LIVE: 2nd men’s downhill training at Kitzbühel 2023, preliminary report, start list and live ticker – start time: 12:15 p.m.

Things are slowly but surely getting serious for the speed pilots in Kitzbühel. On Tuesday, the daring riders took part in the first downhill training session on the Streif. The most gratifying news is that all runners crossed the finish line without falling or injury. Thursday at 12:15 p.m. the 2nd and last downhill training is now on the program. The official FIS start list for the 2nd downhill training on the Streif on Thursday at 12.15 p.m. in Kitzbühel, as well as the start numbers and the FIS live ticker can be found in the menu here.

Facts and figures – 7th downhill of the season
Men’s downhill in Kitzbühel on Saturday

FIS Start List: 2nd Men’s Downhill Training
FIS Ticker Live: 2nd Men’s Downhill Training
FIS final result: 2nd men’s downhill training

FIS final result: 1st men’s downhill training

General classification of the Men’s World Cup 2022/23
2022/23 Men’s Downhill World Cup

Nations Cup: men’s ranking
Nations Cup: general classification

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On Tuesday, the first downhill training of the sprinters on the famous “Streif” was on the program in Kitzbühel. The American set the best time of the day Ryan Cochran Siegle. Directly behind her lined up Aleksander Aamodt Kilde one of the big favorites of the two Kitzbühl runs in second place. Swiss Marco Odermattwho still has to wait for his first downhill victory, fell behind the high-performance DSV rider Romed Baumanndropped to fourth place.

Vincent Kriechmayr (40th place) slacked off during the first training session. The Austrian has already won 2 world championship titles in his skiing career and won 14 races in the Ski World Cup. Among the victories are classics such as Gröden, Bormio and Wengen. A success on the “Streif” is still missing from his life.

Also the Swiss Defeat Feuzwho will contest his last two races on the Streif, quietly started the 1st descent in training as usual as 32nd.

Ticket Info: Saturday is almost sold out

The enthusiasm of the fans is there and Saturday’s downhill is almost sold out. Now is the time to be quick or skip to Friday. Tickets are only available online!

There are just under 2,000 tickets left in our online store for Saturday’s departure. It’s up to you now either to be fast or to encourage the descent on Friday at 11:30 am. There are still enough tickets for this race and it’s perfect for spontaneous people. Of course, the Friday descent takes place on the Streif, that is to say on the same circuit as the Saturday descent. Whichever race you want to visit, please buy the tickets in advance! There will be no on-site ticket sales!

Our partners at Kitzbühel Tourismus will help anyone who needs help buying tickets online: Just go to the information office at Hinterstadt 18, open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) . Please have your credit card with you!


The double descent in Kitzbühel

A look at the history books shows that the concept of a double track in Kitzbühel is not new. Since Hahnenkamm racing began, 19 dual races have taken place, 13 of them as World Cup competitions between 1972 and 2004 – many replacing other venues. There’s a lot more to two runs on the same course than simply spontaneously substituting for other organizers and whether an athlete can pull off a double win. From the runners’ point of view, races starting on the Hahnenkamm are ideal, as the modern infrastructure around the new starting house can be used several times. While the start area of ​​the Super-G is under the Seidlalmkopf and therefore in the middle of the mountain without being near the ski lift, the start house can be reached directly with the Hahnenkammbahn. In addition, the area around the start of the Super-G is very narrow and does not meet the quality standard that the Kitzbühel Ski Club would like to provide as an organizer.

Added to the argument of a better launch infrastructure is that of increased security. The disadvantage of the blue color, used by athletes for better orientation, is that it slightly softens the surface of the running track. The usually opposite layout of Friday’s Super-G resulted in weak points on the downhill section, sometimes also in the extremely crucial area of ​​the start of corners. If two descents take place on the same course with the same layout, the quality of the slope is checked for all the days of the race.

A double downhill also offers a very decisive advantage for the public: Two chances to experience the downhill live. Due to the corona-related spectator limitation, the Kitzbühel Ski Club expects to be sold out on Saturday. Thanks to a second departure on Friday, all those who do not have tickets for Saturday will be able to enjoy the same sports programme.

From the organiser’s point of view, a very important point pleads in favor of two departures: the flexibility of the programme. While the weather has to be just as good over the entire course for a sprint race, a slalom – as in 2022 – can also take place in extremely wintry conditions. Due to the weather, the program has been changed several times in recent years in order to be able to organize as many races as possible. However, moving a race to another day at short notice is only possible if there is not enough time to convert – a particular challenge in the mountains when time is critical. If there are two downhills and one slalom, the racetracks and the infrastructure are independent of each other and can be rescheduled as needed on schedule – from Friday to Sunday.

Besides all the advantages of a double downhill, there is another important question: who is the winner of the Hahnenkamm? Traditionally, the winner of the Hahnenkamm was the athlete who won the downhill and slalom combination. Since this ranking was abolished in 2017, every winner of a Hahnenkamm race is a Hahnenkamm winner – whether downhill, slalom or super-G. In 2023 there will also be three Hahnenkamm winners with two downhills and one slalom. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Kitzbühel downhill, the Hahnenkamm downhill or the Hahnenkamm slalom. The names are only there for better differentiation.


The men’s ski world cup calendar for the 2022/23 season

The women’s ski world cup calendar for the 2022/23 season

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