German biathletes rush to the relay podium in Ruhpolding

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After the men, the German biathletes Anna Weidel, Vanessa Voigt, Sophia Schneider and Denise Herrmann-Wick also made it to the podium on Saturday January 14, 2023, during their home race in Ruhpolding. The DSV quartet celebrated their second place behind Norway. Third place goes to Italy.

Norway laid the foundations for victory in the 4x6km relay with just six substitutes on the field. The Germans, however, convinced in the cross-country track. After a failed start from Weidel (12th place), Voigt’s flawless performance brought the team close to the podium (4th place). Schneider and Herrmann-Wick took to the podium at breakneck speed and with strong performances on the range. Herrmann-Wick and Italian anchor Dorothea Wierer fought for second place. “I thought: full throttle from the start. So that she wouldn’t even have the idea of ​​running. Today everything that makes biathlon was there.”Herrmann-Wick is delighted with the former.

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Weidel far behind with four substitutes

Starting runner Anna Weidel had a bad day in the all-place home relay. The 26-year-old, who also has Austrian nationality, only cleared the first five targets with the third reserve. No other athlete on the field has needed so many cartridges. A reserve has been added in the standing position. It was also difficult for the ill Weidel on the cross-country ski trail. “I didn’t think it would be so difficult. I’m extremely sorry for the whole team.”she said in the Sportschau interview.

German biathletes run in Ruhpolding behind Norway and ahead of Italy on the relay podium – the award ceremony.

On the last lap, Weidel lost nearly 30 seconds and sent Vanessa Voigt into the race for twelfth place, more than a minute behind the leading French women.

Blitzsauber – Voigt brings DSV season back

Thuringia had to keep his nerves at the shooting range – and delivered. Voigt immediately crossed the ten targets and regained eight places. “It was Vanessa. I’m super happy. The ten goals and all the spectators were very inspiring.”rejoices Voigt.

In fourth place, the German squadron again had eye contact with the podium, even though the competition from France, Italy and Norway was tough. The French seemed to be in a hurry and were almost a minute ahead of the DSV quartet. Italy (+27 seconds) and Norway (+46.8 seconds) were still within reach at halftime.

Schneider flies over the track and passes third

It was now up to Sophia Schneider to keep the right place. The local hero was running in her living room for the first time in a World Cup relay and she seemed inspired. Schneider was lightning fast and showed only minor weaknesses on the range (a total of four spares). Because France (with Sophie Chauveaus) also made a mistake and even had to enter the penalty loop, Schneider sent anchor Herrmann-Wick into the race for third place.

On the last lap, Wirbelwind Schneider even overtook Czech Marketa Davidova and was 15 seconds faster than Norway’s Marte Olsbu Röiseland, who however gave her team a clear lead with two flawless shots. “It went well from the start. The spectators were very supportive of you, you almost flew.”said Schneider, 21.

Herrmann-Wick – Showdown in the fight for second place

Norwegian presenter Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold was nearly 30 seconds ahead of Italian Dorothea Wierer. Behind her was Denise Herrmann-Wick – and she immediately turned on the turbo and passed Wierer. At the shooting range, the Italian passes again because Herrmann-Wick needs a replacement.

The game of cat and mouse has started again. Again Herrmann-Wick was ten seconds behind and again she caught Wierer. The confrontation could not have been more exciting. Herrmann-Wick and Wierer each needed a spare in the final fire and came out almost at the same time. In the cross-country race, however, the top athlete DSV gave her Italian competitor no chance and finished 15 seconds ahead of Wierer.

German biathletes want to fight for a place on the podium with the relay in Ruhpolding – the full competition.

German biathletes run in Ruhpolding behind Norway and ahead of Italy on the relay podium – the analysis with sports spectacle expert Arnd Peiffer.

Sunday mass start race

At the end of the World Cup at home, the dress rehearsals for the World Cup in the mass start (12:30 p.m. and 2:45 p.m. live on the first and in the live ticker on are on Sunday.

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