Ski jumping: Only Wellinger convinces in Japan – problem child celebrates surprising victory

Ski jumping: Andreas Wellinger in the air.

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The 2022/23 Ski Jumping World Cup continued on Friday. In Sapporo, Ryoyu Kobayashi reported. There were long faces among the German jumpers – with one exception.

Sapporo – With the first of three individual competitions, the World Cup 2022/23 continued Friday in Sapporo, Japan. Andreas Wellinger was the only DSV jumper to reach the top ten. Hometown hero Ryoyu Kobayashi secured the win.

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Ski jumping today in the live ticker: The final result in Sapporo

1.Ryoyu Kobayashi (Japan) 271.5 points
2. Dawid Kubacki (Poland) – 7.2
3. Halvor Egner Granerud (Norway) – 8.9
8. Andreas Wellinger (Germany) – 26.6
20. Karl Geiger (Germany) – 40.2
22. Constantine Schmid (Germany) – 43.8
23. Markus Eisenbichler (Germany) – 44.4
24. Stephan Leyhe (Germany) – 47.7

Final: Only Kubacki is at the top. The Pole needs to hit one now. No, it’s not enough. Ryoyu Kobayashi surprisingly wins ahead of Kubacki and Granerud. Wellinger is the best German eighth and is the only DSV athlete who convinces here.

Final: It continues and Kobayashi hits one from here. 130 meters, the Japanese leads and finally returns to the podium.

Final: Ryoyu Kobayashi is under pressure now. Can he get out of the crisis on his native hill? The wind is too strong, we have to wait.

Final: Halvor Egner Granerud has a tailwind, but still climbs 126 meters. It’s the clear lead he can even win with.

Final: Poland’s Kamil Stoch is 1.5 meters further than Wellinger and thus past Kraft. Only three more riders to come.

Final: Wellinger is one step ahead of Kraft, the form has so far also worked in Japan. Phew, it’s only 122 meters and therefore fourth place. The dream of the podium has shattered.

Final: Austria’s Michael Hayböck lands 123 yards out. Conditions are not ideal at the moment. Wellinger is on top, it’s getting exciting now.

Final: Poland’s Piotr Zyla lands 124.5 yards which knocks him back. Slovenia’s Anze Lanisek is 127 meters tall so he hasn’t exceeded the power.

Final: Stefan Kraft opens the hot phase here. The Austrian climbs to the top with 132 meters. Daniel André Tande responds with 130 yards. The Norwegian is third.

Final: Now comes the top ten of the first round. Among them is Wellinger.

Final: Timi Zajc from Slovenia does it much better and jumps 132.5 meters. He thus replaces Deschwanden.

Final: Gregor Deschwanden from Switzerland is showing strong competition and is now in the lead. Manuel Fettner has huge problems after the jump and only covers 115.5 meters.

Final: After the good result of the Zakopane team, it’s a step back. Only Wellinger can remove the coals from the fire.

Final: Geiger has good conditions, but he does not use them. It is 126 meters and initially only fourth place.

Final: Leyhe and Geiger now in a double pack. Leyhe starts and rises to 122 meters. This puts him far behind.

Final: 10 of the 30 jumpers are down, Ziga Jelar from Slovenia is in the lead. Now let’s look at Leyhe and Geiger.

Final: Constantin Schmid passes 124 meters, which puts him in third place ahead of Eisenbichler.

Final: Giovanni Bresadola from Italy goes 130 yards and therefore in the lead. Marius Lindvik quickly replaces him and is now in the lead.

Final: The competition is like the season. Eisenbichler shows strong jumps at certain points, but also has too many outliers down.

Final: Eisenbichler moves up to 129.5 yards, that’s a clear increase and a clear lead here.

Final: We start this second round and see Markus Eisenbichler as the fourth jumper.

Before the final: At 09:06, the 2nd round starts here in Sapporo.

Ski jumping today in the live ticker: The intermediate result after the 1st round

1. Dawid Kubacki (Poland) 140.8 points
2.Ryoyu Kobayashi (Japan) – 3.9
3. Halvor Egner Granerud (Norway) – 4.6
5. Andreas Wellinger (Germany) – 5.9
18. Karl Geiger (Germany) – 20.7
19. Stephan Leyhe (Germany) – 21.5
22. Constantine Schmid (Germany) – 22.1
27. Markus Eisenbichler (Germany) – 30.5
35. Philippe Raimund (Germany) – 35.8

Conclusion: It’s a tight field here in Japan, many athletes still have chances to get on the podium. Among them Andi Wellinger, who is fifth and only 5.9 points behind leader Kubacki. The remaining Germans disappointed. Geiger is 18th, Leyhe 19th, Schmid 22nd, Eisenbichler 27th and Raimund eliminated.

1st pass: Dawid Kubacki concludes this round. And hit one here, it’s 137 yards. The Pole climbs to the top and leads after the first lap.

1st pass: Halvor Egner Granerud won qualifying, now he goes down two gates on purpose. It takes a long time and disrupts the rhythm. The Norwegian stays cool, jumps 130.5 meters, gets the bonus points and is second just behind Kobayashi.

1st pass: Anze Lanisek is the first. The Slovenian only jumps 130.5 meters and is fifth. Wellinger remains third.

