good World Cup. Not for Mexico, not for Germany. (Laughs) I’m glad there was a strong team that became world champions and that was Argentina. They were always focused on that and that’s what’s important when you’re in a tournament like this: you have your goal and you don’t get lost or lost in other things.

With this video on Instagram, host Vanessa Huppenko then shows her disappointment at the elimination of the Mexicans and the Germans at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Presenter Vanessa Huppenkothen reacts to Aus der Deutschen during the 2022 World Cup

SPORT1: Mexico and Germany were eliminated in the preliminary round, the DFB team for the first time in two consecutive World Cup tournaments. What must Germany do to regain the upper hand? Or are the days when Germany were a great team over?

Huppenkothen: I think the Germans have this way of thinking: when they’re down, they’re up. I still have confidence for the next World Cup. I think they weren’t focused enough. There were a lot of things that were more important at the start of the World Cup. They had lost focus on the title. They had so much in mind, like the towel debate, I think they got lost. But I believe there is a good generation change in the German team and we will see the results at the next World Cup.

Vanessa Huppenkothen (right) met with SPORT1 in Mexico City

Vanessa Huppenkothen (right) met with SPORT1 in Mexico City

SPORT1: How closely do you follow the Bundesliga? Who will win the title?

“Sometimes I cry for Schalke”

Huppenkothen: I looked at second-place Freiburg, good – it’s always nice to see when the favorites aren’t on top. But Bayern are a strong team, as always. Also Leipzig. Schalke is the last, sometimes I cry for them. Schalke has always been my team since I was little because my dad used to take me to games. I’m chasing them, we’re chasing them in Mexico. We would like to see a Mexican player play in the Bundesliga. I hope a team signs you. (DATA: The Bundesliga table)

SPORT1: Is there a talent you would recommend?

Huppenkothen: Yes, there are many! Many are moving to the Eredivisie. I think the Bundesliga should keep an eye on it. For example there is (Louis; that is to say. editor) Chávez, he plays for Pachuca. Uriel Antuna is also a good player, he plays for Cruz Azul. I think we have good players who can also qualify for the Bundesliga.

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