LEGO Indiana Jones 2023 Comeback: New info and official confirmation

Last summer, we were finally able to confirm the return of LEGO Indiana Jones 2023. What some people might have dismissed as just a rumor can now be officially proven. When I was at Smyths Toys a few days ago shopping for minifigures, the new LEGO catalog caught my eye. Since I didn’t have the last copy yet, I took one home.

As always, there is a small insert in the middle of this catalog with the sets that can be purchased exclusively from Smyth’s Toys. There you have it: relatively understated, there’s also a reference to the impending availability of LEGO Indiana Jones sets on one side. From April these will be available from Smyth’s Toys.

We’re currently assuming this will be a temporary exclusive, at least in this country. As we’ve learned from other retailers, they won’t be allowed to sell the new LEGO Indiana Jones sets until June.

The reason for the revival of the thematic world, for which 16 sets, a polybag and an exclusive SDCC set were released in 2008 and 2009, is of course the continuation of the film series in cinemas. Originally, it was probably planned to launch the new LEGO Indiana Jones sets as soon as 2022, as the movie should have started on July 29, 2022. As we now know, Indiana Jones and the Call of Fate will not be released in the local cinemas by June 29, 2023. As a result, LEGO is holding back mostly already designed sets for a few months.

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The Next Wave LEGO Indiana Jones Is Coming eight sets exist, four of which will be based on the first three films and another four on the new fifth part. Apparently, there is no setting for the unpopular fourth film. We now have Euro prices for several of the sets, which are surprisingly low and even cheaper than those announced last summer.

A welcome addition is the main character Indiana Jones himself, or more specifically his action figure. It is also equipped with the famous shoulder bag and the coiled whip, two elements specially developed for the theme series in 2008. Indy’s hat was also new at the time, but a new part will be used here in 2023. Indiana Jones gets a double-molded hat with hair, and the band of the hat is a darker shade of brown than the rest of the piece.

LEGO Indiana Jones 77012 Fighter Jet Pursuit

The smallest known setting to date is the chase scene in Indiana Jones 3. Indiana Jones and her father are followed here on the plane and later in the car by another plane. In 2009, this scene was already implemented in the set 7198 Fighter Plane Attack. This time, however, the designers decided to let the two heroes ride in the stolen Citroën convertible. The car is eight studs wide so should be in good hands in any Speed ​​Champions collection. The Pilatus P-2 is still included in a revised form, stud shooters are attached to both wings.

The characters are Indiana Jones with an open jacket and tie, Henry Jones sr. and a fighter pilot included. The set consists of a total of 387 parts and should cost only 29.99 euros.

  • Game number: 77012
  • Name: Fighter jet hunt
  • Number of pieces : 387
  • Characters: 3
  • Recommended retail price: 29.99€

LEGO Indiana Jones 77013 Escape from the Lost Tomb

The second new set, 77013 Escape from the Lost Tomb, was also available in a similar form in 2008. The scene from the first Indiana Jones film consists of 600 parts and is expected to cost $39.99. Minifigures include Indiana Jones, Marion Ravenwood, Sallah and a mummy.

At approximately 24 studs wide, the new model is similar in size to 2008, but the back wall is much more elaborately constructed using different stones and does not require large scale decals. Nevertheless, some stickers for different hieroglyphs are used here. The statues of Anubis then built relatively simply are replaced by two much larger and more detailed statues. In the center of the stage is a golden arch, under which is the Ark of the Covenant.

  • Game number: 77013
  • Name: Escape from the lost tomb
  • Number of pieces : 600
  • Characters: 4
  • Recommended retail price: €39.99

LEGO Indiana Jones 77014 The Temple of Doom

For around 80 euros there is a new edition of the Temple of Doom, consisting of 801 pieces. Minifigures include Indiana Jones with his shirt open, Willie Scott, Short Round, Mola Ram, the Maharajah and a Thugee guard. The new set is much better than its predecessor. In the center is the temple, raised on a pedestal of gray pieces, around which are built various trans-orange pieces representing lava.

In the background of the pedestal is a large statue of Kali, as well as the skull altar in which the three Sankara stones can be placed. These can even be made glowing by means of a glowing stone in the background. A hatch can be opened in the middle of the platform, just like in the movie. From the temple, a small path leads left to a gray roller coaster track that runs behind the pedestal and diagonally right past the pedestal. Two mining carts can run on the tracks, and there is also a water tower whose contents can be dumped on the tracks.

  • Game number: 77014
  • Name: The cursed temple
  • Number of pieces : 801
  • Characters: 6
  • Recommended retail price: 79.99€

LEGO Indiana Jones 77015 [Temple Escape Diorama]

Until now, relatively little was known about the 77015 set, but now we can shed some light on it. Shown is the setting from the start of the first Indiana Jones film, which was previously implemented in the 2008 set 7623 Temple Escape. This time, however, Indy’s Escape from the Temple is another of the diorama sets with a black frame and a quote from the movie scene. It reads as follows:
“Let’s hurry. There is nothing to fear here” – Satipo
“That’s what scares me” – Indiana Jones

The temple is slightly smaller than the 2008 set and includes the entrance, the stone ball, the pit over which Indy swings his whip, and the treasure. The characters included in the set are Indiana Jones, Satipo, Belloq and a Hovito warrior. The set consists of 1545 pieces and is the most expensive of all LEGO dioramas to date at around 150 euros.

  • Game number: 77015
  • Name: [Temple Escape Diorama]
  • Number of pieces : 1545
  • Characters: 4
  • Recommended retail price: €149.99

More Indiana Jones and Destiny’s Call sets

The other four LEGO Indiana Jones sets will likely be numbered 77016 through 77019 and will likely be based on Indiana Jones 5. In the meantime, a first trailer for the movie has been released, which you can rewatch below. What exactly the sets will look like is not yet known.

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All LEGO Indiana Jones 2023 innovations at a glance

What do you think of the return of arguably the most famous adventurer in cinema history? Are you looking forward to the next LEGO Indiana Jones sets or did you miss the themed series? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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