1st pass: Piotr Zyla from Poland jumps a good 131.5 meters, is fourth and still within reach of the podium. Stefan Kraft from Austria only jumps one meter shorter and is also in the draw. Now we see the top three overall.

1st pass: Now two Austrians are coming. Michael Hayböck jumps 131 meters, Manuel Fettner is much shorter. Neither can get past Wellinger.

1st pass: The first eight of the general classification arrive. Kamil Stoch is 133 meters away and has a 0.1 point lead over Wellinger.

1st pass: The man from Oberstdorf is still looking for stability and shows us here 127 meters. This puts him in ninth place, but he is not satisfied.

1st pass: Daniel Tschofenig jumps 128.5 meters and is therefore fifth. Now comes Karl Geiger.

1st pass: Now we look forward to Andreas Wellinger. The qualification was very strong. He confirms it here with a solid 133.5 meters. Kobayashi is just two points short, Wellinger is fully involved.

1st pass: Kobayashi made ideal use of his good conditions and set a solid benchmark here. Leyhe is fourth, Schmid seventh, Eisenbichler twelfth and Raimund 20th.

1st pass: Markus Eisenbichler is clearly behind, only 122.5 meters. That’s enough for the final, but nothing more.

1st pass: Ryoyu Kobayashi is on his home hill. Is it coming out of the crisis here? Yes, it seems so. It’s a solid 135 yards and a clear lead.

1st pass: Daniel Andre Tande shows the longest jump to date and leads with 127 meters.

1st pass: What is Constantin Schmid now showing us? It’s a solid 124 meters and a qualification for the final. He is now fifth.

1st pass: Half of round 1 is over. Leyhe is sovereign, Raimund must tremble.

1st pass: Stephan Leyhe was strong in qualifying and confirms it here. 123 meters, Leyhe is second and ready for the final.

1st pass: So now two Germans are coming. Philipp Raimund takes the start. He has problems here and lands 117 yards. It will be tight with the qualification for the final.

1st pass: His compatriot Clemens Aigner jumps 123 meters and finds himself just behind Deschwanden. Now the competition is accelerating.

1st pass: The first Austrian is in the lead. Clemens Leitner takes second place with 118.5 meters.

1st pass: The Swiss Gregor Deschwanden crosses the bar of 120 meters and leads after a good jump over 124.5 meters.

1st pass: Canada’s McKenzie Boyd-Clowes takes the lead. We are currently witnessing a target jump at the 118 meter mark. The level is still perfectible.

1st pass: 30 starters out of 50 reach the final directly. Sato stays on top.

1st pass: The first athletes are down, Keiichi Sato of Japan sets the first benchmark with 118.5 meters. This width will be sufficient for the 2nd round.

1st pass: Until the first German arrives, we must be patient. Philipp Raimund arrives at 23 years old. After that, from a German point of view, things follow one another.

1st pass: The conditions are good, the thermometer indicates zero degrees and there is practically no wind in the installation. But that can change quickly here in Sapporo.

Before jumping: It’s about to start here, four Japanese open the 1st round.

Before jumping: 50 jumpers advance directly to the first round and compete in the first men’s World Cup in Japan for three years.

Before jumping: Halvor Egner Granerud won ahead of Dawid Kubacki, the duel at the top seems to be continuing in Japan.

Before jumping: Qualifying is over, Andreas Wellinger achieved a solid fourth place. The six German starters are qualified.

Before jumping: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for ski jumping today in Sapporo.

Ski jumping today in the live ticker: The preliminary jump report

The trend among German ski jumpers is on the rise after the failure of the four hills tournament. Last week in Zakopane was held a third place in the team competition and a good team result in the individual event on the note. The DSV-Adler wants to continue this trend when the weekend for the first time since 2019 jump again in Japanese Sapporo.

Ski jumping today in the live ticker: the German team wants to continue the upward trend

“I’m really looking forward to being in Sapporo. On the one hand, I really like Japan and the culture, on the other hand I like the jump», Says Markus Eisenbichler, who was the best German last Sunday. “As for my form, Am I on the right path. The jumps improved during the tour and now in Zakopane I was able to confirm it again.

Six German jumpers started the journey to Japan. Next Eisenbichler, Karl Geiger, Stephan Leyhe, Constantin Schmid and Andreas Wellinger is also Philipp Raimund again with you. Before going to competition, however, all athletes must qualify, which is due at 6:30 a.m..

Ski jumping in the live ticker: Is Granerud closing in on the overall World Cup standings?

The two outfielders are again the favorites to win Dawid Kubacki (Poland) and Halvor Egner Granerud (Norway) to call. The Norwegian, also a winner in Zakopane, could four of the last five individual competitions wins and is getting closer and closer to the Poles in the general classification of the World Cup. For that you need Slovenians Anze Lanisek and Stefan Kraft from Austria take into account.

Three individual competitions are on the schedule in Sapporo this weekend, the first takes place on Friday. The 1st round starts at 8:00 a.m. the final rises around 9:00 a.m.. will then be back in the live ticker.

The 2022/23 Ski Jumping World Cup runs from November to April. The men’s calendar includes 32 individual competitions. The results of the events are included in the general classification and the national classification. accompanies the ski jumping season in the live ticker.


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