Biathlon: Vanessa Voigt solid fifth in Ruhpolding after fluff excitement

Status: 01/15/2023 3:35 p.m.

After the bad pre-race news with the cancellation of Denise Herrmann-Wick, Anna Weidel and Marte Olsbu Röiseland, the fans experienced a real thriller at the end of the Biathlon Festival in Ruhpolding on Sunday (15.01.2023).

Lisa Vittozzi (Italy) and France’s Julia Simon and Anais Chevalier-Bouchet rode the loop together after the final standing stage of the 12.5km mass start race and fought a thrilling three-way battle for victory. In the end, Simon, who rested in the relay race on Saturday, had the most power reserves. She won ahead of Vittozzi (+ 2.6 seconds) and Chevalier-Bouchet (+ 6.7), who had to give up at the end.

Julia Simon celebrates her victory in the Ruhpolding mass start.

Voigt celebrates fifth place

The Germans, who started without their hottest iron in the fire – Herrmann-Wick called off at short notice – came away empty-handed. However, Vanessa Voigt highlighted her solid form. The Thuringian could dream of a place on the podium until the last shot. But one mistake (two in total) was too much to get on the podium. Voigt was a good fifth and was already fit three weeks before the World Championships at home in Oberhof (from February 8, 2023).

The German Ski Association did not specify a medal for the highlight of the year. “We want to be part of every competition. In the squads we want to attack”said sporting director Felix Bitterling: “If it turns out to be one or two medals, we will be happy. But in our team we don’t believe in strict medal requirements.”

A soft toy and a lot of adrenaline

It was exciting for Voigt even before the race. A lint in the diopter prevented a clear view when shooting. The trainers cleaned the gun shot after shot and just before the start of the race. “Maybe there will be a push“The Traner wife was hoping for Kristian Mehringer.

In the relay, Voigt shone with ten direct hits – and she also delivered in the mass start. And this despite the fluff. He was still there during the race. “It was a circus of nerves”Voigt described what happened: “I competed with stuffed animals and I have to thank the coaches, they reassured me. Without them I wouldn’t have started at all.”

In an interview after her fifth place in the mass start in Ruhpolding, Vanessa Voigt talks about the race and the problems with her rifle.

At the end of the World Cup in Ruhpolding, the mass start is on the program for the biathletes – the analysis with sports spectacle expert Arnd Peiffer.

Voigt with the eighth fastest race time

It would have been the wrong decision. Despite the excitement, Voigt was convincing and followed Simon’s heels into the opening lap. On the first shot, she dropped the first full-court shot, but missed one of the five targets and made it to the penalty loop. Voigt was doing well on the track and a clean second stage brought the Thuringian back close to the podium.

In a large group, she fought for third place and continued to aim for it with a clean third leg. In the last standing stage, another missed shot prevented a place on the podium. In the end, 35 seconds were missing from the “podium”.

At the end of the World Cup in Ruhpolding, the mass start is on the program for biathletes – the full race.

Schneider wobbles at the shooting range

The only 21-year-old Sophia Schneider paid school fees. On her home track, she started with two penalties and was at the end of the field. After 20 shots, there were eight penalties. She was last in the 30 range.

Herrmann-Wick should be spared

Herrmann-Wick and Anna Weidel called off their starts at short notice. The 34-year-old Saxon feels “After the intense effort of the last few days, not 100% fit, but only 95%”, Mehringer said in the first. With a view to the World Cup at home in Oberhof no risk should be taken due to additional competitive stress. Weidel also took a break. She started the relay race on Saturday slightly injured.

In front of 19,000 fans at the home World Cup in Ruhpolding, Vanessa Voigt narrowly missed out on the podium. The victory goes to the French biathlete Julia Simon.

At the end of the World Cup in Ruhpolding, the Norwegians dominate the events. Led by Johannes Thingnes Bö, they achieve a quadruple success.

German biathlete Benedikt Doll in an interview. After missing a disc for the third time, he missed the forward connection.

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