Biathlon now in the live ticker: Hettich-Walz makes you sit up and get noticed, thriller about victory

Biathlon: Janina Hettich-Walz had a solid sprint in Antholz.

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The 2022/23 Biathlon World Cup will continue on Thursday. The women’s sprint is approaching in Antholz. is today part of the live ticker.

Anterselva – The last world cup before the biathlon world championships in Oberhof go up to Anterselva. Six races will be contested, starting with the women’s sprint on Thursday. Around It starts at 2:30 is today in the live ticker for biathlon with you.

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Biathlon today in the live ticker: The intermediate result at the finish

1. Dorothea Wierer (Italy) 20:59.6 minutes / 0 penalty lap
2. Chloe Chevalier (France) +2.8/0
3. Elvira Oberg (Sweden) +8.7/0
6. Denise Herrmann-Wick (Germany) +23.1/2
7. Janina Hettich-Walz (Germany) +23.6/0
19. Sophia Schneider (Germany) +1:11.9/2
26.Vanessa Voigt (Germany) +1:27.0/2
35. Franziska Preuss (Germany) +1: 40.7/1

Course: Hanna Kebinger makes a good debut here and hits while lying down. She is 19th after lying down.

Course: So now we have a decision. And it’s incredibly tight. Chevalier missed his first World Cup victory by 2.8 seconds. Wierer will win in front of a home crowd.

Course: Marte Olsbu Roeiseland is initially in third place. But Chevalier will soon overtake the Norwegian.

Course: Chloé Chevalier can create surprise here. She leads after lying down. Now she has to get up. She hits the target again and takes the lead. She can win here!!!

Course: Preuss shoots standing up. That’s five hits, but she’s clearly behind in terms of running. Still, it’s a good start.

Course: Marte Olsbu Roeiseland receives a penalty but is still fighting for the podium. The race remains exciting.

Course: Chloé Chevalier leads after lying down and she will have to be watched.

Course: Herrmann-Wick crosses the finish line and is fourth here. He pushed Hettich-Walz back one position.

Course: Voigt is fighting for the podium. You have to meet her now. No, that’s two penalties, so she’s way behind.

Course: She shoots a penalty loop, Schneider makes two standing faults. This repels both DSV women.

Course: Marte Olsbu Roeiseland hits everything and is among the first. Now we also see Preuss. She is clearly back in skating after the long break.

Course: Herrmann-Wick strikes while standing. It will probably not be enough for the podium today, but the pursuer’s starting position is saved.

Course: We could experience a big sensation today. Slovenian youngster Annamarija Lampic only switched from cross-country skiing to biathlon in the summer and is just 36 seconds behind Wierer after the second shot. That might still be enough for the podium.

Course: Vanessa Voigt hits it all, Janina Hettich-Walz takes the lead. It’s a surprise.

Course: Wierer also scores in the standings, she is clearly in the lead and has a good chance of winning here. Sophia Schneider is hitting all down and is currently eighth.

Course: Lou Jeanmonnot of France misses the last shot. It makes them lose their minds.

Course: Elvira Öberg is clearly leading the race after the two shootouts and is clearly in the running for the podium.

Course: Now let’s look at Herrmann-Wick. She shoots flat on her stomach. Oh, that’s two penalties, a very bad start to the race.

Course: Hettich-Walz had a great run and hit all ten targets. She’s going to the top now and could still jump on the world championship bandwagon here.

Course: Two permanent penalties for Fialkova-Batovska. Position shaves one favorite after another here.

Course: For example, for Paulina Fialkova-Batovska and Dorothea Wierer. Both stay clean when lying down and are front.

Course: Simon is standing. She makes two mistakes, now the door is open for competition.

Course: Tandrevold pulls himself completely out of the race with four penalties. This means that the pursuer on Saturday has almost already run, the gap will be huge.

Course: Elvira Öberg hits everything, but she is 17 seconds behind Simon.

Course: Denise Herrmann-Wick started the race. Sophia Schneider follows three minutes later.

Course: Hettich-Walz is at the shooting range. She hits all but short but is more than 20 seconds behind Simon.

Course: Simon remains without a penalty loop and takes the lead here. She is ten seconds ahead of Tandrevold.

Course: Vittozzi has two penalties and won’t win here. You can only grant yourself one round for a better ranking.

Course: Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold of Norway takes the lead without penalty.

Course: Magnusson hits all targets while prone. This shows us that the conditions are good.

Course: With Janina Hettich-Walz, the German first lady started.

Course: The yellow jersey is launched. Julia Simon leads the overall World Cup standings. The Frenchwoman has yet to win a sprint this season.

Course: 96 athletes are at the start, each will be on the road for a good 20 minutes.

Course: Magnusson sets off on the first lap over 2.5 kilometers. Then it’s time to shoot the belly.

Before the race: Here we are. Anna Magnusson from Sweden will open.

Before the race: The conditions are good, it’s winter in Antholz. In addition, it is dry and the wind is limited.

Before the race: In the Speed ​​World Cup, Herrmann-Wick leads just ahead of Elvira Öberg and Linn Persson.

Before the race: Let’s look at the favorites. Besides Herrmann-Wick, Lisa Vittozzi (car number 5), Julia Simon (7), Elvira Öberg (15) and Marte Olsbu Roeiseland (48) top the list.

Before the race: Six German women are there. Janina Hettich-Walz has the starting number 12, Denise Herrmann-Wick 30, Sophia Schneider 36, Vanessa Voigt 40, Franziska Preuss 49 and Hanna Kebinger 92.

Before the race: We enter the first competition here in Antholz. The women’s sprint is 7.5 kilometers long, each athlete goes to the shooting range twice.

Before the race: Hello and welcome to Antholz’s biathlon live ticker today.

Biathlon Today in the Live Ticker: The Preliminary Race Report

Six German women then take the start of the 7.5 kilometer race, in which each athlete must go to the shooting range twice. It’s the last sprint before the world championships in Oberhof. From the German point of view, the emphasis is on a returnee and a season starter.

Biathlon today in the live ticker: Preuss seeks World Cup form, Kebinger’s big chance

Five World Cups have been contested during the current biathlon season, Franziska Preuss has already missed three places and is only competing in his seventh race of the current season at the Sprint in Antholz. A tenth place in the pursuit was his best result so far, in South Tyrol Preuss wants to get back into shape for the World Cup after numerous health problems.

Hanna Kebinger arrives with a lot of confidence and made the World Cup squad for the first time this season. With a win and two podiums at the recent IBU Cup in Pokljuka, the 25-year-old recommended herself for the sprint in Antholz.

Biathlon in the live ticker: Simon as the favorite, the competition is on the prowl

Sophia Schneider, Denise Herrmann-Wick, Vanessa Voigt and Janina Hettich-Walz remain on the team. Anna Weidel had health problems in Ruhpolding and took a breakJuliane Frühwirt hasn’t used her next World Cup chance and will probably not be a problem for the World Cup anymore.

Julia Simon from France heads to the Antholz World Cup with the yellow jersey and is one of the top favorites to win. Also, you must be Norwegian Marte Olsbu Roeiseland, Herrmann-Wick and strong Lisa Vittozzi from Italy take into account. Vittozzi’s compatriot, Dorothea Wierer, who recently hit the headlines, is also among the candidates for the podium. Here is the starting list

The women’s court is in the current season very balanced, the contenders for the podium are therefore numerous. The race starts at 2:30 p.m., is included in the live ticker.

The Antholz races are part of the 2022/23 Biathlon World Cup. The biathlon calendar includes nine stations, the results of the World Cup races are included in the general classification for women and men. is included in the live ticker for all races.



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