Niclas Füllkrug’s response to speculation: Werder striker scores in friendly against Schalke 04

Gelsenkirchen/Bremen – Normally a Niclas Füllkrug is not short of answers, always answering journalists’ questions after games. Not so after SV Werder Bremen’s 1-0 win in a friendly against FC Schalke 04 on Saturday. , but also delivered a terrific performance . World Cup hype, long holidays and winter transfer speculation – none of this has a negative effect on his performance. It almost seems like that motivates the 29-year-old even more. At the same time, it shows his immense importance for Werder. It’s hard to imagine how things would be without him.

“I don’t need to stress that again. He’s an extremely important player, which is clear to everyone,” the Werder coach said. Ole Werner after the game at FC Schalke 04 and attested Niclas refill carafe “a good game”. He participated in many actions. And that almost sounded like an understatement. Because the striker was very active, claimed the balls and was always wanted by his teammates. Goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka played countless long balls to the centre-forward, who was not always able to assert himself, but very often. “Schalke delivered to us. We take our time and see where we can play – and today the tens room was extremely clear every time. We’ll play it then. The ‘fullness’ is extremely important to hold and extend the ball”, explained Marco Friedl, captain of the team SV Werder Bremen.

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner on Niclas Füllkrug: ‘He is an extremely important player, which is clear to everyone’

The Bremen game played against the FC Schalke 04 even more suitable for the filling jug than already. And he did not spare himself either in the air or on the ground, while acting smart and uncompromising enough to shake his opponents. “You can easily tell that he currently has a lot of confidence and a great understanding of his game,” said Werder Bremen Director of professional football Clemens Fritz in conversation with the DeichStube. Almost all good attacks overflowed Niclas refill carafe, he put his teammates on stage well – of course, so did he. He made it 1-0 in the fourth minute because he consistently followed after his header was blocked by Schalke keeper Alexander Schwolow. Later, after strong action, Füllkrug hit the outside of the post and was denied by substitute Ralf Fährmann.

“Overall, he was difficult to defend. It will certainly have done him good that he played almost 90 minutes again. But it will also need the last week to regain its last freshness and grip,” said Ole Werner. And you could tell he didn’t want to publicize the importance of Füllkrug too much. Marco Friedl expressed a similar opinion and, like a good captain, got his colleagues involved: “Of course we know how precious ‘abundance’ is. Basically, the guys at the front have walked a lot. Both strikers worked extremely hard, it was not an easy game for them Niclas refill carafe stalls. against FC Schalke 04 ran it for the 28-year-old striker in Werder Bremen a little unhappy. Either he ruined good scenes himself with bad decisions or mistakes, or his colleagues didn’t use the models.

Werder Bremen’s Clemens Fritz on the importance of Niclas Füllkrug to stay in the league: ‘One person can’t do it’

Above all, Füllkrug stood against him with his eye-catching appearance in the test match Schalke 04 and its purpose in brief. It is now considered the life insurance for SV Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga. Relegation is relatively safe with him, without him there are doubts. But this contradicts Clement Fritz emphatically: “A single person cannot do it. It’s only possible as a team, that’s the important thing. But Niclas knows it too. His demeanor matched that. Niclas refill carafe didn’t look like a diva who would rather perform on another bigger stage yesterday than tomorrow. The 29-year-old was extremely communicative, but also enthusiastic – as always.

The only thing the national player did without was the usual interviews. Because he knew only too well that, contrary to usual, it would not only be about his goal, but also about his future. There have been Niclas refill carafe clearly positioned and informed that he would do business with her in the event of an exceptional offer for all parties concerned. His new consulting agency Roof is supposed to help and make the necessary contacts. It may until the end of January Werder Bremen theoretically on the left. Three games are still on the schedule until the transfer deadline: Cologne (January 21), Union Berlin (January 25) and Wolfsburg (January 28). After that, at the latest, he will speak again. Especially if things continue to go as well as they have in the past test match to FC Schalke 04. (kni/mbü)

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