Australian Open live in the ticker: Rafael Nadal, Iga Swiatek, Jule Niemeier and Daniil Medvedev serve

Rafael Nadal (ATP 2) has a tricky task ahead of him at the start of the Australian Open in Melbourne. The Spaniard faces the Briton Jack Draper (ATP 40).

In the Australian night session, two other favorites want to qualify for the second round. Stefanos Tsitsipas (ATP 4) and Daniel Medvedev (ATP 8) also open on Mondays.

has a very difficult task Jule Niemeier (WTA 69) ahead. She meets last season’s dominator – Iga Swiatek (WTA 1) .

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15 HOURS AGO accompanies the first day of competition Australian Open 2023 here in the live ticker.

Australian Open 2023 live in the ticker: Rafael Nadal, Jule Niemeier and Co. in action


The most important games at a glance:

  • LIVE: D Altmaier (GER) – F. Tiafoe (USA) 3-6, 3-6, 7-6 (7-5), 6-6
  • LIVE: R. Nadal (ESP/1) – J. Draper (GBR) 7:5, 2:6, 6:4
  • LIVE: Y. Hanfmann (GER) – R. Hijikata (AUS)
  • From 9:00 a.m.: J.Niemeier (GER) – I. Swiatek (POL/1)
  • From 9 a.m.: S. Tsitsipas (GRE/3) – Q. Halys (FRA)
  • From around 10:30 a.m.: M. Giron (USA) – D. Medvedev (—/7)
  • All games live on Discovery+

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7:52 – Altmaier – Tiafoe 3:6, 3:6, 7:6 (7:5), 6:6

Meanwhile, Altmaier fended off a match point from Tiafoe with an ace. The German then served hard and equalized to make it 5:5. The American is visibly annoyed by the missed opportunity to end the game. With his own serve, Tiafoe can certainly move to 6:5. Altmaier is now under pressure, the American is aggressive in rallies. But the German remains cool and runs away in the tie-break.

7:45 a.m. Nadal-Draper 7-5, 2-6, 6-4

Draper now serves. Nadal initially fails to put too much pressure in the rallies. But then the Spaniard uses that chance and gets his first set ball. However, Draper fends this off with an ace. Several times it’s a start, but Nadal can then convert the ball from the second set thanks to an error from his opponent. The Spaniard wins set number three 6:4.

7:37 – Altmaier – Tiafoe 3:6, 3:6, 7:6 (7:5), 4:5

In the meantime, not much has happened in the Kia Arena. Tiafoe and Altmaier have provided services in the fourth set so far. The American takes the lead 5:4, so Altmaier is also against losing the set and the match.

7:34 Nadal-Draper 7-5, 2-6, 5-4

Even though Draper fought back, Nadal is still the dominant player. With his own serve, the defending champion also secures the 5:4. Draper then serves against the loss of the set.

7:25 Nadal-Draper 7-5, 2-6, 4-3

Suddenly, Draper has two break chances again. Nadal stays focused and fends off the first with all his experience. The Brit then uses number two to make it 4:3, so set three is balanced again. But Draper also gets a right thigh massage during the break. The Briton is still not without problems.

7:20 am – Altmaier – Tiafoe 3:6, 3:6, 7:6 (7:5), 2:2

Altmaier can’t continue to use the momentum from the tie-break. He struggles to serve through his own serves, but Tiafoe is back in the game. It is currently evolving into a very interesting and balanced game.

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7:13 a.m. Nadal-Draper 7-5, 2-6, 4-1

Nadal continues to push. He keeps the lead during the break and is 4:1 in front. For Draper, it gets harder and harder in the third set. The Briton also gets treatment for his right thigh during the break. Maybe a small injury is hampering his game.

7:07 Nadal-Draper 7-5, 2-6, 3-1

Draper starts round three with confidence. But Nadal is a bit more on the trigger. The Spaniard creates a few break chances, but can’t use them at first. He goes beyond the beginnings several times. Draper also looks a bit battered right now. But the Briton defends himself against the attacks of the favorite. He fends off another breakball from Nadal. In the end, however, a double fault brings the Spaniard to the break at 3-1.

07:00 – Altmaier – Tiafoe 3:6, 3:6, 7:6 (7:5)

Altmaier is currently the most aggressive player and therefore the best. The German has Tiafoe largely under control in the tie-break, but he can’t convert the decisive ball early on. Altmaier only uses set point number eight and gets set three. The German’s match continues.

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06:49 – Altmaier – Tiafoe 3:6, 3:6, 6:6

In the Kia Arena, Tiafoe must now be shaking a lot more. The American initially fends off three set pieces from Altmaier, but the German stays tuned. He creates two more chances, but Tiafoe counters them well. He returns to the network several times. Finally, the favorite saves in the tie-break.

6:46 a.m. Nadal-Draper 7-5, 2-6, 1-0

Let’s start with the third sentence. Nadal starts with his own serve. The Spaniard starts strong, securing his first match balls at the net. Nadal converted first thanks to an unforced error by Draper. The start of the defending champion in the third round is therefore already much better.

6:42 Nadal-Draper 7-5, 2-6

Draper takes the second set at Rod Laver Arena. The Briton’s error rate in particular was significantly better than Nadal’s in that round. Therefore, Draper deservedly fought his way back into the game. It will now be exciting to see how Nadal handles the backhand.

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6:39 am – Altmaier – Tiafoe 3:6, 3:6, 5:5

Things are slowly tightening up for Altmaier, but the German isn’t letting up. Despite a desperate situation, Altmaier gets the break to make it 5-5 in the third set. He then also wins his service at zero. So, the Australian Open trip for the German goes at least a bit further.

6:35 a.m. Nadal-Draper 7-5, 2-5

Despite the small comeback, Draper still had the upper hand in the second set. The Briton confidently wins the game at 5:1. Nadal now serves against losing the set. But the Spaniard is not defeated yet: he plays his own serve well and shortens it to 2:5 thanks to a very good first serve.

6:28 Nadal-Draper 7-5, 1-4

And once again, Nadal is under pressure: the Spaniard has to repeat his debut several times on his own service. Before that, Draper still had a few break points. The Briton then launches a longline shot, Nadal receives the ball. With a good second serve, the Spaniard finally wins the first game of the second set.

06:22 – Altmaier – Tiafoe 3:6, 3:6, 2:4

Daniel Altmaier has some trouble in the Kia Arena against the clearly favored Frances Tiafoe. The German has already clearly lost the first two sets. Also in the third round, everything points to a victory for the American.

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6:18 Nadal-Draper 7-5, 0-4

Draper also takes the defending champion’s next serve, so the Briton quickly leads 3-0. Draper can then defend his own serve despite some resistance from Nadal. The Spaniard puts some shots on the line and scores important points. In the second set, the Briton leads 4-0.

6:08 Nadal-Draper 7-5, 0-2

Rafael Nadal has already started his first round match against the British on the German evening. The Spaniard won the first set 7:5, but in the second round Jack Draper surprisingly got the first break early on. So Nadal enters the second set with a deficit.

INFO – Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to the start of the Australian Open in Melbourne. Katharina Wiedenmann accompanies you in the live ticker through what happens at the “Happy Slam”.

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australian open

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australian open

Australian Open live on TV, streaming and Eurosport ticker


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