Bundesliga: referees call for a change of perspective on the question of guilt in bad decisions

Ahead of the second half of the Bundesliga season, the German Football Federation educated referees on unsportsmanlike behavior and wasting time at a training camp in the Algarve.

But for elite referees, it’s not just about these points.

Before the duel between RB Leipzig and FC Bayern continues with the Bundesliga on Friday evening, Lutz brings in Michael Fröhlich and Patrick Ittrich SPORT1 once again an assessment of the first part of the season – and to denounce certain fundamental things

“There is room for improvement in some areas. This also applies to teamwork, video assistants and referees. And there is also room for improvement among the referees, so that in one situation or another, the correct, good and correct decision on the field would have been desirable, ”says the former referee and current chairman of the commission. referees, Lutz Michael Fröhlich.

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Referee “attacked by the middle”

In the past, Fröhlich has called on footballers and coaches for more support in relation to the hatred and hostility towards referees on the internet. (DATA: The Bundesliga table)

“We have a huge tendency towards error in our society, in football too. At the end of the day, I think it’s unfair when this orientation towards error is applied to referees in a very one-sided way, by all players in football. Players, coaches, goalkeepers – everyone makes mistakes. Those mistakes get less reported,” the 65-year-old said.

He believes that this “punch” is unjustified. Referee and football expert Patrick Ittrich does too: “In football, misconduct is justified by emotions. There comes a time when it becomes disrespectful and as a referee you need to set clear boundaries. I think it would be great if our own ranks would also address and name the topic.

It is clear to both of them that something has to change with regard to the issue of guilt. “Mistakes are made by referees, we’re happy to admit that – it’s human. But like I said, if you work from mistakes, then please holistically,” he said. said Fröhlich. (DATA: Bundesliga results)

More respect for referees

Ittrich called for the positive performances of the referees to be mentioned more often and not just the negative ones. The native of Hamburg is also embarrassed by the critical culture: “We are alone and are attacked by the whole.”

According to Ittrich, mistakes are not accepted and unsportsmanlikeness is overlooked by many. A solution can only lie in dialogue.

“As referees we still need to be more present, transparent and open to coaches, fans and managers – that’s my personal opinion – and be open. But at some point you reach a point where you have to also hold the other party a little more accountable and not always just us,” Ittrich explained.

Fröhlich agreed with him: “We could make this step forward even more dynamic if we were fairer with transparency and openness. You must continue to look at it positively and deal with it constructively and objectively. Right now, it sometimes feels like if you deal with mistakes openly and transparently, it actually tends to energize the negative. And I don’t think that’s right.”

When asked if any former professional players would offer themselves as top referees, Ittrich said he saw the lack of 100% knowledge of the rules as a problem. It would then be more difficult to make a decision more quickly than is currently the case. (DATA: Bundesliga schedule)

VAR only in case of obviously bad decisions

When it comes to the tedious subject of VAR, Fröhlich has no hope of making 100% correct decisions.

“We know that through video officiating we can correct decisions that are definitely wrong. We have the problem that 100% is not achieved, that perfection does not exist. But there is nowhere elsewhere in football,” says Fröhlich.

In the ongoing VAR debate, Ittrich hopes those involved will generally be more relaxed. “We have a video image that we can judge. We have the quality of the referee who recognizes what is happening in the game and then we have the power of images,” the 44-year-old said.

According to him, the VAR should only intervene in case of clear bad decisions and not in scenes with a gray area.

No question of age

Regarding the age of the referees, Fröhlich wants the verdict to be up to him. “We are fundamentally open when it comes to the age of the referees. We have this orientation, which is linked to the planning of the team.

He cited Felix Brych, 47, as an example: “At Felix, we all agree that the overall package is absolutely fine. Performance, fitness, appearance, also in public. We are there when Félix says he wants to continue whistling. And requalified for next year.

Background: Age discrimination proceedings are currently ongoing between former referee Manuel Graefe and the German Football Association. (NEWS: All current information about the Bundesliga)

Gräfe sued the DFB after he was no longer nominated on the referee list for the 2021/22 Bundesliga season and therefore had to end his career at the age of 47.

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