Camila Giorgi at the Australian Open: the craze for a vaccination pass

Camila Giorgi is a very successful tennis player, the 31-year-old player from Macerata has won over five million dollars in prize money. She has won three titles and in 2021 she had her greatest success by winning the WTA tournament in Montreal, which is one of the most important on the women’s circuit. But Camila Giorgi is also a slightly different tennis player. She is considered a loner, at least we never see her with colleagues. She shows up, trains, she plays, she’s gone.

And then she likes to undress. She is known to post photos of herself lying in lingerie somewhere on Instagram. At Wimbledon, she also made a confession in 2018, as never before had a woman who played tennis professionally said publicly, “I’m not tennis, women’s tennis.” She really said that without irony.

But now she is in the headlines with a completely different, very sensitive subject, her case is even occupying justice in Italy. Is Camila Giorgi a scammer? Did she have a corona vaccination card forged for herself?

Only tennis in the head? Camila Giorgi acted almost perfectly on Tuesday – only then did she make a number of unforced errors.

(Photo: Manan Vatsyayana/AFP)

Investigators in Italy are currently investigating these issues after the arrest of two doctors accused of issuing false vaccination certificates. Giorgi’s name was in the client file. According to Italian media, doctor Daniela Grillone has already claimed that Giorgi is a patient with her, but has not been vaccinated. If true, Giorgi would have nothing to fear from his current presence in Australia. She is currently competing at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

There are no more restrictions on people entering the country, so you don’t have to show proof of vaccination like the year before, when, as we know, Serbian Novak Djokovic had a completely different drama related to the vaccination issue and was kicked out as an unvaccinated person. But last year, Giorgi had happily traveled around the world at a time when entry was in fact only allowed with proof of vaccination. Did she trick her into participating in Melbourne in early 2022 or the US Open in New York at the end of the summer using a fake document? In general, falsifying such a document is a criminal offence.

Of her doctor, who has been exposed as a fraud, Giorgi says: “She’s the one having trouble, not me.”

The opportunity to get those questions asked came this Tuesday in Melbourne after Giorgi easily won his opener. She beat Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia, who returned after a seven-month injury break (Russian representatives compete in unflagged tennis) 6-0, 6-1 in 55 minutes. Then the Italian came to the press conference – and it was all about her vaccination card.

First question: There are allegations against you in the press. Do you want to answer?

Giorgi: I didn’t quite understand.

Once again, he was asked the same thing. Now she clarified: yes, the doctor was under investigation, she had been in trouble with the law a few times. She would have had all her vaccinations done in different places. “So she’s in trouble.” Not me. So she is very calm. And otherwise, she couldn’t be here and playing right now.

This is followed by four or five questions that she misunderstood, intentionally or not. She kept talking off topic. Her English is not the best even though she travels all over the world. Once she said, “I’m not in danger.”

“The vaccine was a vaccine”: With each sentence, everything became more confusing than before

But the journalists did not give up. The accused doctor testified that she, Giorgi, wanted a fake vaccination certificate from her. Is it true? Now she said she had only been to this doctor once, she had the other vaccinations done elsewhere. Giorgi could have simply said: I got vaccinated here and there and there so many times. Finish. But she didn’t say that. She gave no place, no doctor, no date. Somehow everything got more confusing than before.

The final of the press conference:

Giorgi: I was vaccinated. Thanks.

Moderator: Next question.

Journalist: Was the vaccine you received against Covid?

Giorgi: What do you mean? The vaccine was a vaccine.

Journalist: Ok, but was it a Covid vaccine?

Giorgi: I already answered the question about the vaccine and that’s good.

Journalist: You said it was a vaccine. I ask if it was a covid vaccine.

Giorgi: It’s a vaccine. If you read things, there is a vaccine.

Journalist: So just Covid, okay.

Georgi: Thank you.

In the second round, Giorgi meets Anna Karolina Schmiedlova of Slovakia on Thursday. The next press conference should take place. Maybe then she will know if it was a Covid vaccine or not.

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