Why Rudi Völler leads the DFB to a dead end

The German Football Association aspires to generate enthusiasm, community and support. The fact that the new manager will be called Rudi Völler contradicts this. The fact that it is supposed to represent only men is also a clear sign that the association has neither the future nor the present in mind.

Rudi Völler succeeds Oliver Bierhoff at the German Football Federation. This is the result of the working group to which Völler himself belongs. Contrary to what was previously planned for the office, the 62-year-old is expected to focus fully on the men’s national team, with additional staff coming in for the women’s and youth teams. Opinions differ, even on ntv.de. Read here why Völler is not the right person. Here you will find out why Völler is the right choice.

The new figurehead of the German men’s national football team is said to be 62 years old, has snow-white, curly hair and will ensure good humor both in the team and in the crowd of fans who have run away. Rudi Völler will be the new DFB director – the approval of the DFB Presidium is considered certain. This is not a good signal from the German Football Federation.

It has moved away from the fans, the national team is viewed with a critical eye, passion and identity have been lost, only a few are even happy with the success. Football lacks community – also for marketing reasons, of course – new faces should form new bonds. It is urgent, because next year the men’s European championships are approaching in their own country.

What is needed is a fresh start, a fresh start, freshness – none of this has anything to do with Rudi Völler, who retired this summer. The one who declared to the editorial network Germany before his retirement: “In the end I will always keep my classic masculine attitude and that is why I will continue to refuse the drink of the woman latte macchiato. Second: I certainly won’t start with yoga. And third: I will do the Don’t put on a helmet when cycling, but keep trusting my Eddy Merckx commemorative cap.” The one who saved the DFB from an emergency over 20 years ago , surprisingly even becoming vice-world champion in 2002, but then resigning quietly in 2004 because the EM 2004 was over for the DFB team after the preliminary round.

New ways of thinking? None!

The same situation happened twice in a row at the world championships, which is why Bierhoff, as we know, raised his hat. The task force was set up to improve everything – and everything is even worse than before. Seven men, the youngest of whom is 47, all white and longtime members of the inner circle of German football, should provide a breath of fresh air. Criticism of this is great, as it is obviously too uncomfortable for the DFB to allow new approaches, to dare to think outside the box and to accept criticism of previous work. The fact that a successor to Bierhoff is now also coming from the company’s own ranks is really not innovative. Völler is also a member of the working group.

Either the seven men don’t see anyone who could help the DFB men get a quick boost and who doesn’t cost too much – see Fredi Bobic, who should be bought from Hertha BSC – and therefore decided that he must prevent the one of them biting the bullet. The choice then fell on Völler because he is the only one in the neighborhood who has no other job. It would be an indictment.

Or the task force seriously believes that Völler, who has always been a crowd favorite, the nice “Aunt Käthe” next door, who even has his own fan song (“There’s only one Rudi Völler …”), the audience soothes Blanche. That he can create an identity with his buddy way. That he has already saved the DFB and is therefore pushing it back one way or another. It would also be a sign of poverty.

After his first tournament, national coach Hansi Flick, hired as a beacon of hope, will be joined by a new beacon of hope. So far, Flick hasn’t been able to cope with the start of a new era with its personnel selection, playful approach and appearance. He should try again – by the way, when is still unclear, there is not a single match date for this year – but now with the past. Also from a sporting point of view, it is a sign of poverty.

Strict gender segregation

Yes, Völler should not be the only person to come. Chairman Bernd Neuendorf underlined: “I think it is also clear that the task force has said: We are looking for someone for the senior national team and for this area. This huge complex which falls under the sports management – national youth and women’s teams and academy – you will definitely have to review that.” But that’s not a good sign either. It’s too myopic to again separate men, women and young people. But there was only new momentum at the start of the week. National player Lena Oberdorf told the ‘Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung’: “You should become a national team and not always give the impression that there is one for men and one for women. We play for a country .”

But of course, time is running out, home EM is coming in a year and a half. The fact that the women are playing a World Cup in a few months does not seem very interesting for the DFB. They too currently have no one to represent them from a leadership position. But women can do it – at least when it comes not to business but only to the public – wonderfully alone.

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