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The current slalom season also promises a lot of excitement in the weeks to come. A serial winner, as before Marcel Hircher does not exist, and previous races have always ended nearby. No athlete has ever won two races in a row. However, Norway is the dominant nation because alongside Henrik Kristoffersen shine too Lucas Braathen and Atle Lie McGrathwhen they arrive at their destination. There are at least 15 athletes who have the potential to finish in the top 3 on the Lauberhorn. The official FIS start list for the 1st round of men’s slalom on the Lauberhorn in Wengen on Sunday at 10.15 a.m., as well as the start numbers and the live FIS ticker can be found in our data menu immediately after the draw.

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5th men’s slalom in Wengen

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Final result men’s slalom in Wengen

General classification of the Men’s World Cup 2022/23
Men’s Slalom World Cup Ranking 2022/23

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currently running Lucas Braathen the classification of the discipline in slalom. The Norwegian already has two wins this season. The Viking is a very talented young athlete and scored an impressive win in Adelboden. When it drives perfectly, it’s in a class of its own. But with his aggressive riding style, it is not always certain that the race will not end too early due to retirement. Last year he won his first-ever World Cup slalom in Wengen. This season he has a good chance of winning a Crystal Globe for the first time and the World Cup is also fast approaching. Can the 22-year-old handle the pressure?

Manuel Feller currently ranks 2nd in the Slalom World Cup. In the meantime, the Austrian has been a very consistent rider in the front runners, although he has only been able to celebrate two World Cup slalom victories so far. However, with two second-place finishes this season and still ranked in the top seven, he is a surefire contender for the top spots and a strong favorite for the little Crystal Globe. He is currently struggling with back issues which prevent him from training, but he is still trying to catch up.

Henrik Kristoffersen currently holds third place in the slalom world cup. He finally celebrated his first victory of the season in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. He has won two slalom races in Wengen so far, but his last win was six years ago. Even if the form curve points upwards, it should be noted that he has won three slalom races in the last two years, all contested in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It remains to be seen if he will succeed in another venue in the future.

There are a large number of competitors who have a chance of winning the top spots. An example of this is Daniel Yule, which can already be called the winner of the season. Can he make Swiss supporters happy? Switzerland’s last home victory in the Lauberhorn slalom dates back to 1997. Anyone who still remembers Gaspoz’s success from that time is probably an absolute expert. Besides Yule is also Loic Meillard a very interesting outsider, he has already been on the podium and has at least a theoretical chance of securing his first slalom victory.

Also in Adelboden was held Atle Lie McGrath on the podium, a man we will hear a lot about in the future. Last year he already triumphed twice in the Stangenwald, it is only a matter of time before he celebrates his first slalom victory of the season. After his second place in Adelboden, he will start in Wengen with a lot of self-confidence. Also Linus Strasser is always good for top results this winter, already two third places are a great performance for the German. The 30-year-old is also looking for his third career slalom victory,

For Olympic champions Clement Noel things are anything but smooth this season. In four races this season, the Frenchman has not finished three times. It was only in Garmisch-Partenkirchen that Noel showed his class and finished third on the podium. Following his retirement at Adelboden, he no longer appears in the top 7. After four years in the leading group, like his teammate Alexis Pinturault, he must be content with a starting number between 8 and 15 in the draw. out Saturday night.

The men’s ski world cup calendar for the 2022/23 season

The women’s ski world cup calendar for the 2022/23 season


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