Ocean Race news: changing of the guard and seasickness on the Malizia

Status: 01/17/2023 2:25 p.m.

The Ocean Race 2023 with Boris Herrmann is underway. The first leg of the sailing regatta covers 1,900 nautical miles from Alicante to Cape Verde. An overview of the route, all important events, sailor positions and general information can be found in the live ticker on NDR.de.

01/17/2023 14:25

Changing of the guard and fighting against the waves

Wake-up call for Boris Herrmann, battle against the swell for Rosalin Kuiper: impressions of the “Malizia – Seaexplorer” on the first leg of the Ocean Race.

VIDEO: Ocean Race: changing of the guard and seasickness on the Malizia (1 min)

01/17/2023 08:15

Hermann in third place on Tuesday morning

Leading the race on Tuesday morning was Team Holcim with skipper Kevin Escoffier. Second was the 11th Hour Racing team, just behind. The two boats had separated a little during the night. Boris Herrmann is in third place with the Malizia Seaexplorer, nearly 40 nautical miles behind.

01/17/2023 08:00

Live tracking: an overview of what is happening during the race

01/15/2023 6:45 PM

Next stop Cape Verde

Due to the strong winds expected in the Strait of Gibraltar, racing yachts will probably only need about five days for the first leg. “Whoever reaches the trade winds first has a good chance of winning the stage,” said Boris Herrmann. After a short stopover in Cape Verde, the race will continue on January 25 with the second leg to Cape Town.

VIDEO: Ocean Race: The race around the globe – with four Germans (2 min)

01/15/2023 17:45

Beucke warns of the Strait of Gibraltar

With Susann Beucke, a German takes part in the Ocean Race for the first time in 40 years – from the second stage. The 31-year-old from Strande near Kiel of Team Holcim – PRB around skipper Kevin Escoffier followed the start in Alicante from the escort boat and knows what to expect from her colleagues:

VIDEO: Beucke, Ocean Race sailor: “Mast and sheet breakage for everyone” (1 min)

01/15/2023 16:10

Release! Ocean Race 2023 has begun

The start of the Ocean Race 2023 has been given in Alicante. The five boats of the Imoca class, including “Malizia – Seaexplorer” by Boris Herrmann, tackled the first leg of the legendary round-the-world team regatta. It leads over 1,900 nautical miles (about 3,500 kilometers) to Cape Verde. Expected arrival is January 22.

All in all, the Ocean Race lasts more than six months. The seventh and final stage will start in The Hague on June 15. It ends with the grand finale in Genoa. The arrival is scheduled for July 1st.

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The yacht Seaexplorer Malizia of skipper Boris Herrmann in the Ocean Race © picture alliance / dpa / AP Photo: Alberto Saiz

In Alicante, the Hamburg skipper crossed the starting line with the “Malizia – Seaexplorer”. The round the world regatta ends in July. Following

The Ocean Race 2023 off Alicante © IMAGO / NurPhoto

The Ocean Race 2023 started in Alicante with Boris Herrmann. The most important facts about the legendary sailing regatta. Following

01/15/2023 14:45

Rejected: “Malizia – Seaexplorer” and Co. on the way

‘Bye, bye Alicante’: Friends and family said goodbye to the teams, and of course Boris Herrmann couldn’t miss the Hamburg flag. The Imoca class boats are on their way to the starting line.

VIDEO: Discarded! “Malizia – Seaexplorer” and Co. on the way (1 min)

01/15/2023 14:05

Herrmann confident before the start of the Ocean Race

“We can’t wait to leave the dock and get going. Compared to launching a Vendée Globe when the stress was just me, I feel comfortable and confident as we have an experienced crew who have worked very hard on this. project”, said Boris Herrmann shortly before the start, who spoke in the NDR interview about the chances of the “Malizia – Seaexplorer”:

VIDEO: Herrmann: “I think we can win the Ocean Race” (2 min)

01/15/2023 00:05

Today the Ocean Race 2023 starts in Alicante

At 4 p.m. the wait is over for the five teams: Then the Ocean Race 2023 begins with the first stage in Alicante. From there, there are more than 1,900 nautical miles to Cape Verde.

