Gladbach: Max Eberl talks about fan project allegations

Max Eberl, former coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach and current sporting director of RB Leipzig, on January 10, 2023 in the Abu Dhabi training camp.

Max Eberl’s return to the Bundesliga scene caused a stir in advance. Many challenges await the new head of sports at RB Leipzig, which the former manager has spoken about in detail in recent weeks.

The 49-year-old also commented on the allegations the fan project brought against him after his retirement from Gladbach, calling them “the worst injury I’ve ever had in my life”.

Extend, resell, drive out Bavaria: Max Eberl attacks again

Max Eberl (49), former coach of Borussia Mönchengladbach, does not like to let the boss hang around. Really. Once, RB Leipzig’s new strongman liked to use his power to save himself from an ominous fate. The serenade of taking office? Painted! “I’m really sorry for the guys who sing in front of the band and have to do the drops,” Eberl recently revealed during training camp in Abu Dhabi: “I swore I wouldn’t do that.”

Before his return to the resumption of the Bundesliga against FC Bayern, Friday January 20, 2023/8:30 p.m., the sports director seemed relaxed. “I’m really happy to be back. I deliberately took the time to be 100% fit when I came back,” the 49-year-old told ‘Bild TV’.

Since Eberl started his new job on December 1, he’s been going from interview to interview. It seems that Eberl has digested the hype around his comeback well.

“My second life begins for me now,” he said in the “Phrasen Mäher” podcast. It was unthinkable in January of the previous year, when Eberl resigned as sporting director of Borussia Mönchengladbach in tears and mentally exhausted.

“The official diagnosis was situational depression,” he told the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung. Eberl just wanted out, sought professional help, and traveled to Argentina, among other places, to find himself.

The fact that he returned to the business of the DFB Cup winners, decried by many as a “test tube club”, caused discontent, particularly among Gladbach supporters. Among other things, they had accused him of having “acted” in an open letter, which Eberl now describes as the worst injury “I have ever suffered in my life”.

“That people are accusing you of lying, acting and acting and at the same time bringing to light to me that I would use sick people to force a change of club – you can’t have more sick thoughts,” did he declare. “I returned the biggest contract of my life at Gladbach because I didn’t care about the money. People who then deny my illness and claim something like that slap sick people in the face.

On March 11, in a direct duel with Borussia, these stakes could boil over again. But until then, Max Eberl has a lot to do.

Konrad Laimer, Dani Olmo, Christopher Nkunku – they could all leave Leipzig this summer. Eberl has yet to give up hope for Laimer, who is set to move to Munich after his contract expires, or for Olmo, who has his word until 2024. In Nkunku’s case, “unfortunately the matter is quite clear with Chelsea.” There is a transfer fee of between 60 and 70 million euros.

Eberl has to moderate the personnel changes – and he is currently on his own due to recent changes in the club’s management. After ex-chief executive Oliver Mintzlaff, Florian Scholz (latest commercial director) and team planner Christopher Vivell said goodbye, Eberl sees the club as “pretty thin in terms of sporting leadership”. Ex-Schalke Rouven Schröder has often served as sporting director.

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But whatever the constellation: the pressure on Eberl is different in Leipzig, where he will be sitting in the stands rather than on the bench, than in Gladbach. The Saxons must qualify for the Champions League every year.

And in the future, the people of Leipzig, who are currently six points behind the table leaders Munich, finally want to become a serious contender for the championship. “If Bayern call the full performance, no one in the Bundesliga can hold a candle to them at the moment. But if they weaken, we want to be there,” Eberl said. That’s why they got it.


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