VIDEO: Ocean Race 2023: Here is the course (1 min)

01/14/2023 18:00

Skipper Stanjek: Finally on the high seas

The preparations for the race are exhausting but necessary. Skipper Robert Stanjek of Team Guyot is already looking to the future.

VIDEO: Robert Stanjek: Joy of the sea (1 min)

01/14/2023 17:39

The most important questions and answers about the Ocean Race

How long has the Ocean Race existed? How is it graded? How many Germans are there? All information is available in the FAQ.

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The Ocean Race 2023 off Alicante © IMAGO / NurPhoto

The Ocean Race 2023 started in Alicante with Boris Herrmann. The most important facts about the legendary sailing regatta. Following

5:39 p.m. – 01/13/2023 5:39 p.m.

Herrmann believes in winning, Beucke ‘super excited’

Herrmann from Hamburg wants to win his first Ocean Race. For Beucke from Kiel, who only switched to offshore sailing a year ago, a childhood dream has come true.

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Boris Herrmann's Malizia team © Malizia Photo: Jimmy Horel

Today the Ocean Race 2023 starts in Alicante. Boris Herrmann thinks he has a good chance of winning. Following

01/13/2023 09:00

Boris Hermann is confident

Before the start of the Ocean Race, Boris Herrmann showed up full of anticipation and confidence. The Malizia Seaexplorer’s new foils have proven themselves, said the Hamburg skipper.

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The Malizia Seaexplorer off Alicante © Malizia / Jimmy Horel Photo: Jimmy Horel

Four days before the start, the sailor from Hamburg was impatient: the new foils of the Malizia Seaexplorer are even better than the old ones. Following

01/13/2023 09:16

Susann Beucke full of impatience

Susann Beucke from Strande near Kiel is taking part in an offshore regatta for the first time – and is looking forward to her premiere. She is part of the crew of Kevin Escoffier (France) within Team Holcim – PRB.

VIDEO: Sailing regatta: Susann Beucke takes part in the Ocean Race for the first time (3 min)

01/13/2023 08:00

A total of four German sailors

In addition to Herrmann and Beucke, two other Germans are at the start: Berliner Robert Stanjek is co-skipper with Frenchman Benjamin Dutreux. Phillip Kasüske is part of the crew.

01/13/2023 07:45

Ocean Race: 7 legs over 32,000 nautical miles

The most important team regatta in international sailing this year will be for the Imoca class over seven legs and a total of 32,000 nautical miles (approximately 60,000 kilometres).

1st step : Alicante – Cape Verde
Start: January 15; Expected arrival: January 22
1,900 nautical miles
2nd step: Cape Verde – Cape Town/South Africa
Start: January 25. Expected arrival: February 9
4,600 nautical miles
3rd step: Cape Town – Itajai/Brazil
Start: February 26; Expected arrival: April 1
12,750 nautical miles
4th step: Itajai/Brazil – Newport/USA
Launch: April 23; Expected arrival: May 10
5th step: Newport/USA – Aarhus/Denmark
Start: May 21; Expected arrival: May 30
3,500 nautical miles
6th step: Aarhus/Denmark – Fly-By Kiel – The Hague/Netherlands
Start: June 8; Kiel (non-stop) June 9; Expected arrival: June 11
800 nautical miles
7th step: The Hague/Netherlands – Genoa/Italy
Start: June 15; Expected end: July 1
2,200 nautical miles

01/13/2023 07:00

Live tracking: an overview of what is happening during the race

01/09/2023 09:06

Hermann wins the first harbor race

The Hamburg skipper celebrates notable success in Alicante a week before the official start.

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Boris Herrmann's Malizia team is happy with the victory in the Alicante port race.  © Sailing Energy / The Ocean Race

A week before the start of the first leg, the Hamburg skipper won the so-called in-port race in Alicante. Following

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